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Migbellis Castellanos Has To Pull It Off

Miss Venezuela for Miss Universe 2014

Photo credit: Lapatilla

Who is this new Miss Venezuela Universe?
Migbelis Castellanos is an 18-year old model who represented Costa Oriental region at the Miss Venezuela 2013 pageant last October 10, 2013. She is currently studying at the Universidad Rafael Belloso ChacĂ­n in Maracaibo, where she is doing BA in Social Communication and she is also taking another in BA in Political Science at Universidad del Zulia.

Migbelis was also crowned Miss Teen Costa Oriental 2010. She will represent her country, Venezuela to the Miss Universe 2014 pageant in Fortaleza, Brazil.

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What’s our say about her?

Well, Ly has the aura of a queen…let’s face it! She’s not just a pretty face, but she definitely is the whole package. She wears a Venezuela sash, and she knows how to sashay herself onstage. These are basically enough for her to make it to the semi finals. But honestly, the pressure is really at stake. She has to pull it off…big time! A top-15 finish is not bad at all to say the least. What we like about this year’s Miss Venezuela is that she has a unique look; she doesn’t look like the propagated Venezuelan clone that has been in MU stage for ages. She has an edge. She’s a frontrunner. But up to where she can go?–No answer yet. Let’s see how she transforms then.

Photo credit: Missosology

What do pageant experts say about her?

“I think I like her. Her spontaneity is so captivating. I can’t get enough of her. Sadly, her photos aren’t as eye-catching as her personality. But hey, she’s Miss Venezuela. I know, wonderful improvements await for her.” – PatrickG, San Francisco, CA

“Yes! A seventh Miss Universe crown is near for Venezuela!” -Islander1, Cayman Islands

“Oh babe, I’m so freaking happy! Que susto me dio la cars de sapo.” -Gossip Girl, Venezuela

“Same euphoria I felt with Irene! I’m so fucking happy! Lo que es del dura va pa la Iglesia! Najada!” -Eriol, Venezuela

She’s beautiful and exotic at the same time.” – rockondude, Puerto Rico

“I am sssooooo happy! Second year in a row, they crowned my sentimental favorite! And second time in a row, they crowned the undeniably best performer of the night (even 3rd time because Irene SLAYED her EG and SS sections in 2011. She just answered badly.) Costa could go to Moscow tomorrow and win. She could win Miss World also. She’s perfect. Brava Migbelis! Bitches go suffer! I am sure she’s gonna win Miss Universe.” -Tambourine, France

“Perfect choce Venezuela! She’s absolutely stunning. She was my favorite! I’m not afraid to say that she’s a top-5 caliber!” –e_maris, Puerto Rico

Photo credit: China Daily

Photo credit: Latest News Pics

Photo credit: www.eyval.tistory.com

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