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Miss Universe 2016 Top 10

65th MISS UNIVERSE TOP 10 : A Playoff Prediction

Whilst the rest of the pageant world’s been crae crae about Miss Universe, I’ve been so soaked in loads of work and it’s silly, it’s extremely silly! So here I am catching up trying to reach what supposed to be the only thing that makes me happy. F**k work. Limme be comfy here on site.

Okay nuffsaid! Let’s flick the b*ch switch on! Ugh! I can live a day without food, just Miss Universe!

Just watched the preliminary show and damn girl! Damn! It was O to the M to the G! Most of the goddesses are what I expected to be what they should be like. So here’s the wwwhhaaatttt moment I had during the show! 10 top made me fart in excitement…like literally!

Well first off, limme have this highlighted first—Queen Pia is extreme! Such a beauty!

Okay here we go!

Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


What else can I say about this Latina? She’s to me one of the best Latinas ever sent this year. She’s definitely on the right track.

Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


Did she manage to pull it off despite being with prettier candidaes? Yes, she definitely did! Can she probably raise the flag? Oh yes yes!

Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


She’s a legit OMG! How can she be this pretty? If she can’t make it, then there has to be something wrong. I don’t know until where she’s heading but what I’m concerned of is her catwalk. She looks so stiff on stage really.

Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


If this French beauty can’t make it, I’ll blow someone’s head off and strut it all through the stage..damn pretty girl!

Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


She could be bubbly and fierce as well. It shows she’s really enjoying the competition and she seems so welcoming. She’s an Asian barbie doll, and yes she’s from the host country. So it’s given.

Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


She can rock the whole stage down. Her presence is everything. She must be a very lovely woman as she is cheered on by most of the people in the venue and she doesn’t look like the rest of the Venezuelan reps before. She has an identity herself, which I am so happy to see.

Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


Sandra Bullock doppelganger with so much grace and elegance. She gave the best fight for her country during the preliminary competition. She can honestly be one of the lucky girls.

Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


She is fierce and she knows what nuances on stage are like. She’s acing it well. Compared to her predecessors, this Thai lady can go further than top 12 only if she doesn’t talk. Her communication stuff is hilarious.

Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


What a very prety girl who can never be given the spot if standing next to Latinas. But she can step it up a notch and she can never be underestimated.

Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


Look at her face and you’ll be in awe. What she lacks is her catwalk. There’s something missing around there. She needs to develop her way of carrying herself on stage.


Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY


Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori
Rob Goldstone
Award-winning film producer Francine Lefrak
Bailey Agency CEO Cynthia Bailey
NY Stage and Film Producer Fred Nelson
Miss Universe 1993 Dayanarra Torres

Find time to watch the whole show of the Preliminary Competition. Never skip this to know your candidates performance.

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