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Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 8.0

Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 8.0
There’s nothing more exciting than getting some scoops and rumors about our candidates, right? Well we’re back! We would like to thank our dearest sisters from SF for sharing the juiciest rumors in the pageant land! Let’s start, shall we?

Miss Venezuela was sick since two days ago. She says she’s been running a slight fever and feels cold all the time, that’s why she wears bulky jackets during a number of events and rehearsals. However, some Latino (non-Venezuelan) media stressed that “it’s just her gimmick… she is trying to hide ‘something’ with those jackets.

Colombia is an energizer bunny! She is very very confident… in a good way! She isn’t shy strutting and making impromptu pasarela or striking poses in the corridors. Her natural confidence might be the thing that makes other ‘more shy’ delegates to be a little aloof with her. But she is very personable and friendly to the media! She even says “hi” to all her fans!

The hectic sked of the competition is taking its toll on some delegates. Pimples here and there, perhaps due to sleeping very late and the stress of the competition. One delegate confided that the moment they wake up before dawn, they already wear their rollers/curlers. Then after the day’s activities, they go back to their rollers at night and some even sleep with them.

Russia is very expensive-looking. She is charming and naturally gorgeous, but she needs to control her arm and hand gestures a little bit especially when speaking to the public.

Indonesia was the only girl to wear a gown during the Press Junket… and not just an ordinary gown… but an expensive one! Her shoes also look expensive and pretty!

For some unexplained reason, the following girls were not seen during the Press Junket: Guyana, South Africa, Turks & Caicos. Speaking of Guyana, although our team didn’t see her at the event, they were able to communicate with her. Guyana is very happy about being chosen as the Sash Factor People’s Choice Awardee!

The casual interviews (for the prelims) and the final Q&A (for the pageant night) are extremely important this year.
Myanmar is so cute, as observed by the pageant media. She looks very young.. like someone going to a prom! This could be an advantage.

Two national directors (1 famous and 1 infamous), crossed paths during the Press Event. Correspondents witnessed this and he said “Oh my God, it was like watching everything in slow-mo. The famous director which we will refer to as “M’dam”, and the infamous one which we will refer to as “M’gali”, accidentally crossed paths at the hall. The ever-classy M’dam just flipped her fabulous orange hair a bit and ignored the not so pleasant and frowning “M-gali”.

Miss Philippines is one of the most interviewed and photographed delegate during the press junket event!

Latina delegates stayed at the junket from start to finish. Most of them wanted to maximize their exposure to the media. Other girls especially some Europeans left after just a few minutes.

Miss Spain is so gorgeous that it seems she got possessed by the late Amparo Munoz. That’s how beautiful she is!

Miss USA was the last lady to enter the function hall. She was also the first girl to leave the event, escorted by the MU staff. It’s not clear why, or where she was going.

Miss India is perfect for print modeling. Actually, a lot of after-event talk from the media revolved around India being better suited in print magazines rather than doing “live gigs”. However, if there’s any consolation, a lot of media people were impressed by her speaking skills.

Serbia… very honest at charming… She says she has learned a lot from ME 2014 and she will try to improve her performance this time around.

There are some national directors who are even more snob in person than their own delegates.

A lot of girls have undergone plastic surgeries. You could just tell once they are standing a few feet away from you.

Some media cruelly refer to one girl as “Rudolph”, because of her very prominent and pointy nose. So mean!

One girl during the event unfortunately wore panties with visible seams.

A tall candidate was interviewed sitting down always. She can’t do the interview on an eye-to-eye level if she was standing. The downside was that only a handful of media people was able to interview her.

A Latina candidate is actually short without the heels, even shorter than the alleged ‘shortest’ candidate.

No one dared to interview this one candidate because one of the staff members assigned a media man to interview her.

One candidate did not make an effort to glam up! She was just wearing jeans and bed hair during the press junket.

Nobody even noticed her. In fact, she was mistaken as one of the MU usherettes.

There is one candidate who was mistaken as a man.

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