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Migbellis Castellanos Has Finally Spoken

Migbellis Castellanos Has Finally Spoken
Many Venezuelan pageant fans were furious at MIgbellis Castellanos for wearing a not-so-fitting gown during the top 10 competition. They blamed her for pulling off a stunt and asked why she didn’t wear the other three Alejandro Fajardo gowns she had. They believed that she could have placed higher is she wore a better gown.

Here’s the red gown Migbellis used during the top 10 evening gown competition. (Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe)

Here’s Migbellis’ official statement:
“I wanna tell you everything about what happened with my clothes. But please allow me to thank Team Alejandro Fajardo for the great support. The gown I used during the preliminary competition was fine but it was not comfortable for me to wear especially when I walk. That’s why I didn’t use it. The other Fajardo dress, I also had the same sentiment. The bottom of the gown makes me feel awkward in walking. And I thought it might not be safe for me since there were stairs. There’s this one dress that I wore in the auction party (created by Zuliana Nidal) that I can use, but I didn’t because I didn’t like it. I also did not choose the other gown, the gold one because a lot of the girls were wearing gold. And besides, Osmel Sousa told me two things the night before the finals: use the red gown, and have your hair down—no ponytails.

This is the gown she wore during the auction party. (Photo Courtesy: Venezuela Paraiso De Reinas)

This are the gowns she could have worn in the finals. (Photo Courtesy: Venezuela Paraiso De Reinas)

She also stressed that when one wins, definitely it’s not because of her gown but it’s her destiny.

Meanwhile, the alleged Alejandro Fajardo IG account @alejandrofajardovzla posted a photo of Migbellis during the fitting and said something offensive against Migbellis like she’s an “undisciplined and ungrateful girl” and blaming her for her wight. 

She was also asked about the answer of Miss Colombia and she said, “Well I heard many things about Miss Colombia over the internet, but I think Miss Jamaica deserved to win.”

When asked about Osmel Sousa, “No. Osmel didn’t hit the roof about the outcome. He didn’t say anything bad at me about it. He didn’t scold me.”

And when asked about the Miss Congeniality Award, “I don’t think I was deprived of the Miss Congeniality Award. Miss Nigeria deserved it. Nigeria and Japan actually…I’m okay with the both.”

In her Instagram account, Migbellis posted, “This is an experience of a lifetime. I’d like to thank God that I had the best preparations, let me enjoy the experience and gave me the moment. The pageant wasn’t a house for Barbies, it was more than that. It was a platform for beautiful women deep inside. I am more than lucky to be there and making it to the top 10. I learned a lot of things especially to myself. Thanks to all my fans. Thanks everyone!”

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