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Miss Jamaica Was Robbed, Wasn’t She?

Miss Jamaica Was Robbed, Wasn’t She?

Miss Colombia Paulina Vega was in bliss after being crowned Miss Universe. (Photo Courtesy: Missosology)

After beating out other 87 ladies including the rest of the top contenders from USA, Netherlands, and Ukraine, Miss Colombia Paulina Vega took home the crown in the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant last 25th of this month. But most pageant spectators, both netizens and audience in the FIU Arena seemed to disagree with the turnout of events.

Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell looked absolutely stunning in her red lace frock. (Photo Courtesy: Missosology)

The whole audience in the arena erupted into boos of disapproval after Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell was proclaimed the 4th runner-up. Was she robbed? Was she supposed to win the title? Miss Jamaica’s knockout looks and unmistakable poise have left Miss Universe pageant viewers saying the 22-year-old was heavily robbed after being placing fifth in the competition. Unlike Miss Vega, who looks every-inch the beauty queen, Miss Fennell gained a large following due to her striking beauty, confidence intelligence and unconventional style – wearing her hair in a Halle Berry-esque pixie cut instead of the traditional long pageant waves. Fans claim Miss Fennell was denied the title after she proudly called Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest short-distance runner, and reggae-king Bob Marley her country’s greatest contributions to the world.

Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell in her swimsuit during the preliminary competition. (Photo courtesy: Missosology)

And what did Miss Fennell’s father say about that? He said: “Of course it’s Bob Marley and Usain Bolt…the answers of the other contestants did not answer the question”. Mr. Fennell continued: “In my mind she was absolutely beautiful in her short hair. She was different, but if the judges didn’t want short hair then say so. I wish I knew how these contests were judged where there are other factors that are unwritten that have to be considered.”

The grandfather of the Jamaican beauty queen who lost out on the Miss Universe crown has hit out at the pageant judges for being unclear about the requirements needed to win the show. Michael Fennell said that Kaci was the victim of ‘unwritten factors’ and that the judges should have stated if Miss Universe needed to have long hair. He said: ‘If short hair is a problem why didn’t they say so in the contest?’

After the show, twitter was flooded with the hashtag #MissJamaicaShouldHaveWon and netizens from other networking sites burst their disappointments over the results.

But what’s our take about it? Do we think she was robbed?

Well, we know that this is a beauty pageant and there is a panel of jury who decides and who has the final say on who wins and who doesn’t. So the judges might have seen something special in Miss Colombia that they didn’t in the other five finalists including Miss Jamaica. Winners of this beauty pageant aren’t actually the ones who gave the best answers because in the first place, the final interview round is NOT the sole basis of choosing the winner. There are other criteria being considered like the over-all stage presence, charisma, facial beauty, bearing and poise. Just like what happened to Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon in 2012. She got the best answer but Miss USA won because obviously Olivia Culpo was prettier and has greater stage presence than her.
BUT we really do think Miss Jamaica as 4th runner is totally messed up! In that part–yes she was robbed! But in winning the crown–NO she wasn’t. Miss Jamaica should have been the 1st Runner Up…that should have been her place. Why? She might not be facially prettier than Misses Ukraine and USA (in our pageant-crazy opinion), but her charisma is second to none. Her answer was way better than Misses USA’s and Ukraine’s. She was straightforward, honest, fluent, and poised. Miss USA didn’t have deep thoughts and she clearly was politically unaware of her country’s contribution. Miss Ukraine wasn’t pleasant at all as she promoted revolution than spreading peace (as she was expected..as a beauty queen). Miss Netherlands surely is not a part of the picture because she has nothing to do with the top 5. She should have been the 4th runner up.

When Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell was asked whether there’s something that she would like to change about the pageant, she willfully responded with a big “NOTHING”. And we loved her even more for showing such grace and poise despite everything. 

Info Source: DailyMail

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