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Miss Universe 2015 Top 10 Favorites


We’ve been a little bit busy with our own lives these past few weeks but it did, has not and will never stop us from monitoring the girls from our correspondents in and out of the circle. We’ve been getting through all of’em yet it’s too bad we couldn’t get in touch with you guys. Anyways, after the preliminary competition, our group decided to put on this list of girls we think will make the cut. This has been so tough for us to choose the best among the rest. There are plenty of them and we need to trim them down to ten. We hope you guys are on the same boat with our list. Cheers!


Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

We’ve known this girl for quite a time now and we know she has worked hard on this. She’s been a consistent performer all throughout the competition and she never fails us. She deserves to be one of the top 10 girls because she has one of the strongest personalities among the girls, she’s witty and very likable. Crown for her? Hmmmm….90%


Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

The fact that we always see brunette Brazilians makes us believe how pretty and amazing this girl is. She can be mistaken as a European and she has a very commanding aura. At the onset of the competition, she was nowhere to be found but she came out later stronger than we ever thought! She can never be left out in the semifinals. She is one of the best indeed! Crown for her? Hmmmm…70%


Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

One of the most-heavily favored this year. And we can never blame the fans for that because she really has what it takes to be one of the semi finalists. She appears to be a major contender for the crown and she’s ready for it. Crown for her? Hmmmmm….we don’t think so….10%


Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

She gave us the performance that we kinda expected from the girls of this country. She’s gorge and we wanna give her the credit for doing her job! She’s in but we’re not seeing her in the top. She can be in the top 10 for sure. Crown for her? 10%


Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

So her comes Miss India who has the biggest and strongest personality we’ve seen. She appears to be cocky at first but later on we found out she is just as confident and sweet as she really is. Darn she is a major contender for the crown. She knows what competition she’s in and she can definitely make it. We believe in this girl! Crown for her? 60%


Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

She’s probably the best-looking Italian we’ve been in decades. We couldn’t even believe that she wears the ITALY sash because she really is a world-class beauty! She’s just the right amount of finesse we’re looking for. She’s very well-mannered and we wouldn’t mind having her in the top 5 or 3. Crown for her? 90%


Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

Laura? Ugh! She’s just perfect! Sometimes she looks granny-ish but most of the time she is just simply striking. If there’s a Latina that has to get it through the top 5, it’s her! For us she is the Latina bearer! Top 5 for her? –YES! Crown for her? Hmmmmm 90%


Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

Well, call it sash factor or pure performance, this girl right here is undoubtedly having a job well done. We want to give her the fullest credit for that. Her classic beauty is her biggest asset. She can indeed be one of the Bond girls because of her look. Crown for her? 80%


Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

Who doesn’t recognize this girl? She’s been in every beauty pageant! And we know how she performs. Which is why if you ask us, she’s here in the top 10, but for the crown? No. 40%


Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

Is it just us or is it really that she isn’t what we’re expecting her to be. Personality-wise Migbellis is way more interesting that this girl. She is actually in our 10th place right now. But since she hs a very powerful aura and a commanding presence, we’re putting her here. Crown for her? Hmmm…40%


Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Organization

Honey Lee! You’re back! Get it ghurl! She’s just the kind of Asian girl we wanna see. She knows how to play her cards well. If she can’t make it to the top 5, I don’t know what the judges want. Crown for her? Hmmmmm…..90%

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