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Miss Universe 2014 Final Prediction: Top 10

Miss Universe 2014 Final Prediction: Top 10
Together with the other five candidates that will make it to our top 5 list (which we will post later), these are the other five who will complete the top 10. We thought they could go as far as this, but won’t have a room for the top 5. Most of these girls are tabbed as frontrunners but we’re not seeing potentials at them to deserve a top 5 finish. One or two of them might be in the top 5, but here’s our review about them and on why they will end up here (top 10).
Again, our prediction list is a collaborative effort of the whole team from Doral and pageant aficionados. We’re no pageant experts, but we know by ourselves that we’ve put on all our efforts, time, knowledge, and energy keeping an eye on every single candidate since day one and finally came up with this list. From their departures to arrivals, fittings and photoshoots, glamshots, their looks on different events, stances, crowd support, wardrobe, preliminary performances and styling, we made sure we never missed anything. This list is in random order. We’ll give you our top 5 list later.

She glimmered in her gown and she did well in her swimsuit during the preliminary competition. But what’s with the brushed-up ponytail? That was a wrong move for her. She looked like she just had a face lift. But overall, she was one of the top performers in the preliminaries. Now what about her performance and exposure at the onset? She kinda worked her way in to be honest. At a leisurely pace, she slinked to get a place because we didn’t see much of her at first. She is by far one of the candidates who’s made headway since day one. She knows how to play her cards well. But here’s our take: A big YES for the placement, but NO for the crown.

Undeniably, she’s a top contender for the crown. She has managed to maintain her spot ever since and still a strong contender…no doubt! She had a superb performance in the preliminary competition and a huge crowd support. She has also professed herself to be always in the spotlight. With all the drama stunts and publicity her camp has had, we could say she succeeded in all that. Her body figure is one of those to die for! One thing though, if rumors about her shading against other candidates are true, then she’s in trouble. MUO doesn’t have room for those. Do we need to remind you about Paulina Krupinska (Poland) last year? One more thing, Paulina seemed to stay in the limelight as a frontrunner and if we look back at the past winners, most of them weren’t frontrunners. So that can be a let-down too for her. Now, to pop the question up—it’s a YES for the placement, and NO for the crown.

We’ve been in love with this girl since day one. Amongst the ebonies, she’s the one who gave what frontrunners are asking for—competition! We had higher expectations towards her that she’d make it big, but somehow her team failed us for giving her a totally atrocious gown in the preliminary competition. We were so enraged of that. Good thing Niketa never backed down. Now what’s with this girl that we love the most? It’s her undoubted enchanting charisma and appeal. She could even be one of the major surprises in the competition. If the judges wanna carry off diversity in the semifinals, then Niketa must be there. Her eloquence is also commendable. We even loved her more after watching her web interview. She could without a question pull a trigger. But will she get the crown? NO. We’re just giving her a YES for the placement.

She’s simpering…and yes coquettish! She’s a major turn on. Her charm is hypnotizing. Even if she just sits in the corner, you will notice her. This French girl is a big revelation. If Malika Menard (2010), Laury Thilleman (2011), and Marie Payet (2012) all placed who we thought are nothing compared to Camille in bearing and appearance, then Camille is locked in the semifinals. Since day one, she’s never fallen flat. Her staging in the preliminary competition wasn’t as laudable as she should be, but she wasn’t a humdrum…just a little bit tedious. Most of her predecessors landed in top 10, so we’re giving her the same fate based on how she was in the preliminaries. But there’s a bigger chance that she’ll replace one of the ladies in the top 5. We’d like to say YES for her placement, and MAYBE for the crown.

She had been featured in Miss Universe for her humanitarian causes before the competition started and that’s when we first noticed her. So we followed her journey and she did not waste our efforts because she really claimed her rights to place. We’ve already told you that her hair makes her a standout. she has no curls and all that, but she stood out. Her jawline is appealing and her classic facade is timeless. Have you heard how the crowd applauded her during the preliminaries? Locales also loved her. She may not be as vivacious as Yendi Philipps (2010), but Yendi isn’t as winsome as Kaci. What she needs to work more on right now is her catwalk and bearing. That’s what she needs to improve, but all her assets are laudable. YES for the placement, but NOT YET for the crown. We’re not ready for a short-haired queen. FACT.

Stay tuned as we reveal our TOP 5 prediction list later.

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