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Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 2.0

Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 2.0


We’re here to keep you updated and here’s the second part of the series. We thought you might be interested of another menu. Here you go!

Miss Russia feels like she is a VIP. This girl has an attitude problem. She told someone she is locked in the top five. She hates Paulina and calls her as the mafia bitch.

Miss Guam says a lot of negative comments with the other girls. She is even complaining about the food.

Miss India is very sweet and a favorite of the MU staff.

Miss Puerto Rico is well loved by the other candidates. She is very approachable and soft spoken.

Miss Venezuela is very loud and funny. Most South American girls dislike Migbelis.

Miss Philippines has the African contingency. She is running for Miss Friendship.

Miss Serbia talks about her experience from the Philippines. She improved her English skills.

Miss Colombia is acting like a diva with a bad attitude. Migbelis would laugh at her.

Miss Philippines was scolded by her National Director because in the first few days, she was wearing her own clothes and not what provided for her. At the gala event last night, Miss Philippines prefer to wear her own cocktail. She wore the black provided dress.

Miss Kosovo and Miss Albania has their own world.

Miss Australia helped a candidate who had a minor accident.

Miss Myanmar asked tips from her roommate Miss Miss Philippines.

Miss Thailand is very quiet.

Miss Jamaica is very photogenic. But her skin up close is not very nice.

Miss Dominican Republic is ignoring Miss Puerto Rico.

Miss Kenya is very energetic and excited all the time.

Miss Mexico is getting along with the Asians. She told Miss Indonesia that she wants to travel and visit Bali.

Miss Indonesia is very confident. Some MU staffs say she is like Riyo Mori.

Miss Singapore is cocky. She feels she is the best from Asia.

Miss Brazil is the scene stealer. She is a favorite in Doral.

Miss France is not confident. She looked unwell.

Miss Spain is the Queen B. Migbelis is her right hand girl.

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