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Sabrina Beneett Seems Promising!

Miss Malaysia for Miss Universe 2014

Photo credit: Demotix

Who’s this new Miss Malaysia?
Sabrina Beneett is a definition of beauty in many ways. This freelance model who hails from the state of Perak is passionate about eradicating poverty in certain communities in Malaysia by helping those who are in need adopt necessary skills to survive. With her psychology background, she also wishes to kick start her own non-profit organization to help provide psychological support for rape survivors and cope with their lives after rape. Issues concerning underprivileged women and the poor are where her charitable works revolve. Not only that…Sabrina holds a double BSc majoring in Psychology and Communication…damn this Asian half-Indian is a definition of beauty of purpose! This Malysian-Indian lass stands 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

What’s our say about her?
We’ve been reading lots of comments about this girl and we do not understand why some pageant enthusiasts bash her based on her race. This Asian is a very fine lass who obviously is a standout. Her soft spots are just right for her to be noticed. She may not be as beguiling as Deborah Henry (who, btw clapped), but she never failed to impress us. There are some transformations that she has to go through physically, but with this type of personality, she will shine. We just hope that she will not be the timid-humble type just because she has a big heart to her charitable causes. Far more important, that’s where she has to work on this time. She has to develop her confidence, boost her esteem, polish her social skills, and she’s gonna shine! Go get a spot in the semifinals Sabrina! You can do it!

What do pageant enthusiasts say about her?

“I don’t know why some people dislike her. She’s actually very promising, and I find her an upgrade from Carey (during her early days as MUM) and even Kimberley. She’s transformable and can make waves in 2014 Miss Universe. Who knows, she might be even better than Deborah Henry and Nadine Ann Thomas. Go Sabrina! Make Malaysia Proud!” –MissoFan705, Philippines

“NOOOO! She won’t! Debbie was gorgeous, bus she still clapped. We want Malaysia place this time; 43 years is fucking enough for them to clap. So please crown another like Josephine Lena Wong Jaw Leng semifinalist MU 1970!” –Kalserific, Cape Side

“She has so much potentials. I know she will be transformed remarkably by the MUMO. She has a long period of preparation.” –silly10, Philippines

“She has great potential to work on. Her tall figure only will make her standout + her exotic look and skin..and she has a lot of time to prepare. I’m waiting for her transformation. Good luck Malaysia!” –IanFandi, West Sumatra

“I’ve never felt this b1tch. Sorry Malaysia, NO. And please stop overpraisin’ her like what u’ve done w/ Deborah and Kim.” –Dionysus

“I’ve gotta say, this girl may be the “Venus Raj” of Malaysia. The curse-lifter, the awaited one. And add the fact that she’s also half-Indian so who knows?” –FriendManiac

“She’s miles better than Kimberly and Carey in their winning state, just learn “perseverance” from her predecessors and her beauty is fine enough to surpass and make a history of Malaysia in MU.” –Austin III

“I like this girl! Good job Malaysia! My fearless forecast—SHE WILL PLACE!” –ToothAndNail

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