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Alexia Viruez-Reina Hispanoamericana Represents Bolivia

Bolivia - Alexia Viruez

ALEXIA VIRUEZ-Reina Hispanoamericana Represents Bolivia
Miss Universo Bolivia 2012 for 2013 Miss Universe Pageant

Miss Bolivia 2013 Alexia Viruez after the crowning

Miss Bolivia 2013 Alexia Viruez after the crowning

Age: 19 years old
Birthplace: Sta. Cruz, Bolivia
Height: 1.79 m. (5 ft. 10 1/2 in.)
Winner, Miss Bolivia 2012 (Orest Best Smile, Miss Elegance and Miss Photogenic L’aranja Terracor)
1st Runner-Up, Reina Hispanoamericana 2012

“God gave the world one hundred percent woman and a beauty pageant should be involved only women, and we respect when they do their shows. I do not discriminate, but each has his own field.” -Alexia Viruez

Here are some of the comments from pageant experts and enthusiasts around the globe:

“Wow! Stunning! Hot! Hot! Hot! She is a minor Goddess of Beauty. Miss Bolivia is my current front runner for the Miss Universe crown followed by Miss Puerto Rico.” -Mario, Brazil

“Miss Universe Bolivia is stunning! If she gets the right preparation she will do really well at Miss Universe 2013 pageant.” -Leo

“She is so beautiful but what worries me the most is the tacky styling. Everybody knows styling is everything, it can either make or break you. She’s walking on ice, she deserves the best of the best and right now she’s not getting it! I hate to see that happen cause she does have potential to even win Miss Universe.” -valleriam, Puerto Rico

“I wish Miss Universe didn’t pay so much attention to sashes, because this girl would have much higher chances of reaching the top 5. I hope Bolivia knows what they have in their hands and work well with this girl, although my fear is that they won’t deliver.” -e_maris, Puerto Rico

 “SHE IS NOT THE BEST LATINA…..all of them are great. They are in fact, THE BEST ONES, as group. Bolivia Nicaragua and Puerto Rico my Top 3 Latinas as of today. lf Monic Perez would have been the one with the fadil photoshoot, she would be receiving Alexia’s attention. Let’s not be partial here. ALEXIA TE ADORO Y TE APOYO, SOS UN “LAMENTO BOLIVIANO” XD.” -InstintoEuropeo1994, United States

“I wish that they won’t package her as an ultra-sexy bombshell as I am seeing her atm. She can go classy to trashy with a snap of a finger. Wishing her the best.” –Jaciendero, Korea

“She’s a strong one this year, no doubt of that! I see how they compared her to Mendoza and Lima….she has a similar look. I’m really looking forward to see her in Miss Universe!” –Tsatsabi, Puerto Rico

“She’s the type of Queen I love seeing in Miss Universe pageant and also other pageants: fierce, exotic and ready to give a good fight. She gives me this diva vibe. I’ll be looking forward to seeing her in Miss Universe pageant.” –franchesca, Aruba

“If she plays her cards well, she can end up in the top five along with Miss France.” -utsukushii, Philippines

“Oh shit! She’s becoming better and better! A major contender for the Miss Universe crown. She doesn’t remind me of Dayana though more of like Rosanna Purcell.” -ryanjohn, Manila

“Good job Bolivia! the Miss Universe delegate is beautiful I cant wait for 2013.” -RK

“From all the Miss Bolivia winners, only MU Bolivia is the best beautiful woman. U know that she participates in MU 2013 & that means Bolivia has a great ompetitor for next year as well. Speaking of this year the MU Bolivia @ MU 2012 is hot & is sure to place in top 15 by all chance.” -ad


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