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Here’s a script taken from an inclusive interview of Pageantology.net to Whulandary. Let’s get to know more about her. (Credit goes to Pageantology.net)
Pageantology.net exclusive interview with Whulandary Herman, Puteri Indonesia 2013

Pageantology: Describe yourself in one phrase and why?
Whulandary: Easy going, I love to talk, I love meeting new people.
Pageantology: What is the first thing you did after winning the Puteri Indonesia 2013
Whulandary: I didn’t sleep all night, I keep holding my crown, still like a dream come true.
Pageantology: How’s Olivia Culpo and what are the things you talked about during her visit in Indonesia?
Whulandary: Hahahaha until now we talking by what’s up everyday she is totally nice and lovely girl, most all the time we talk more about personal about love.
Pagantology: Who are your closest friends among all the contestants in Puteri Indonesia 2013?
Whulandary: All of them now is my best friend but for sure my roommate is the closest one.
Pageantology: What is your most memorable experience in Puteri Indonesia 2013?

Whulandary: All memory is wonderful something I will cant find in any school, a moment when they are bring us to the poor area under the bridge, I was find one boy 6 years old and makes me cry,he said to me, I wanna be fireman, I asked why and he said because I could help the others person, could imagine the boy 6 years old thougt about how to help the other when his own life already very hard.
Pageantology: Do you have any plans of entering showbiz in the future?
Whulandary: Yeah why not.. I always be competitor with my self not with the others. I don’t like to stay in the same place, every step has to move forward, everytime has to be better.
Pageantology: Who is your favorite Hollywood actor and why?
Whulandary: I like Robert de Niro, his face so charming.
Pageantology: Who is your favorite Indonesian actor and why?
Whulandary: I like Ari Wibowo, but I don’t know where is he now, I hope his doing well.
Pageantology: What are your preparations for the Miss Universe 2013 pageant?

Whulandary: A lot of things must be preparing. I always love to do everything early, I don’t like to delay the things. Most important things I will concern about my English, public speaking, and general knowledge, preparing the traditional costume and keep doing sport important to be beauty inside and outside.

Pageantology: Your message to all your fans?
Whulandary: I believe if you wanna make your dream come true, you should to work hard for it, nothing come easily come from the sky, and be ur self, be smart, and be confident. Thankful for what you have.

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