Will This Be Another Crown for Mexico?

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Nuestra Belleza Mexico for 2013 Miss Universe Pageant
Age: 20 years old
Birthdate: Monterey, Mexico
Height: 1.77 meters (5 ft., 91/2 inches)
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Image Design (Institute Neo)
Winner, Nuestra Belleza Nuevo Léon 2012 (Personality Fraiche Award, Miss Congeniality, Miss Sports)
Trivia: She was offered with a deal to get the Center for Arts Education Televisa
Trivia: She’s the fourth beauty queen from Nuevo León to win the Nuestra Belleza Mexico (1997, 1998, 2005)

Comments from pageant experts and forumers:

“Lovely Winner!!! Congrats to all the Regios, and I feel proud of our new Queen very deserving!” -Nando, Mexico

“I like her. She is appealing and transformable. Also, her body and presentation kills are on point. She is a deserving winner! She, like Venezuela and Puerto Rico, has more than 1 year to transform. I think a minor rhinoplasty, just to fix the tip of her nose could take her beauty to the next level. She already has the beauty queen aura and pageant skills! I support her!” -Valleriam, Puerto Rico

“Such a cutie pie with an attitude on stage. I love her. I see no less than top 15/10 in her. She has so much potential! I’m also happy for Aguascalientes. Her smile melted me—warming and affectionate. My girl Lucero is doing great too, except for SLP exclusion. I love Nuestra Belleza Mexico choices this year!” -AustinIII, Myanmar

“Ok so its Miss Distrito Federal that I wanted to WIN but yeah she’s not a bad choice!” -Jess Destiny, Australia

“She won?? Oh my God! I think I’m going to be sick. What the f**k happened to Veronica??? Two years in a row that I don’t like the winners. Two crappy winners this year for Mexico. Not happy about our chances at Miss Universe pageant or World for 2013. Not happy at all. I’m sooo dissapointed.” -Nau, Mexico

“I love love this Regiomontana! Nuevo León continues to send high caliber women! Strong contender for the Miss Universe crown!” -Tusco, Mexico

“I don’t like her. She looks manly.” -MissVenezuelaQueen12, Venezuela

“Is it natural for her to make her eyes fully dilated always? I hope she will stop doing that because she already have these fake eyelashes and make-up. She looks like she has hyperthyroidism.” -Soledad, Philippines

“She is really gorgeous.” -Elio, Lebanon

“She is almost already locked in the line up for 2013. Lupita is trying to giving her the Ximena Navarrete vibe. She is near.” -Edo, Mexico

“A clone of Ximena.” -NovemberRain, Indonesia

“I knew she was going to win but somehow at the end, I really like CHIHUAHUA just like my paisanas from Jalisco, Anyway I’m happy she is representing us. I actually like her more than Karina when she won back in 2011. What I’m trying to say is that Cynthia can improve A LOT in a year just like Karina! We’ll see what happens, the only thing I don’t like about Cynthia is that she reminds me a lot of Rosalva Luna (Miss Mexico Universe 2004), and I never liked her! Anyway, I believe she can do great!” -Ritzscion123, Mexico

“She has been improving tremendously! I like her a lot in her pictures! Hope she is as consistent in candids.” -Tsatsabi, Puerto Rico

“Yes! One of the few candidates I can watch and see improvements from, since her crowning. Step by step and you’ll get there honey. Hopefully you’re working as hard on your stage presentation as you are in pics!” -Islander1, Cayman Islands

“This girl is FAR from the beauty that is Ximena Navarrete, I don’t know what others are saying.” -MariaAndriena, Ecuador

“It is pretty obvious that they are trying to make her look like Ximena. If I don’t like the original, much less this cheap version.” -ColombianDiva, Colombia

“Not a fan, but I’ll support her because she’s Mehikana.” -Señora_Santibañez, Mexico

“Well, idk for others, but I see huge improvements looking at her new pics compared to her crowning pics. She may not be there yet, but she is moving to the right direction.” -Islander, Cayman Islands

“She’s an example of beauty without an “X-Factor”. She is pretty, she’s young, and she’s sexy…but that’s it…nothing impressive. But she’s getting better…good luck to her.” -NHOIE_GEE, Philippines

“I think Nuestra Belleza Mexico needs to send girls with different looks every year. I feel like I have seen this candidate like 10 times already. It’s always the girl with wide face, little nose, big puppy eyes and that brown hair.” –Ruckondude, Hatillo

“Well, she doesn’t have what the so-called wide face like Karina or Mariana.” -Adrian Kleman, Indonesia

“She is not an example of beauty because she’s not a beauty at all. What is she? She is certainly a photoshop queen!” -Juli, United States of America


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