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Puerto Rico Is Back For Revenge: Angelina Jolie 2.0!

Miss Puerto Rico for 2013 Miss Universe Pageant
Age: 23 years old
Birthdate: February 1, 1990
Birthplace: Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Height: 1.76 m (5 ft 9 1⁄2 in)
Work: Model
Miss Arecibo Universe 2013
Miss Puerto Rico 2013 (Miss Photogenic, Payless Best Catwalk and Best Body)
Education: BS Nursing (University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo Campus)
Advocacy: To give support to victims of domestic violence because he lived through his mother the results of violence against women.

“I feel good, proud to see the results of all the effort I made. I gave body and soul to this challenge.” -Monic Perez

What do pageant enthusiasts say about her?

“We have one of the most beautiful candidates ever! This girl is in the same level as Cynthia Olavaria and Denise Quinones!” –rockondude, Hatillo

“She can do better than BODINEdat! Make her young and sweet not a tranny and MILF girl from Puerto Rico. Felicidades!” –Paola Martinez De Bracho, Mexico

“One of my favorite Miss PR after Cynthia and Zuleyka. Revenge is coming this 2013!” –Torres23, Puerto Rico

“She is far better than Cynthia and Zuleyka. She is more natural, and more beautiful than them. Even if I would like that France or Indonesia win this year, Monic is so stunning that I think she has great chance to win. I like her so much. She is my sentimental candidate for 2013 Miss Universe pageant with Hina and Whulan. If she claps or doesn’t finish at least in the top 5, I will boycott Miss Universe.” – Caribicha, Martinique

“Beautiful… She has this Cynthia Olavaria’s aura.” –quelab22, Philippines

“Bravooooooooooooooo!!! Congratz !!!! Very complete: facial and body! Natural beauty. The most beautiful lady won !!! Love her!” -Nando, Mexico

“She was my favorite since I saw her first pic! And when she won “reina de la pasarela”, I knew she was going to take it all for sure! Congrats PR! Your girl is stunning!” –ColombianDiva, Colombia

“I am so satisfied and happy with this beautifulllll woman Miss Arecibo. Finally, I can come here again now that we are having a a real beautiful candidate. A beautiful woman to represent Puerto Rico in the Miss Universe pageant.” –Camargo, Puerto Rico

“Don’t know why or what, but there is something I really like about her face. I really do think that facially, she is the prettiest Miss Puerto Rico of the last 20 years. She is even prettier than my all time favorite Puerto Rican queen Cynthia Olavarria! I just wish they will style her like Stefania Fernandez: fun, fresh, current and sassy. No more over the top prom-like hair and makeup for this lady please!” –Georgina Sparks, Moscow

“Gorgeous… I want a Miss Universe not a semifinalist. This girl is everything. GORGEOUS! A+++++ for Puerto Rico.” –Kataa, Puerto Rico

“Her face resembles a bit like Yoanna House – ANTM Cycle 2 winner… She is stunning.” –Sinchan Show, Philippines

“She’s the one to beat, and it’ll remain like that. Once again, congratulations!!” –Kokin, Portugal

“Congratulations, Puerto Rico! The winner was the one we expected to win! PR has now 2 outstanding, very promising queens for MU 2012 and 2013, but facially 2013 is my favorite.” –Prince Calixto, Venezuela

“Gente yo que creo que la cirugia se la hcieron y se quedaron calladitos por queno se si soy yo pero la nariz se le ve un poco diferente.” –rockondude, Hatillo

“I think the MPR Org has no intention to put Monic on any procedures and they have enough reasons not to do so. The same reason Miss Venezuela said that she will go completely natural(which is a lie cause I’ve been told she’s already undergone some procedures). The MUORG could find any excuse to leave Monic clapping. We can’t send a perfect candidate cause as Osmel already said. The country he is more afraid of is Puerto Rico and the MUORG is no exception! Thinking that something similar of Zuleyka could happen to the girl they have as a winner for sponsoring reasons is not good for Monic. Preparense psicologicamente para ver escenario similar al del anio pasado y anti pasado. Con alrededor de 8 chicas de los paises sponsors y otras mixtas para amenizar. No podemos mandar a una candidata que arraze con las demas, por que asi mas su probabilidad de que se quede pegada. Monic needs to keep herself under the radar.” –Niña Cleopatra, Egypt

“She is sooooo red carpet. Gorgeous!” –Manies_flip, Florida

“I would love to see her wear a bun during the preliminary!” –MarkIB, United States

“I’d much rather improve her smile than the nose. She is so gorgeous right now, I would definitely focus on her smile, some dental work and she’s ready. I don’t mind the nose job though, I know it’s not going to be noticeable or drastic, but her smile needs some work as well.” –valleriam, Puerto Rico

“Look at that face, she always looks EXPENSIVE! Her bone structure is to die for, flawless.” –valleriam, Puerto Rico

“I have a feeling she is going to win Miss Universe 2013. I also had the same feeling for Olivia. Go Monic” –chellomellow, Canada

“The other day I saw Monic in person. If she has a heart-shaped tattoo at the nape of her neck, then yes, it was her at Freshmart – a PR local health food market (like a downscale Whole Foods) so she eats healthy! She was wearing barely any make up, dressed casual like the girl next door, but not vulgar or sloppy at all. Looked very pretty to the extent that she was by far the most attractive person of any sex doing the line to pay, including me. Her complexion is really enviable and she looks skinny, but not malnourished, with a nice height . As others has mentioned, her bone structure is unbelievable and I think it contributes to her graceful persona – looking at her was like looking at a ballerina. But (yes, there’s a but) she seemed rather serious in public, not smiling at all. I understand it could come from a shy, coy nature, and I totally welcome that. Nevertheless, if she really wants to become Miss Universe 2013, Monic might want to overcome that, in order not to be misinterpreted as unpleasant. I know it is difficult to be in that mode all the time, but Miss Universe is a very ‘public relations’ title. Anyway, I take seeing her in person as a premonition of something good! I’ve never seen a beauty queen in person by chance AND I also saw Walter Mercado there, which was so random cause I am regular customer at Freshmart and I have never been one to pursue or encounter celebrities. It has to be a good star for Monic to be the other celebrity there!” –e-maris, Puerto Rico

“Triple threat! Beautiful, Smart and Sash!” –RyanJohn, Philippines

“She is SOOOO gorgeous! I can def see her top 5.” –GreatGala, USA

“I can’t believe Monic hasn’t undergone her nose job yet…. Unbelievable!” –e_maris, Puerto Rico

“She is so stunning, i love her already. I hope Trump will not mess the top 5 because I can see her in one of the spots.”-Adrian Klemann, Batavia, Indonesia

“This girl has it all to win it. Being the hottest latina for this time being, I hope Monic will all-kill the competition this year. The exclusion of koehler was unquestionable. I’m rooting for her this year. Kisses from Malaysia!!” –rio88, Malaysia

“I know it is too early to be so sure of one’s favourite…but Monic is one of the girls I will be supporting and yeah, even hyping as I just simply love her. The girls to come have to simply level up with her. She might not sound fierce or look fierce; others see her sweet and cute…I find a great girl in her which brings glory to PR as Zuleyka did in 2006. I am praying she will bring the crown back home.” –Myles76, Great Britain

“Probably the most beautiful Miss PR after Cynthia! Love her, my fave for now! Way ahead the other girls.” –SylvieDreamer, Serbia

“She can really rock that high bun. She has the perfect bone structure for that hairdo.” –McFrito, California, USA

“The most beautiful 2013 Miss Universe pageant delegate so far!! But I hope her mentor’s keep it sleek and not over do it with her transformation!!!” –Natalie Mendoza, Australia


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