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Miss Universe 2014 Preliminary Competition Top 15 Performers

Miss Universe 2014 Preliminary Competition Top 15 Performers
We say ‘no’ to cameo performances! We’ve already chosen our 15 best candidates who did very well in the preliminary competition based on how they carried themselves on stage and on how they proved worth for themselves. The list is in order and we’ll tell you why we think they are the best. Did you guys have the same picks? is your girl in the list?

Rank 1

Mary Jean Lastimosa

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

Her performance in the preliminary competition was sublime. It goes to show that she really is more than prepared for the deathmatch. We’re not digging the style of her gown as it didn’t accentuate her figure, but sure did in the swimsuit round! She’s our top bet in swimsuit. Whew! Her body figure is what we are envious of.

Rank 2

Valentina Ferrer

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

Alright, if there’s one candidate who had us unable to get a word out, it’s Valentina Ferrer. Her styling, her gown and accessories, and her performance in the preliminary competition was unlooked-for..that hair style and hair-whipping of her was second to none. She has been in the radar but not as what we bank on. She gave us a very shocking peek-a-boo. We were like…”shut the hell up!” She went straight to the top of our list.

Rank 3

Kaci Fennell

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

The classic look, the sophistication, the power of her presence were just winning. Top 15 is just all over her face. Her gown was simply elegant. Did you notice how the crowd liked her? Oh! We can never blame them. Miss Jamaica has never been on top of our list, but after the preliminaries, nah….she deserves to be on top.

Rank 4

Josselyn Garciglia

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

She glimmered in her gown and she did well in her swimsuit during the preliminary competition. But what’s with the brushed-up ponytail? That was a wrong move for her. She looked like she just had a face lift. But overall, she was one of the top performers in the preliminaries.

Rank 5

Paulina Vega

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

She maintained her spot; still a strong contender…no doubt! Great performance and huge crowd support. Her figure is to die for! But why did she end up being in the 5th place rather than 2nd or 1st? Well obviously we’ve already seen all of what she got. We were expecting that she’d step up a notch, but she’s just the same. We were like “She is a frontrunner but what else can she give us?” She’s starting to be boring.

Rank 6

Diana Harkusha

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

Oh this girl right here just can’t stop wowing us. She was tremendously remarkable during the preliminaries. Her bearing in her evening gown was just so classy—not much of the posture but sure did hit the right spots on stage. We think she can put Ukraine back in the top 5.

Rank 7

Nia Sanchez

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

Oh, sweet! We love you Nia! You’re a sweet little princess with a freakin-damn-super fabulous red gown and great presence. Good thing she’s right back up. She almost didn’t make it in our pre-final list, but here she comes! Her performance was just wowsie!

Rank 8

Karina Ramos

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

Okay, Kary was a show-stopper! Just like Paulina. She did very well, sashayed well on stage…but y’know what’s disappointing? Her figure! Gosh! We didn’t see that coming. What happened to her figure? And why does she always have to be the shadow of Colombia? She was so good but she was synonymous to Paulina. She gotta have her own identity.

Rank 9

Niketa Barker

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

If it’s not because of her undeniable charisma and impressive presence, we wouldn’t have her here. She carried herself very well especially in the swimsuit round—those flips are just smooth. But her evening gown didn’t give justice to her! Who made her gown? STUPID! She just let Niketa down! Ill-fitting and thwarting!

Rank 10

Yulia Alipova

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

Yulia is a true fab fashionista! Her evening gown was just plain-stupidly good! OMG! We wanna ransack her wardrobe! She was fabulous. We’re not solved with her beauty yet, but yes we are buying her sophistication and elegance. We never thought she’s as stunning as that on stage. We’re starting to love her, honestly.

Rank 11

Kimberly Castillo

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

She could be one of the Latinas that might end up as a clapper——at first we thought of that…but she gave a good fight in the preliminaries. Her body figure is a let-down though (like Kary Ramos) but she sure did not disappoint us. But just like our observation to Paulina, nothing has changed. She served nothing new in the menu. She’s struggling the fate of a frontrunner—not being able to advance further and surprise the fans.

Rank 12

Alejandra Argudo

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

She has one of the most flattering gown performance; it looked breezy and so carefree. But her swimsuit performance wasn’t that impressive. Had it not because of her great styling and powerful presence, she wouldn’t have had the chance to be in our list. Which means, she has lots of rooms for improvements—her catwalk as the first one that she needs focus on. We want those hips to bang on stage, and we want a loud bang.

Rank 13

Desiree Cordero Ferrer

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

We were worried of her gown at first because she almost has a nip slip, but we could never ignore how perfectly fitting it was on her. She may not have  wowed us with her catwalk, but she surely had a great great presence on stage.

Rank 14

Elvira Devinamira

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

That last pose and stare she gave us was unparalleled! We’re giving her a big nod on that one. She has other frontrunner eat her dust. Along with Miss Philippines, she’s the other Asian who we think will advance further. We wanna applaud her team for training her well. But there’s one thing that she needs to improve—her styling especially her hair. Wa wanna see the fully glammed-up Elvira. For know, KUDOS to you Elvs!

Rank 15

Gaylyne Ayugi

Photo Courtesy: Missosology

One of the biggest surprises in the preliminary competition! How she carried herself on stage just clearly shows that she learned many things from Miss Philippines—her best bud. Her soft moves just blew our minds! Her hips are on the right places..she presented herself with much poise.

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