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Miss Japan Universe 2013 Is A Mangaka Totie-Patootie

Miss Japan Universe 2013,   MIE YUKIMI MATSUO, i s  a mangaka totie-patootie.
Age: 25 years old
Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Trivia: Matsuo is a passionate mangaka (Japanese comic book writer) and hopes to spread Japan’s love of the manga to the world.

Miss Japan Universe 2013 Is A Mangaka Totie-Patootie Here are some of the comments from the pageant experts and enthusiasts:

“Two thumbs up! I love her face! So freeesshhh!” -Pawee, Admin of Missosology
“Every year I get a feeling about 2 or 3 girls from the ouset and they always make Top 15/16. I have that feeling this year about Japan.” -Ken
“Clapper! Japan has lost its touch. Japan is back to its so so days in Miss Universe.” -prowazekil, Philippines

“She’s cute. Japan is always my sentimental favorite in Asia because Japanese girls look cute, approachable and friendly looking. Korea, China, Vietnam and Singapore are also cute-looking oriental girls in MU, but for me most of the time, it’s always Japan who always leads in catwalk. Misses of Japan are always more prepared compared to the misses of Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and China (except for 2011 where Roseline of China was very strong.)” -Zinnia, Philippines

Miss Japan Universe 2013 Is A Mangaka Totie-Patootie “Congratulations to the winner. She is beautiful and could be a possible surprise winner in Miss Universe 2013. What happened to Miss Universe Japan organization? No budget for a better sash and crown?” -Phoenix777

“She is very pretty and cute…very unusual for MUJ…usually winners are sexy and fierce…But I like her! I like the fact that she didn’t try to be too fierce or sexy during her presentation. She was very natural, and lovely, with a nice presence on stage.” -knishi10, Japan

Miss Japan Universe 2013 Is A Mangaka Totie-Patootie “This girl is a beautiful girl, and won the right to represent her country at Miss Universe; could U have done a better job? Seems like to be that your the one that’s clapping every year for the girls that are in Miss Universe every year, wishing you were in their place. A harsh REALITY; queens, I tell ya..!” -Martin Rico

“This girl is just full of youthfulness. She should share a little to my other favorite girls in MU. I wonder what she has been doing. Yep she is cute! But there’s something about her charm that you cannot dislike. Her beauty just brings too much positivity especially when she smiles. Girl is so divine during her evening gown presentation by the way! ” -Yufie, Kazakhstan

Miss Japan Universe 2013 Is A Mangaka Totie-Patootie “Asia seems strong this year! stunners like Kim Yu Mi, Whulan Dary Herman, and now Yukimi Matsuo. I would have been happier if Kanagawa (Mikako Shimogaki) won though. But I think Yukimi is the best Miss Universe Japan since Kurara (who was a tad bit better than Riyo in my opinion).” -Galaxydrugs, Spain

“I love her facial structure and her eyes are just so sweet. And her editorial shots are amazing, too.” -Jaishee, Israel

“She’s naturally beautiful and doesn’t need a ton of make-up to look gorgeous. I can only imagine she can be a total knock-out with more make-up and glammed up. She’s my favorite so far for the crown!” -G

Miss Japan Universe 2013 Is A Mangaka Totie-Patootie “Wow! Anime face…really love it! Btw, did Japan have a swimsuit competition for this event??? I’m curious about that….Will this girl follow Riyo Mori?? haha…” -ventheprofessor, Indonesia

“More shadow on her eyes, please! I can’t stand her “Korean” look.” -Dionysus, Indonesia

“Oh! Just a big WOW! She will give current favourites Whulandary of Indonesia and Kim of Korea a run for their monies……….just a lil’……just a lil bit though…..just the right amount! She’s in it to win it! Welcome back Asia! Full force!” -derven, Oman

“She is gorgeous! An Asian doll! There seems to be some minor dental fixing needed, but that’s just me nit-picking. Overall, great rep for Japan! Thumbs up!” -Norn Queen, Philippines

Miss Japan Universe 2013 Is A Mangaka Totie-Patootie “Oh wow! MUJ really chose the right girl to represent Japan on this edition. She’s pretty absolutely. She just needs a little fix on her teeth, and she will be great. Asia really comes strong this year. Whulandary Herman of Indonesia, Kim Yumi of Korea, Ara Arida of Philippines, and Yukimi Matsuo of Japan!” -Pacifico, Australia

“Wow! Finally, Japan got it right! She is very pretty and loaded with potential. Asia is backed up with strong girls this year.” -Wolf

“I understand that part of the attraction in pursuing national-level pageants is to further one’s educational/career pursuits. However, it would be a shame to give up on the main pageant at the International platform. I am happy for Kurara and others. It’s too bad that Riyo’s reign as MU did not bring her the recognition she deserved in her home country. I hope this is the year of a paradigm shift. Yukimi definitely has potential, it would be great if her pageant directors/sponsors recognize that value, and give her the opportunity to shine at MU. I wish Yukimi the very best in her endeavors!” -Minissha, United States

“Sweetness overdose! She’s in my MU Top15!” -mr_electriccat, Poland

“She Asia’s frontrunner right now! She just pushed Whulandary off the podium to take the top spot. She’s Asia’s flag bearer as of the moment.” -LeeTeuk, Philippines

“She is beautiful actually. She reminds me of Miss Poland this year with those bangs!” -Islander, Cayman Islands

“She needs to work our more on toning her body. She is skinny but I can see a few flags….facially, she is beautiful!” -gray2607, Malaysia

“Asia can count on her. A lot of potential. Her smile is contagious and she has the cameleon factor, very good choice Japan!” -Karinouninette, Paris

“She has the most symmetrical face in Asia so far! and I think her sweet aura will work well for her!
If her team packages her well, then I don’t see why she cant be in the semi’s.” -Natalie Mendoza, Australia

“Did she get a nose job before she competed at Miss Japan? Just curios. Her nose somehow doesn’t match with her face. She’s pretty, though.” -rvrv, Philippines

Miss Japan Universe 2013 Is A Mangaka Totie-Patootie “Unfortunately, MU Japan don’t know how to package their girls lately; I am talking about hiring the wrong people, and wasting money for participation only. That’s all that matters to MUJ lately. To earn money at home is the ultimate goal, not the MU crown nor a semifinal finish. What Yukimi really needs is a solid marketing plan that will make her a bankable potential artist by the MUO. However, MUJ does not like that to happen. Why? Because they’ll lose her as a talent… remember what happened to Riyo? Her long stay in NY made her virtually unknown in Japan, while her predecessor Kurara became really famous (eventhough she’s just 1st Runner-up) because she had no contract with MUO to stay there for a long time. In fact, Hiroko and Emiri became active supermodels in Japan’s local fashion scene, and Maria is also more bankable than Riyo. MUJ is a business venture in Japan, which uses the Miss Universe brand for their own corporate interest. Winning an international title is not their main concern. I don’t see it happening in the next few years.” -Xamurai, Japan

“Wow! Japan is back on the map! She is definitely the best Miss Japan I’ve seen in decades.” -Miss_Twix, Faroue Islands

Miss Japan Universe 2013 Is A Mangaka Totie-Patootie “Her atmosphere is different from the conventional MUJ. I hope that it bring a good result. But, I can’t feel intelligence from her. She should make a body, how to talk, and behavior still more beautiful. I’m waiting expectantly. ” -sonic88, Japan

“She is a Shinto goddess. She’ll be there like Kurara and Riyo. Japan is back on top.” -Mbie, Indonesia


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