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YU-MI KIM – Korean Barbie Doll for MU 2013

Miss Korea for Miss Universe 2013 Pageant

Age: 23 years old
Birthdate: April 26, 1990
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 1.75 m
Education: Film Studies at Konkuk University in South Korea

Here are some of the comments from the pageant forumers:

“I have a new very early sentimental favorite for Miss Universe 2013! I’ll definitely follow her reign..she’s sooooo beautiful.” -Pawee, Admin of Missosology

“Bolivia now has a company in my favorites list for Miss Universe 2013. Congrats to Korea!” –terese23, USA

“What happens to me with this girl is very funny because in some pics I love her, but in others, she looks very common..idk…I feel like seeing two different girls. She’s cute btw.” –ColombianDiva, Colombia

“Perfect girl for the crown.” –Bambam, Philippines

“She’s so fresh and cute. I wanna see more bitchy and diva attitude from her. It may be hard for her, but it’s not impossible. I want to see her presence and bubbly attitude like Lee Hyori! Hahaha. She’s the face of Asia now, but she needs to work on her body; her thighs are thick. If so, sure she can repeat the placement & success of Honey Lee. Just a word.” –Pacifico, Perth
“Very pretty. I think she even looks better in candids.” –miss_twix, Faroe Islands

“I honestly think that she can pull off the “fierce” go-getter independent aura and drop off that cutesy-beetsy image [which is a blah and definitely bland]. I can visualize her doing that strong Eastern Asian lass which she should take advantage right now. No to doing Honey Lee 2.0. Hell nooo!!! She can leave her own mark. Based on her current photos, she’s a diamond in the rough! Enough with being in the SAFE ZONE, this bitch can give more. I’M FRIGGIN’ SERIOUS. I’m no fan of Korean beauty/fad, they look clones to me, but this one………she has it. That oomph thing going on, but needs a little push that’s why I really want her to give it out. I hope she doesn’t waste her potential to be a frontrunner for Asia ‘coz she can really put that “oriental beauty” brand in the limelight after sooooooo many years [way better than Luo Zilin, hope Igot that right. WHOEVER SHE IS. LOL!]. I remember the golden years of MU where, though not crown winners, Korean reps standout esp in NC round….. Anyway, imma keep her on my track and wish she doesn’t waste her chances for this year’s MU otherwise expect to clap. FOR THE LOVE OF hdufhuihgetyergerdfhs, DON’T BLEND IN!!! *high hopes for this bitch. honestly.” –GlamRock

“She is beautiful and sweet. I’d like to see her with thinner eyebrows.” –Santi Mendber, Mexico

“Idc if she’s had plastic surgery or not. More power to her. Looking at her Miss Korea photos, Yu Mi has a good chance of making it into the semis in 2013. The only thing with Yu Mi is that her body is a bit disappointing; from the waist above. She’s a goddess, but from the waist below she has a rhino body. Yu Mi has avery unattractive legs and thighs. She really needs to workout, and get her thunder thighs toned up, South American delegates have killer figures and just having a pretty face isn’t enough to make it thru. But one thing I have to say is that beauty pageants have a real appreciation for Asian delegates especially for the truly beautiful ones that stick out. I noticed how popular contestants such as Honey Lee, Kurara, Janine tugonon, and Rosaline Chou were during the pageant (pre, live, and post). I have no doubts Yu Mi will get some media attention and be spotted by the cameras, even possibly be on major pageant websites’ (Global beauties, Missosology, and Critical Beauty) top 20 prediction lists. If I had to encourage Yu Mi to do something, it would be to workout her legs, tone up her ass, get a good wardrobe ready, no tacky little Korean girl evening gowns, and think of a beautiful national costume. It’s about time Korea wins another award.” –Mike1900, USA

“Miss Korea 2012 = The battle of plastic. Out for me! Miss Universe in 21st Century is plastic less.” –andrenwandy

“Overall she is very pretty; but there is one thing I don’t really like-her upper lips! I don’t know if it is natural or if she got surgery for that (in Thailand it is quite popular right now among teen girls to make your upper lips thinner in order to look more “cute”, “adorable”), but I prefer full lips.” –hybrid, France

“With the proper styling, she can rock the MU stage. Congratulations!” –sunriseson, Indonesia

“She is stunning! Possible Top 5.” –darkvindak, Serbia

“Yu-mi has to smile everyday. She would fail to place if she shows only smiling every time. She needs to show her fierceness ASAP. She is too sweet for MU as of now.” –ManMeat

“2013? What takes her so long? Can we just skip the current lady?” –tresure, Aland Islands

“My yearbook snap or my school days are never best of me in my life. I do never want to be famous in Korea, seriously. LOL. I hope she can handle all the fuss. I believe nothing can hurt her chances. Be strong, darling!” –crazy seoul, Seoul

“As early as now, MU 2013 looks so exciting. First is Bolivia, and now it’s Korea. I hope the other countries will get it right as well. Congratulations Korea!” –kenhan, Bangkok

“I knew it! She’s beautiful and I hope that they’ll prepare her nicely for the pageant. She has a lot of months to prepare! Please don’t be a clapper this year. Btw, she reminds me of the girl from my favorite korean show.” –kenikal, Antartica

“Radiance at its best.” –kenzeichnen, Philippines

“I don’t know about anyone else here, but that was probably the first time I was hyped to watch Miss Korea, and probably the first time I was happy that they crowned Miss Seoul.” –annyeongl,Seoul

“Recent Korean girls eyebrow is thick. They think thin eyebrows make them too mature. I don’t know if she will change her thick eyebrow to a thinner eyebrow or not. You know East Asians’ faces are simple than the other races. Thick eyebrow gives strong impressions to East Asians. I think that is one of the reasons why I suggest to let her have thick eyebrows.” –Karinouninette, Paris

“She’s an Asian barbie doll!” –karissa, Iraq

“I can’t wait to see her transformation, but I want her to stay as this cute.” –vivid, London

“Suddenly, I wish Sara won the Miss Universe Korea title instead. She just looks more mature and fierce. Yumi is pretty but her type definitely will not do well in Miss Universe. She’s too bubblegum cute for me. She’ll probably do better in Miss International. I forgot what talk show that was that I saw but they were saying she’s one of the most beautiful Miss Korea’s ever… and I was just like… uhhh.. No! Honey Lee is! lol… Even my mom didn’t think she had enough international appeal.” –Elle, Canada

“Her smile is maybe too sweet for MU. I wanna train bitchy smile to her. I just know she can do it but she is still too sweet I think. She is not Honey Lee type at all. She is way more Sarang Kim, Miss Universe Korea 2001 type. I need adifferent kind of Miss Korea every year, I don’t need Honey Lee wannabes. Even though Honey Lee nailed it in MU 07. Well.. let’s wait her full transformations.” –ManMeat

“Kim Yu-Mi is gorgeous and I don’t care if she underwent plastic surgery or not. She’s pretty and all. High hopes for Korea this year!” –trivan0310, Philippines

“OMG! She’s SO cute! Is she participating in MU 2012 or MU 2013? If she’s in MU 2013, then I can’t wait for MU 2013. I have a feeling it’s going to be AMAZING. Yu-Mi looks stunning in motion btw.” –albeez, Albania


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