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Many pageant fans asked what’s really behind the kick-off event.


The 65th Miss Universe has just finally kicked off with a bunch of our pretty babes now in the Philippines to promote the pageant. It’s a week-full of pre-pageant activities with the girls to be toured around the country letting every single human being in the Philippines to know that the biggest pageant in the world will be held in the island. From what we heard, the promo girls are deemed to be the ones responsible in advertising the big event to both major and minor sponsors of the pageant from different islands in the Philippines. One big buzz too is that they get to meet the Philippine President! Wowzie! That’s huge, isn’t it?

Here’s the list of pretty babes to promote the pageant in the Philippines: Japan, China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, and Indonesia.


Along with these women are Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Miss Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina.


In an early press release, Miss New Zealand Tania Pauline stressed that she’s thrilled in meeting President Rodrigo Duterte. “I think he really sees the value of what Miss Universe means to the people. The Filipino people would love the Miss Universe, and for him to allow it to be held in the country really shows the support for the people. And that’s great to see,”

Miss USA, Deshauna Barber also wants to thank the Philippine president. “I just want to thank him for welcoming us to the Philippines, and how much we appreciate him in allowing the Miss Universe to be held here,” she said.

“Pia has told me a lot about what to expect, so I am hoping you guys can still surprise me. This country has been so wonderful to me since my being crowned. And the support that I received from the Philippines has been wonderful, so I am incredibly excited to be here and I look forward to all the festivities”, she added.

So, what’s the catch? Why are we seeing a number of Asian delegates promoting the pageant? It’s because the main goal is to create a buzz in the region and invite as many audiences from neighboring countries, who have easier access to the country and fill in the number of tourists coming over to watch the pageant.

USA must be there as the pageant comes from the country and she definitely has the better platform to promote the pageant as she comes from the org herself. Miss New Zealand is a half-Filipina so it’s explained in full-blown…we know the story behind, don’t we?

Find time to check out these photos we’ve collected during the kick-off event

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