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Miss Universe 2013 Official Candidates


Photo Sources: Miss Universe Organization



October 20–24: Contestant arrivals
October 25: Welcome dinner at Zafferano Restaurant
October 26: Welcome Tour: Red Square and Bolshoi Teather – Yamamay Meet and Greet Fashion Show – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Tony Ward fashion show
October 27: Miss Universe Fashion Day – CHI Meet & Greet
October 28: AMG Test Drive at Mercedes-Benz Moscow Raceway – Spa Day (Agaralov State)
October 29: Humanitarian visit to the Dmitry Rogachev Federal Research and Clinical Center
October 30: Gift auction
November 1: Contestant Night Out at Soho Rooms
November 3: National Costume show at Vegas Mall (Ustream)
November 4: Press Junket and Media Welcome Event with candidates.
November 5: Preliminary Competition (Ustream)
November 6: Miss Universe press conference
November 9: Miss Universe 2013 Red Carpet pre-show (Xbox Live)
November 9: Miss Universe 2013 Final Telecast (CTC, NBC, Telemundo and various networks of participant countries)
November 9: Russian Standard after party (Xbox Live)
November 10: Contestant departure





a. Azerbaijan

a. Last competed in 1961: Myanmar as Burma
b. Last competed in 2011: Turks & Caicos, Kazakhstan, Slovenia
c. Last competed in 2004: Austria

a. Canada: Denise Garrido was crowned Miss Universe Canada 2013, but after a few hours Garrido was replaced by Riza Santos due to an typo error discovered in the top 5 entries, which significantly impacted the final results of the competition. This is the first instance of this type of error in the 11 years that Beauties of Canada (BOC) has produced the Miss Universe Canada pageant. Riza the 1st runner up of the pageant is now the winner of Miss Universe Canada title and Denise Garrido was hailed as 3rd runner-up.
b. Serbia: Nikolina Bojic was crowned Miss Serbia 2013, but was dethroned after it was revealed that she was married. Aleksandra Doknic (previously Miss Serbia 2013 for Miss Universe) took her place as Miss Serbia 2013 for Miss World, while Ana Vrcelj became new Miss Serbia 2013 for Miss Universe.

a. Albania – Fioralba Dizdari withdrew due to Kosovo not being able to compete.
b. Cayman Islands – No contest held
c. Cyprus – The date for Star Cyprus 2013 conflicted with Miss Universe.
d. Georgia – Janeta Kerdikoshvili did not participate because of unexpected health problems.
e. Ireland – The Miss Universe Ireland pageant was rescheduled for the following year.
f. Kosovo – Mirjeta Shala withdrew because she wasn’t able to enter Russia as it does not recognize Kosovo as an independent country.
g. Montenegro – Nikoleta Jovanović withdrew as she did not meet the minimum age requirements.
h. Saint Lucia – No contest held
i. Uruguay – Micaela Orsi withdrew because her visa application was denied by the Russian Embassy and for some disagreements about her contract with the national director.

a. Austria: Doris Hofmann was appointed to represent Austria, she was the 1st runner-up at the Miss Austria 2013 pageant.[94]
b. Azerbaijan: Aysel Manafova was appointed to represent Azerbaijan by Aras Ağalarov, one of the main organizers of the pageant, she was previously Miss   Azerbaijan 2012.
c. Denmark: Cecilia Iftikhar was appointed to represent Denmark by Lene Memborg, national director of Miss Universe in Denmark. Cecilia was previously Miss Earth Denmark 2011.
d. France: Hinarani de Longeaux was appointed to represent France, she was the 1st runner-up at the Miss France 2013 pageant.
e. Germany: Anne-Julia Hagen was appointed as “Miss Universe Germany 2013” after a casting call took place. She was Miss Germany 2010.
f. Greece: Anastasia Sidiropoulou was appointed as “Miss Universe Greece 2013” by Vassilis Prevelakis, national director of Miss Universe in Greece. Anastasia was previously “Miss Young 2010” (Miss Teen Greece).[95]
g. Kazakhstan: Aygerim Kozhakanova was appointed to represent Kazakhstan, she was a contestant at the Miss Kazakhstan 2012 pageant.
h. Lithuania: Simona Burbaitė was appointed to represent Lithuania, she was the 1st runner-up at the Miss Lithuania 2013 pageant.[96]
i. Vietnam: Truong Thi May was appointed as “Miss Universe Vietnam 2013” by Unicorp, the license holder of the Miss Universe Organization in Vietnam.

(Contestants who previously competed at other major beauty pageants)

Miss World
2008: Spain: Patricia Rodríguez (Top 15)
2009: Jamaica: Kerrie Baylis
2011: Canada: Riza Santos (Top 30)
2013: Belgium: Noémie Happart (Top 20)
2013: Lebanon: Karen Ghrawi
2013: Namibia: Paulina Malulu
2013: Russia: Elmira Abdrazakova
2013: South Africa: Marilyn Ramos

Miss International
2008: Italy: Luna Voce
2012: Namibia: Paulina Malulu (Top 15)

Miss Earth
2006: Canada: Riza Santos (Miss Photogenic)
2009: Italy: Luna Voce
2011: Denmark: Cecilia Iftikhar
2012: Costa Rica: Fabiana Granados (Top 16 and Best in Swimsuit)

Top Model of the World
2011: Italy: Luna Voce (Winner)

Miss Globe International
2012: Brazil: Jakelyne Oliveira (Winner)
2012: Estonia: Kristina Karjalainen (Top 10)

Miss Tourism World
2012: Mauritius: Diya Beeltah

Miss Atlantico Internacional
2012: Paraguay: Guadalupe González (Best National Costume and Best Presence)

Miss Tourism International
2011: Panama: Carolina Brid (1st Runner-up)

Miss Asia Pacific World
2011: Great Britain: Amy Willerton (Wales’ Representative)

Miss Global Teen
2010: Bolivia: Alexia Viruez

Miss Continente Americano
2012: Peru: Cindy Mejía
2012: Costa Rica: Fabiana Granados (Top 6, Most Beautiful Face)

Reina Hispanoamericana
2011: Chile: María Jesús Matthei (Virreina)
2011: Peru: Cindy Mejía
2012: Bolivia: Alexia Viruez (1st Runner-up)

Reinado Internacional del Cafe
2012: Costa Rica: Fabiana Granados (Queen of Police)

Miss Panamerican
2012: Costa Rica: Fabiana Granados (1st Runner-up and Best Body)

Nuestra Belleza Latina
2011: Nicaragua: Nastassja Bolivar (Winner)

Miss Beauty of the World
2013: Sweden: Alexandra Friberg (Winner)

Miss Caribbean World
2013: British Virgin Islands: Sharie De Castro (Winner)

Miss Latino Americana
2012: Paraguay: Guadalupe González

Asian Top Model
2010: Indonesia: Whulandary Herman (Winner)

International Top Model of the Year
2009: Indonesia: Whulandary Herman (3rd Runner Up & Best Catwalk)

Miss Teen World
2011: Greece: Anastasia Sidiropoulou (Winner)

Miss Teenager Universe
2010: Curaçao: Eline de Pool (“1st Runner-up”)

Miss India Worldwide
2013: Guyana: Katherina Roshana

On August 15, 2013, Andy Cohen, who is openly gay, declined to co-host the Miss Universe 2013, due to Russia’s recent adoption of anti-gay laws.Recently, an internet petition has been started for the Miss Universe Organization to relocate the pageant from Moscow due to these laws as well as human rights concerns.

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts, also openly gay, took on hosting duties. While he condemned Russia for its anti-gay law, he stated his belief that his presence in Russia would make for a more effective statement against Russian homophobia than boycotting.Russia’s LGBT rights record was not discussed during the pageant.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_Universe_2013

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