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Miss Universe 2014 Final Prediction: Top 11-16

Miss Universe 2014 Final Prediction: Top 11-16
With the collaborative effort of the whole team from Doral and pageant aficionados, these are the six girls we have strong feelings at making to the top 16 but can’t advance to the top 10. Our next post will be the next five ladies who are top 10 materials.
Bear in mind that we’re no pageant experts, but we know by ourselves that we’ve put on all our efforts, time, knowledge, and energy keeping an eye on every single candidate since day one and finally came up with this list. From their departures to arrivals, fittings and photoshoots, glamshots, their looks on different events, stances, crowd support, wardrobe, preliminary performances and styling, we made sure we never missed anything. This list is in random order. We’ll give you our top 10 and top 5 lists days before the finals. We hope you’d like our choices.

She fucked up in the preliminary competition. She looked horrendously heavy in her gown. She was fine in the swimsuit round but her performance was not that we expected. The crowd was in hysteria at her, but we’re not really buying her performance. She’s a disappointment to her sash. However, her personality is something you can never turn a blind eye to as she is damned sweet and comradely. She can shut the room down. She has charisma and her body figure can’t cast gloom over these assets. She got the people’s support and when we say support we mean great-cockamamie support. We can see how Doralzuela will be disappointed if she won’t win. We’re seeing her advance to the semi finals, but there are some spots already filled. YES for the placement, NO for the crown.

Whoever forgets this girl is a halfwit! There’s no way in hell that she’ll be kept out. We’ve seen her from dusk ‘till dawn and she’s never fallen flat on having an impact on us. One let-down of her though is that we can’t find anything special about this girl. She could make it in the top 15, but advancing further is definitely not what we can see from her. She doesn’t give us the royalty mood. So if you ask us whether she gets the crown or not, without a doubt, she won’t. So it’s a YES for the placement, but NO for the crown.

Along with Miss Costa Rica, Kimberly can also be regarded as a candidate with no particular direction of winning. She got the guns to give herself a spot in the semi finals because she honestly has it all. She got the moves, she’s stunning, had an impressive performance in the preliminary competition, and definitely did her homework. But she’s obviously at a dead end right now. In the preliminaries, she topped because she has already been there, but did she give something new to the table? NO. So her chances? YES for the placement, NO for the crown.

You might ask what she is doing her when she was a lackluster in the preliminary competition. Well, it’s plain and simple. She has a standout beauty and enticing presence that even if she doesn’t do acrobats, she will stand out. From the moment she set foot in Doral she gave us this very powerful impression that she’s gonna place. We are not just convinced yet whether she can go head to head with the ones who will perform on stage. She could be outshone knowing that she lacks energy on stage. But we believe in her presence and striking features. We do hope she’ll advance further. So for now, YES for the placement, NO for the crown.

Elvira has been one of our favorites even before she came to Doral. Looking back at her reign, she has transformed beautifully, trained herself hard and has really proved to us that she’s a bring-it-on fighter. Upon her arrival, we already noticed her….so she was like “okay, that’s Elvira”. But in just a snap she had us turn our heads on her. She released the Kraken, she put her best foot forward and she went on to finally lock herself here in our list. Among other Asians, we could see her determination to win. So she really deserve to place. But can she go further. Unfortunately. Her aura has nothing in compare to other frontrunners. She may be pretty but sorry spots are filled too. YES for the placement, NO for the crown. Not this time Elvs.

The oh-she-made-it-oh-no-she-didn’t kinda girl. She keeps bouncing in our ranking. But her preliminary performance just nailed her in the spotlight. That periwinkle breezy gown was just divine on her. Her styling was excellent! Her hair was immaculately coiffed and she was in full force. But with how far she can go, we thought she’s just good for top 16. We’re not even sure if she places because she’s the last one in our list. We’re not that sold yet with her stance. It’s gonna be SOMEWHAT YES for placement, and DEFINITELY NO for the crown.

Stay tuned as we reveal to you the other five candidates who we think will advance to the TOP 10 and other five who will fill the TOP 5 spots tomorrow.

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