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Miss Universe 2014 Winner: Final TOP 5 Prediction

Miss Universe 2014 Winner: Final TOP 5 Prediction
This doesn’t have any bearing in the final results at all and we’re no pageant experts. Nonetheless, after all our concerted efforts to put up this list, we’re pretty pretty much certain that the winner of the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant will come from these five candidates. As to which one is, no one knows. So we provided you with individual reviews so you’d have an idea on how we came up with this list. Have your thoughts and react as you may but here’s our take:

For some reasons, we think Nia is the next Olivia Culpo, but whether she wins or not, that’s what she has to work on. You might say because they’re both petite but actually not that aspect. Both of them have similar personalities: bubbly, forthcoming, expansive and enchanting. We lost her in the first two weeks of the competition, but she got right back up especially in the preliminary competition. Most pageant aficionados have not seen her coming, but we’re pretty positive that she’ll be in the top 5. If MUO needs an ambassadress who could market their brand engagingly, then Nia could be the perfect representative for that. Pageant fans would love a queen who could light a room up, and could sustain delightful conversations. Nia is also a well-travelled lady and has had much experience which she could use to ace in the finals. She’s been a face of famous Disney character and we thought she might also be perfect to be the next face of the Miss Universe royalty. It’s definitely YES for the placement, and probably YES for the crown.

Alright, if there’s one candidate who had us unable to get a word out, it’s Valentina Ferrer. Her styling, accessories and her performance in the preliminary competition was unlooked-for..well we mean she has been in the radar but not as what we bank on. She went straight to the top of our list. But, her stance during the onset of the competition wasn’t that commendable and it might drag her down. She didn’t register well in her official photos, and hadn’t been seen shining until the preliminaries. BUT our gut says she’ll make it to the semifinals and will advance to our top 5. Her greatest armor is her preliminary performance. We never see that coming—she was superb! If she pulls off the same stunt, which we think she will and will even give more, she will go straight to the top 5. If MUO would like to add spices to its boring typical top 5 countries, then put Valentina there and it’ll be a bloodbath! It’s a big YES for the placement, and could probably win it all.

All praises had been at her until preliminary competition. She gave a sluggish presentation of herself. Nonetheless, that did not turn us off. She has been an undoubted frontrunner amongst. She knocked other girls out during the onset of the contest and she maintained that momentum. Had she carried off a superb performance in the preliminaries, she would have been the first in our list. We wouldn’t mind if she’s gonna be crowned because she’s pretty, but what’s she gonna give us if she will be the winner? She’s just gonna be another pretty face. But that’s just our thoughts. Let’s give her a slack and be right at her best. Definitely YES for the placement, and PROBABLY a winner.

Regal beauty, sophisticated, and bewitching. She’s one of those ladies who we noticed right on the first look. She casted a spell on us and we loved every inch of everything she has done. We thought it’s the right time for Ukraine to be in the top 5 again after Anna Poslavska (2010) and Olesya Stefanko (2011). Ukraine’s political condition has been bumpy so giving Diana a top spot would somehow be a tap on a shoulder. But that’s just our opinion which after all has no bearing. She will be in the top 5 based on her merit and we believe she could because she’s been exemplary. We have this feeling that Europeans can give Latinas a close competition. So for Diana, it’s definitely YES for the placement, and PROBABLY, she’ll be the first Ukranian lady to win the crown.

Her performance in the preliminary competition was sublime. It goes to show that she really is more than prepared for the deathmatch. We’re not digging the style of her gown as it didn’t accentuate her figure, but sure did in the swimsuit round! She’s our top bet in swimsuit. We can also feel her determination. We love her conviction and eloquence. Another thing is that MUO this year is banking more on media exposure and promotion, and we thought Miss Philippines could be their ticket to more of what has been their ulterior motive. If they didn’t crown the other four Filipinas due to lack of one or two aspects, then we guess it’s the right time for a Filipina to win. Mary Jean can skyrocket MUO’s brand name into a much larger scale. We know how Filipino fans work; they do their homework like no one else does. They treat their queens like goddesses. If she doesn’t place, we’ll surely cut someone’s throat. DEFINITELY YES for the placement, and she could PROBABLY snatch the crown.

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