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Osmel Sousa Hinted Disappointment Against Migbellis

Osmel Sousa Hinted Disappointment Against Migbellis

After Osmel Sousa dropped a seemingly understandable tweet pointing directly to Migbellis, many Venezuelan pageant fans rumored that a misunderstanding is now brewing against Miss Venezuela 2013 Migbellis Castellanos and the famous beauty tsar and MVO Directir Osmel Sousa. This rumor came up after Migbellis’s pronouncement in a national Venezuelan television program questioning Paulina Vega’s success and saying “I’ve never been in touch with her”, the Venezuelan beauty tsar seemed like affirmed his disappointment towards Migbellis and tweeted “Those who are undisciplined will never reach success.”


A screenshot of Osmel Sousa’s twitter post. 

As we’ve already known, Osmel Sousa also publicly said in one of his interview that he liked Paulina Vega and said she might win after watching the preliminary competition. He said that Paulina Vega, 22, and business student, was among his favorite. “After seeing the girls in the competition, I told Migbelis that the strong candidates were Colombia and Spain. I spoke to her (Miss Colombia) in a cocktail where I went, and I can say she’s very prepared. She is the daughter of a very important Barranquilla cardiologist. She’s a very nice girl with a divine body. She also has a very nice style, like Maria Gabriela Isler”.

Paulina Vega, Miss Colombia in her evening gown during the preliminary competition. Photo courtesy of Missosology

We’re not sure about Osmel Sousa but we’re positive that Migbellis will have this straightened out since she has a very congenial personality. 

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