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Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 7.0

Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 7.0

Have you been waiting for this? Well, here comes the 7th edition of the pageant rumors. We’ve got more for now. A huge huge thanks to our dear friend Paola de Bracho and his spy Mr. D for this. We owe you a lot. Now let’s get started, shall we?


Mr. D had a chance to talk with 3 ladies. One of the girls was Miss Venezuela and she said that she didnt find the ‘rude’ Filipino fans annoying. She said that it’s more entertaining and fun. Competition is really tough! She said that in Spanish by the way. Myanmar on the other hand was quite nervous after that. Filipino fans made her nervous.

Some contestants laugh at the statement of Miss Universe Philippines about Miss Colombia.

Some of the candidates want to make it clear! They never have a problem and never had clashes between Colombia and other delegates. Their problem with Miss Colombia is her “IM THE BEST” attitude.

Miss Philippines received a huge group hug from African ladies after mentioning that she loves Kenya a lot in her interview.

Some caught Miss Philippines teaching Miss Kenya and Miss Myanmar how to strike a pose and how to do a catwalk! (like, seriously?)

Mr. D said that Miss Philippines might win the Miss Congeniality Award along with Miss Kenya, Miss Honduras,

Miss Guam and Miss India! That’s Mr. D.’s opinion.

Fadil, in Mr. D’s observation, is quite disappointed with their Albanian delegate.

The most outplaced delegates this year, in his observations, are Miss Thailand and Miss Japan.

Ines Ligron made a big news in some delegates. Miss India was really affected about it. One delegate confessed that she saw some members of the team together with their chaperone talking about this issue. She also mentioned that the chaperone keep advising the ladies not to be affected and think that they’re all stars and bashings are normal! What could that be?

Curacao made a big impact after the Yamamay fashion show!

Mr. D said that there will be some changes in Miss Universe this year. I don’t know what he is talking about. He also doesn’t have any idea about that because the promotion team are planning for it. He was surprised to see the delegates wearing all their gowns without too much make up. Their trainer sent them all inside a private hall. The rest is a history! WEIRD!

A lot of people are asking and curious about the absence of the president of Miss Universe Org Paula Shugart in some events.

He said that pageant fans should not be so obsessed about Donald Trump retweets lately. It has nothing to do with their fate!

Mr. D met Osmel during one of the activities and he said that Osmel is approachable and nice. But he got some feeling that Osmel doesn’t like Miss Philippines.

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