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Maria Gabriela Isler-High Hopes for Miss Venezuela

Maria Gabriela Isler has the body to die for. As always expected, Venezuelan candidates are well-toned and with great built. She is fierce and determined. I am just not a fan of the way these queens look alike. They're like clones from an uber-gorgeous race packed with overwhelming charisma.

MARIA GABRIELA ISLER – High Hopes for Miss Venezuela
Miss Venezuela for 2013 Miss Universe Pageant

Age: 25
Birthdate: April 21, 1988
Birthplace: Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela
Work: Venezuelan Fashion model
Titles: Miss Venezuela 2012, Miss Guarico 2012 (Miss Elegance Award)
Education: BA in Management and Marketing
Height: 1.79 m (5 ft 10 1⁄2 in)
Trivia: She became the ninth Miss Venezuela winner from Guárico. She is half Venezuelan and half Swiss.
Her father, Juan Isler Lengemann, is son of immigrants from the communes of Lausanne and Schaffhausen.

Here are some of the comments from pageant experts, and forumers:

“Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! *faints* Gabriela! You never fail to impress me. She’s getting fresher!” -Missofan075, Philippines

“Bravo Venezuela, She wasn’t one of the favorites, but She got the determination to win, Congrats She is GORGEOUS, also Miss Vzla. Intl. and Miss Vzla. Earth too.” -Missia

“She’s very Sofia Vergara-ish.” -Dejavu, Pakistan

“The more I am seeing Maria Gabriela , the more I feel that she will not disappoint me/us in 2013 Miss Universe pageant. Watching her in action in her newest videos and seeing her from every angle and how she caries hewrself, comfirms that for me. Her side-way-profile angle of her face in video, is really breathtaking! Love how her cheekbones and lips look!” -Prince Calixto, Venezuela

“Just watched again her entire performance during the finals of MV. No wonder why was the winner, her answer was phenomenal and her catwalk in the EG competition is just breathtaking !!. And her coletilla was just Woof! Fierce babe!” –Gossip Girl, Venezuela

Maria Gabriela Isler has the body to die for. As always expected, Venezuelan candidates are well-toned and with great built. She is fierce and determined. I am just not a fan of the way these queens look alike. They're like clones from an uber-gorgeous race packed with overwhelming charisma.

“A crazy imagination, but I guess it’s like Gabriela Markus is competing again in Miss Universe 2013 pageant with a VENEZUELA sash. I don’t know, but there are some angles that made Gabby Isler looks like Gabby Markus.” -missofan75, Philippines

“I’m actually starting to like her; I didn’t think I would! I guess it’s because I like freshness and personalities like Irene’s, but Molly is something new. I like that she is serious, mature, and elegant. I will follow her.” -Kokin, Portugal

“I’m not very impressed when she is candid. But when she’s dolled up, she looks like a true queen! She reminds of vintage Miss Universe winners in the 70’s and 80’s. She’s regal with hushed tones of sexy…I LOVED her evening gown performance at MV…Her entire look was just perfect! I hope she wears the very same gown and hair-style at Miss Universe pageant!” -Cello, Trinidad and Tobago

“She looks very beautiful. I truly adore her beauty because it’s simplistic and at the same time overpowering! She has it all for me, and this is just the beginning.” –Valleriam, Puerto Rico

“I like her face, but if I have to choose something else in her body to praise, that would def be her loooong and sexy legs, theymake her body look towering and imposing!” -Santi MENdBer, Mexico

“I want Osmel old faggoty ass to stay off her, if anything he will ruin her like he did Vanessa with tacky fashions. I want Molly to get on a plane and go to Paris, London or Milan to have real fashion (not pageant) consultants so she can compete with a bomb ass wardrobe and proper/young-looking hairstyle. Honey blonde hair would suit her IMO. I mean, what could the MVO bring her except for oratory skills and passarela classes? I guess she could use some of Richard Lineares’ classes to get the mid section of her body flawless but her legs are perfect and so is her face. She really doesn’t need any surgery unlike Irene (boobs, nose, chin). I still shake my head at how they ruined Vanessa with all those surgeries. She had her boobs and nose done before she won MW and then she had her chin, eyebrows, cheekbones tweeked and I’m not mentioned the fillers and botox. It was too damn much.” -tambourine, Paris

“Just my opinion but I would rather see her stay brunette. Blonde, even warm tones, has a tendency to add years to a girl. Brown works for her. I totally agree on the fashion bit though, Venezuela gowns are mostly gorgeous but their off-stage attire is like a 70’s musical! If she came to the UK I’d gladly offer my styling services. She’s a stylist’s dream!” -AbiRose, United Kingdom

“She is very pretty, tons of potential, as for now I don’t like her as much as I do for Irene and even Vanessa, but this will come with time, I’m waiting to see Osmel’s magic work on this lady!” -Eric, France

“Just like Irene this year…Maria has the great chance in bringing the crown back to Venezuela. She is beautiful, and I am surely excited to see how Osmel will transform her come Miss Universe pageant night. Maria looks good as brunette. I am not sure if she looks better when she turns blond or more in a lighter colour…” -Myles76, United Kingdom

“And I just watched the vid of the fitting for the sash ceremony. She is fresh-faced with bone straight hair and boy, she looks phenomenal! I swear this bitch… I adore this bitch. I can’t even explain how beautiful she is to me!!” -tambourine, Paris


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