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Miss Universe 2015 Rumors 2.0

Miss Universe 2015 Rumors 2.0

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We know we haven’t been around lately and I won’t spend most of your time explaining..but here’s what you’ve been waiting for girlies! Have a sip of the first set of rumors weve got so far! Cheers!

According to a team of make-up artists, Miss Venezuela is quite annoying and demanding.

According to those who personally saw the Miss Universe contestants, Miss Brazil, Miss Denmark, Miss Ireland, Miss Italy and Miss Vietnam have very pretty faces…perfection to their finest.

Although Miss Italy is very beautiful, she sometimes likes to think of something that is never complete. Everybody doesn’t know what she thinks. She always asks the team of make-up artists and anyone associated with the MU Org. Is she having a breakdown or something? Ugh!

Miss Malaysia, Miss Philippines and Miss Korea are doing their very best. They are unstoppable. While Miss Myanmar is nothing but a silence.

Miss Vietnam is trying to become a public figure and appears as a contestant who has a class of her own in one of the events..showing the bitchy side of her. Inversely, Miss India, who is a public figure, is always cheerful to anyone she meets.

Miss Thailand is really making a name of her own in terms of the Asian delegation. She’s on the game! She tries as hard as possible to dominate any conversation with other contestants yet she struggles with her English skills. But she is really doing great.

Miss Indonesia is like a special committee sent by the Miss Universe Organization. Most of the candidates who are confused of something always approach and ask her about it. She’s like MUO Staff/Candidate….very friendly, isn’t she?

Miss Venezuela doesn’t chat often with the other contestants. She is almost always seen chatting with her roommate, Miss Spain.

Miss Nigeria always calls someone on the phone who troubles her. No one knows who the person is, but she seems pretty upset all the time.

Miss Russia can not speak English well and Miss Mexico does not have the spirit of competition.

Miss Paraguay is the most dangerous in terms of placement. Compared to other Latina-American beauties, she appears to have the most queenly vibe.

Miss USA becomes the most sought-after candidate by other candidates. They always ask her around and take pictures with her.

The team of make-up artists has one favorite….and that is Miss Colombia.

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