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Whulandary Herman-Puteri Indonesia Leads Asian Team

She's a perfect example of an Asian Goddess! A true frontrunner from Asia! A caliber of beauty, catwalk, and aura.

Puteri Indonesia 2013 for 2012 Miss Universe Pageant

Puteri Indonesia 2012 Whulandary Herman with Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo from USA

Puteri Indonesia 2012 Whulandary Herman with Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo from USA. (Photo lifted from DPIdaMU Facebook Page. Credit goes to the right owner of the photo.)

Age: 23 years old
Birthdate: June 26, 1989
Birthplace: Pariaman, West Sumatra
Height: 1.76 m (5 ft. 9 1/2 in.)
Work: Ramp model
Puteri Indonesia 2013 (Winner)
Asian Top Model of the Year 2010 (Winner)
International Model of the Year 2009 (3rd Runner Up, The Best Catwalk Award)

"This is the largest selection and my dream since childhood. But I think this is the dream of many women in Indonesia, and I am proud to represent the dream of all women in Indonesia." -Whulandary Herman, Miss Indonesia 2013

“This is the largest selection and my dream since childhood. But I think this is the dream of many women in Indonesia, and I am proud to represent the dream of all women in Indonesia.”                                            –Whulandary Herman, Miss Indonesia 2013 (Photo lifted from Miss Universe Indonesia Facebook Page. credit goes to the owner of the photo.

Let’s take a look at some of what pageant experts and forumers have to say about her:

“She will be among the Asians to look out for come Miss Universe pageant night.” -Eddie, Philippines

“Statuesque, good style, excellent catwalk, superb communication skills. She leads the formidable line up of beauties from Asia this year!” -Arnold Joseph

“Miss Indonesia is a strong contender for the crown. mark my word! She is beautiful. Her legs are adorable with a stunning catwalk (dubbed as the “Komodo walk” by the locals)! I hope Puteri Indonesia will train her more well. She will be on top!” -Rico

“This girl screammms beautiful. Indonesia is sending a delegate worth rooting for in Miss Universe pageant night. Hope she prepares hard . The aura is real exceptional. It’s possible they are going to place. Go Team Asia. I noticed recently Asian countries are taking beauty pageants seriously. The beauty delegates are the best ambassador a country can have. One of the best way to get a country known internationally. It makes somebody want to visit that country.” -waimanalo, Hawaii

Photo lifted from DPIdaMU. Credit goes to the owner of the photo.

“This Miss Indonesia is beautiful and I can see her in the semifinals. However, it is still early and we have yet to see other newly crowned delegate for the 2013 Miss Universe pageant. Good luck to you, Whulandary!” -Lamarquise

“She’s a MAJOR upgrade from Maria Selena. I never like the misses from Indonesia if I’m honest, but this one is something different! Gorgeous!Congrats Indonesia.” -ColombianDiva, Colombia

“The crown looks very much the same. I hope South East Asian Countries will do well in Miss Universe pageant. Philippines have done exceptionally well during the past 3 years. I want to see Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in the semis.” -Vice

“She reminds me of the Goddess Iliana Papageorgiou (Miss Greece Universe 2011). Both look so modelisque. I think Whulandary should tone down her modelisque looks as lately MUO type is sweet looking girl.” -Colonel Sanders, Puerto Rico

“I always knew, the first time I saw her pics about 4-5 years ago, that NO ONE deserves to represent Indonesia in Miss Universe pageant other than her! I told many of my former IP friends about it with a great enthusiasm. And here she is now… Finally, our National Director (YPI) learned a lesson. Read my lips: even if Whulan doesn’t win Miss Universe 2013, she already makes us very proud. At least we won’t have a contestant who is fat, unable to communicate properly, has no aura or struggles with her catwalk like in the previous years! So Whulan, please don’t disappoint us.” -Gundala, Indonesia

“I’m sure that she’ll be leading Asia this year and possibly the whole competition. I hope she makes it to the semis. It’s tiring to see the same countries place year after year. Congrats, Indonesia!” -Missus, Florida

“To be honest, I think she is already ready for the Miss Universe pageant. She looks so gorgeous. She has a fit body and she also has the experience. I just hope she will do well in the competition and make the semis.” -Islander, Cayman Islands

“My bet for the crown! She really deserved it! So sad to see Sumatera Selatan over Aubry though. This girl is very modelisque; I really love her. Tall, slim body, perfect skin, amazing bone structure, and doe eyes with sharp glare, very exotic. Indeed, a contender of Asia for now. Little things I observed from her are that, there’s scar on her forehead, quite scary, so please cover it. And although she has slim body, I think she needs to make her body a lil bit more curvy, with bigger breasts. It will make her perfect IMHO. Just words from me. Overall, you guys, Indonesians, have a good representative this year. Congrats! -Pacifico, Perth

“She is facially the best Indonesian delegate to Miss Universe pageant after Zivanna (hope it´s correct) in 2009. I like her. Hope Asia will be the strongest this year! Btw, is she mixed? I think “Herman” is a popular name in Sweden.” -What_is_Beauty, Vietnam

“I’m coming from Malaysia, and I must say that she is the best ever produced by Indonesia! Good job! Top 5 material!” –afeez ahmad, Malaysia

“She is very beautiful! She is the best decision Miss indonesia Org. has ever made! That’s a real South East Asian beauty: dusky asian, sultry looking, tanned skin, fierce and very sensual features. Proud to be a Southeast Asian!” -Zinnia, Philippines

“She needs to gain a few more pounds. She looks quite thin based on her pictures, but I attribute that to her background as a model. A few more meat in the right places and she’s good to go. Love this girl.” -Missus, Florida


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