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Miss Universe 2016 Live Streaming

Miss Universe 2016 Live Streaming replay is still available. MISS UNIVERSE 2016 Coronation Night was held at the Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines.

Miss Universe 2016 Live Streaming


Yeah we know how thrilled you are guys! We all know how you’ve moved or cancelled your appointments and arranged your schedules just to watch the Miss Universe 2016 Finals LIVE! It might be too early in some of you, but hey, this is Miss Universe and you’re not gonna miss this, you must never miss this pageant. 

Steve Harvey and Ashley Graham will be the official hosts during the prestigious event at the Mall of Asia, Philippines. Flo Rida is going to perform in the show.

Twelve (now thirteen) lucky candidates will be chosen at the onset of the show and will compete in swimsuit.  Then, the finalists will be cut down to compete in long gown. After which is the announcement of top 5 finalist who will go head to head in the final question and answer round. And then, the rest will be another history for Miss Universe.

Below are the official judges during the Coronation Night:
miss universe 2016 judges

While waiting for the finals night, let’s watch the red carpet for now, and the finals night might also be aired in the same live video:

This other live stream link works as well:

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