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Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 10.0

Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 10.0
This is gonna be the last stretch of rumors that we will post. So enjoy every bit of each.

Pageant fans from around the world are now flocking in Doral. Unfortunately most of them can’t get in the arena since all tickets have already been sold out. A few tickets are available but in a premium price.

Miss Colombia was always hyperactive during rehearsals. She couldn’t stop dancing and striking poses.

Miss Venezuela is such a sweet girl. She accommodated all the fans, and she never got tired. She could be perfect as a movie star. She has a very pretty face.

The African delegates are very congenial. They really don’t have any attitude. When fans call them for selfies, they just rush in without hesitations, and they’re pretty and their figures are modelisque.

Miss Jamaica’s trainer is Angelie Martin, Miss Jamaica 1994. Kaci’s with her mother now. They look cute together….so sweet.

The hosting in the Doral is so messed up. Venues are spread out and there’s traffic congestion. But our candidates are very much secured. The security arm of MUO has strict policies. Many pageant fans and visitors from around the globe are complaining. They said that if Miss Universe will be held in Doral again, they’re never coming back.

One candidate was tabbed as tranny-isque.

According to international pageant experts and even the ones in the venue, it’s been rumored that it’s not gonna be a Latina this time.

Miss Slovak Republic is starting to show an attitude. One of the candidates sat next to her during a rehearsal break but she stood up, gave that candidate a sharp look, and transferred. Or maybe both of them aren’t getting along well.

Miss Puerto Rico was seen crying. It was rumored that she’s feeling bad about what some pageant fans are saying about her chances.

One candidate tried to sneak out after the rehearsal, but was not allowed by her director and was cornered by the security. It was rumored that she’s meeting her boyfriend.

Miss Brazil is one of the press favorites.

3 delegates are heavily rumored to be the Trump picks. They have been receiving special treatments from the MUO staff: Australia, Italy, and Netherlands.

The roommate of Miss Mauritius is complaining to the MUO staff about her because their room is very dingy. Miss Mauritius hasn’t fixed her things since day one. They’re all over the place.

Miss Thailand is really getting out of place now. She’s been very aloof with the other delegates.

One catwalk trainer of a candidate said that she’s really finding Miss Brazil’s catwalk as overdone. He said it’s not good to look at anymore on stage.

Security is so strict that the candidates can only mingle with their friends and family during allotted 15-20 minute breaks.

Lu Sierra is one of the first persons to wear the new crown during the rehearsals, two other MUOrg staff were asked to test the new crown.

Nick Jonas sounded out of breath when he sang live during the rehearsals, hopefully it get better in the finals.

Gavin DeGraw was the best among the performers during the rehearsals, the candidates were volunteering to practice the top 5 final look while he is performing.

The Security became stricter as the rehearsals progressed. First they allowed taking pics of the practice, then later no videos, and then even later no photos and then finally they asked the family and friends of the candidates to leave the arena (this is because several people in the audience sneak taking pics and videos).

A number of the props looked like Styrofoam sculptures, hopefully the lights would make them look more ‘alive’ for the final telecast.

Blind Item: there is one ND that doesn’t nod or smile even if you acknowledge her. Too proud of herself eh?!

Some candidates have guestlists as long as 20 people while others have only 3 to 5.

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