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Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 5.0

Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 5.0


It seems to us that you guys are enjoying this series of rumors and gossips circulating about the candidates. So we have another round of’em. We’re now down to our fifth edition. And it’s getting crazier this time. Bitches are now showing their true colors. The competition is now becoming intense. Find out who the girls are showing some attitude. Enjoy!

Miss Israel was seen crying backstage. She was comforted by Miss USA.

Miss Singapore was seen partying with Miss Russia and Miss Slovak Republic.

Miss Kosovo prefers to be with the quiet girls like Miss Lebanon, Miss Lithuania and Miss Kazakhstan.

Miss Jamaica was radiant last night. MU Staffs called her Halle Berry.

Miss Netherlands was seen talking at her phone to her boyfriend a lot last night. Miss Myanmar and Miss Mexico accompanied her in the ladies room and in the hotel lobby.

Miss Ethiopia and Miss Nigeria felt dizzy last night. Miss Trinidad and Tobago gave both medicine and asked them not to drink any alcohol.

Miss Colombia doesn’t like to be photographed with Miss Philippines. One girl saw Miss Colombia rolling her eyes last night when she saw Miss Philippines wearing her gold gown.

Miss Haiti was the scene stealer of the night.

Miss Colombia wore a white gown but decided to change it to red. She told her roommate that she wants to steal the night.

Miss Indonesia blends with the Europeans because she feels out of place with her fellow Asians, except India.

Miss Singapore denied her Indian blood when asked by one of the candidates.

Miss Venezuela was caught daydreaming last night. She smiled to the staff after noticing that she was being watched.

Miss France was seen being interviewed by the press regarding her reaction about what is happening to her country. She cried at one point.

Miss Colombia told some girls in Spanish that Miss Philippines is mingling with the Africans because she wants to stand out.

Miss Puerto Rico told Miss Philippines that she likes her gown. Miss Philippines joked “We can switch our gown if you like Gabriela.” They seem to get a long really well.

Miss British Virgin Islands helped Miss Trinidad and Tobago. She even lent her a sanitary napkin. Miss Haiti saw them inside the ladies room.

Miss Serbia is the sweetest. She gets along with the Asians.

Miss Singapore was seen taking photos with the frontrunners. She would say, “I will send this to Ines. You are one of her favorites.”

Miss India and Miss Indonesia received a lot of good feedbacks last night. Miss Mexico told the other girls that she really likes Elvira.

Miss Venezuela was seen with Miss Spain whispering and laughing. Someone heard them “Nueve’, “Cinco”, “Seis”, “Ocho”. It appears they are scoring the gowns of the ladies last night.

Two candidates are rumored to be lesbians. Both are often seen late at night together.

Miss Brazil is trying hard to get attention.

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