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Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 6.0 (A Special Episode)

Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 6.0 (A Special Episode)


Now, we just got this very interesting and some fun scoops from one of the candidates. So this are completely inside scoops…this was shared by her (that candidate) to her trainer/handler/coach. And we’re lucky enough to have it too. So let’s call this as “A Special Episode” of the Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 6.0.

It’s her trainer/handler/coach writing.

She (that candidates) told me:

a. who her favorites are;

b. who she is sure, will win if she doesn’t, and that she would be PERFECT and refreshing;

c. who always falls asleep on the bus, and all the delegates joyfully take pictures of her while she sleeps, but everyone loves this girl, and nobody will ever dare post these pictures on the net. She is a good Asian friend of Rathi;

d. that she is getting a lot of love from the stylists and her chaperones;

e. that she loves Jamaica and that she is one of the most elegant delegates in the competition;

f. that she felt sad when Miss India refused to take selfies with her;

g. that Miss Malaysia is gorgeous and that she is the sweetest girl ever, bubbly and well prepared;

h. that Miss Japan is really sweet;

i. that Miss Philippines is an angel, they spend long talks, always very peaceful, but said that she is feeling a lot of pressure because she would be devastated to let her fans down, should she not win or land in the top 5;

j. who the big-divas are and 2 of them are from Asia;

k. that Miss Russia has no interest in winning and she does not even try;

l. that she is having the best time of her life getting to know so many women from all over the world and that everybody is so unique;

m. that she needs food because she is not getting enough as she normally eats a lot! She said “please send me some biscuits, dried fruits and other snacks because I always go to bed super hungry.”; 

n. that most of the other girls are happy to loose some weight in the meantime, but she cannot afford it;

o. that Thailand is beautiful and extremely nice but she is very quiet and reserved most of the time;

p. that she loves her chaperones. They are also far away from their loved ones, for 3 full weeks and that they still manage to pull out so much positive energy each day. They are a blessing. A second family away from home.

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