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Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 9.0 – On-the-Scene

Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 9.0 – On-the-Scene

It’s a day before the finals and yet we still have the juiciest gossips! This may be the last one, but let’s see if we can still have more tomorrow. Our dear friend Paola is now in Doral and she doesn’t wanna call these are rumors as these are her on-the-scene observations. Enjoy guys! These are Paola’s words:

Miss Albania and Miss Kosovo are like Cinderella’s sister. I have these very bad feelings about these two BFF! The way they stare at some people is kinda disturbing! I don’t find them beautiful!

Miss Angola is friendly. I tried to approach her and asked, “Hows Leila”? She smiled back and said.. “She’s engaged with her handsome husband to be”. I smiled back with a sacrcastic smile coz’ I really forgot how her fiancé looks like.

Miss Argentina is underrated. She got a sexy body!

I have a ‘plastic-like’ feeling with Miss Australia.

Miss Austria is so cute and approachable.

Miss Belgium is also underrated..

I was a fan of Brazil. That’s all I can say. The “WAS”

I tried to ask Miss Venezuela a sarcastic question, “How’s the foods here?” She laughed and looked at her body and said, “Delicioso!” and laughed again. Then she hugged me! I love her personality.

Miss USA is very approachable and nice.

I love Miss Thailand’s personality. She’s full of class and well-behaved.

Miss Russia and Miss Serbia are friendly. I had a chance to talk to Miss Serbia for just 30 seconds. She expressed how much she loves Philippines and Filipinos when I asked her how close she is with Miss Philippines. Dafuq did she say? But she’s good.

I can be with Miss Indonesia forever!!! She soo fuckin’ friendly, bubbly and knows how to make a good laugh. In just 30seconds to 1 minute of encounter, I felt that it seems like I have known her for a long time already.

Miss Georgia’s skin is kinda scary for me! I remember British Horror movie characters back home in England!

Miss Curacao is photogenic! She doesn’t look the same in person. But she’s still pretty!

Miss Guyana is a living barbie! Ebonies this year are so awesome!

Miss Honduras might pull a big surprise!!! Believe me!!! She’s really pretty!

I met one press from Puerto Rico. I met him accidentally. Hector Joaquin I believe his name was. He looks familiar and he’s cute but soooo gay!!! I asked him to mention 5 countries that he likes. But he mentioned only 3! Puerto Rico, Philippines and USA!

Latinos here in Doral are soooooo good-looking! But I find some of them rude and not friendly.

The venue was filled with Latinos!!! Every corner…every toilet…everywhere!!!!

Now here are my quick commentary about the candidates’ performances!

I will stop watching this pageant if Jamaica will not be in the finals! She’s so good. I mean she’s the most obvious winner at the preliminary competition. I could see a regal queen in the 70’s with that classic look! Amazing! She gave me goosebumps from head to toe!

Miss Philippines is so gay! She’s so serious to play the game. Her performance was extraordinary and her attitude can bring her to stardom!

Miss Indonesia surprised me a lot! She did very well; not exaggerated, but queenly performance. She’s full of class and elegance.

Miss Brazil exaggerated everything. But it’s kinda effective for me.

Miss India is another sad story.

Miss Colombia! Yes, I don’t like her. But what can I do? She showed an unforgettable performance.

Ebonies are so good in their catwalk.

I love Miss Thailand’s catwalk, but her personality is really boring. So it’s 50/50 for me.

I hadn’t appreciated Miss Mexico’s presence until I saw her earlier in the competition.

Miss Puerto Rico did a pleasant job. But that performance was forgettable. Sorry.

Miss South Africa is a diva!

Miss Russia was amazing on stage.

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