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Miss USA Olivia Jordan Responds To Death Threats

Miss USA Olivia Jordan Responds To Death Threats


Miss USA Olivia Jordan’s IG Post. (Courtesy: Instagram)

Miss USA Olivia Jordan never got away from Colombia pageant fans who went under the belt against her and threatened her and her family’s lives. In an Instagram post, she said that she received numerous death threats from Colombian pageant fans because of her laughing during the crowning fiasco. Such a kind and very positive woman as she is, she responded with a heartwarming message:

“Spread so much love that there is no room for hate,” her Instagram post began. “I’m deeply saddened at how many people choose to be negative and hateful on social media. I am used to having people throw shade my way, but now people are threatening my family who are literally the most kind-hearted people on the planet.They have nothing to do with any of this and deserve to be left alone.”

She further explained that she never laughed at Ariadna and she understood how she must have felt.

“For the record- I didn’t laugh at anyone in the pageant. I reacted to an uncomfortable and bizarre situation by seeing the positive. If I had been standing next to Miss Colombia I would have grabbed her and cried for her and the injustice that occurred. Instead, I was standing next to the winner and had the bizarre opportunity to tell her that she was the new Miss Universe. I wasn’t going to cry as I congratulated Pia. She deserved happiness and celebration for her victory. I hugged @gutierrezary immediately after I exited the stage and told her what I truly believe- she has bigger things in store!! The Universe has a bigger plan for that beauty! So please just stop threatening my family. And as many times as you tell me, I’m not going to kill myself and the fact that you can even write that to another person makes me very sad for you. And to all the incredible supporters throughout this situation- please simply report the hateful comments, don’t give them the satisfaction of responding and getting sucked into their hatred, let’s stay positive.” the post continued with the hashtags #spreadlove #pleasestop #cyberbullying

If you guys were to ask us, this has become pretty out of hand. This really has to stop. Olivia Jordan has been the sweetest and the friendliest Miss Universe ever this year.

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