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Miss Universe 2016 Candidates are Ready for the Crown

Are they Ready for the Miss Universe 2016 Crown?

With less than two months to prepare, Miss Universe 2016 candidates can no longer wait to compete for the most coveted crown in the land.As a matter of fact, most of them have been into various series of training with famous pageant experts after they were chosen as their country’s representative to the international stage.

And now, having their walk and poise refined, they are totally ready to show the world why they deserve the high-priced Diamond crown.

This year’s edition of the pageant is expected to be a tough fight for every Miss Universe 2016 candidate who really aspires to take home the crown. All of them dream to win the title not only because of the worldwide fame the pageant would give to them but they rather want to take part in Miss Universe Organization’s commitment in spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS around the world. As such, bringing home the crown is not just a prize as it entails responsibility towards humanity.

Meanwhile, as Miss Universe 2016 candidates prepare for the pageant proper next January, the Philippines, being the host country, is making final touches to ensure the smooth flow of the pageant especially when the candidates will go to different competition venues. In fact, the pageant organizers (headed by MUO Chairperson Paula Shugart) are closely working with the country’s tourism agency to make sure that everything is well before the candidates start to arrive possibly three weeks before the pageant proper.

The Miss Universe 2016 competition marks the 65th year of the pageant. The grand coronation night will be on January 30th at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines. Stay tuned in this website to get fresh updates on this annual beauty tilt.

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