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Patricia Rodriguez, Miss Universe 2013 1st Runner up, confirms homosexuality

Miss Universe 2013 1st Runner up Patricia Rodriguez confirms homosexuality

Patricia Rodriguez (Miss Universe 2013 1st Runner from Spain) somehow confirmed a few hours ago in social networks that she’s having a relationship with a woman. The Spanish beauty queen posted in her Instagram account (@patriciayurena) a photograph of her with a woman in bed identified as Vanesa Klein with a caption “Romeo and Juliet”.

The image has been around the world and many followers have have shown their support for the apparent courtship. We’re also getting some information from Spanish fans that the two are actually dating. The other girl, Vanesa Klein also posted this photo in her instagram account that somehow cleared the speculations.

We’re still waiting for Pat to clear things out about this issue. We personally want her to confirm or deny this issue.

Looking back, Patricia won the hearts of all fans in last year’s Miss Universe pageant as she exuded elegance and timeless beauty and almost clinched the most coveted crown making it as 1st Runner Up. Her roommate, Gabriela Isler from Venezuela, won the title.

This might be a very rare case of a beauty queen shouting to the whole wide world about her sexual preference during her reign as the 1st Runner Up, but whatever makes Pat happy, the MUPH team is here to support her all the way. We would like to commend her for her dauntlessness to be true to herself. She’s a perfect example of a woman of dignity and courage.

Photo courtesy: listal

Pageant fans all around the globe are also in support for her. Here are some of their reactions:

“Good for her. I pity those who are still in the closet, what a very dark and lonely place.” – gina, USA

“Now I love her even more and I wish more than ever she was crowned as MU.” -Roccolovescoco, USA

“I even loved her more now! She is gorgeous,brave and this shows only how pure and beautiful love is. Go Patricia!” -karisa, Iraq

“I would have never guessed in a million years and I’m quite surprised about this especially since she did a great job at hiding it when she was in Moscow, but I’m really happy for her! It takes a lot of courage to come out especially when your known by people all over the world are following her but I wish her relationship the absolute best!” -Juan, Colombia

OriginalPatricia Rodriguez MU 2013 1st Runner Up [Highlights]

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