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Miss Universe 2013 Favorites (Pre-Arrival Prediction)

MISS UNIVERSE 2013 FAVORITES (Pre-Arrival Prediction)

We’ve been keeping track of the girls for the past 4 months and we believe it is time to reveal our pre-arrival prediction for this year’s battle of beauty. This prediction is based on girls’ transformations, our observations from different pageant sites’ hotpicks, and updates circulating around netizens. We believe that these are the girls who complete the list of front-runners and will make the cut; nevertheless, prediction as it is, no one is sure whether or not a candidate is destined to be the new Miss Universe. Moreover, this will change as we still have our final prediction before the finals. But let’s see what our prediction powers can do. Let me present you the fifteen ladies who really are on the radar thus far.

Miss Universe 2013 Favorites (Pre-Arrival Prediction)

One of the recent photos of Miss Russia taken in New York City. (Photo lifted from: TheIdealBeauty Facebook Page. Credit goes to the real owner of the photo.)

She was definitely out of the radar in Miss World 2013. Her beauty was swept by a lot of stunner. She was nowhere to be found. She didn’t shine. She did nothing but participate. But in Miss Universe, she is someone reserved for a spot. There is no way in hell that Donald Trump is gonna miss that. I am not saying that Donald gets the fullest right to choose who’s in and out, but he definitely has something to say about it, especially that Russia is the host country….and we all know what happens to host countries, don’t we? But competition wise, this girl is nothing but pretty and carries the name of the host country. That is why we are putting her in our list. That is the only and one reason why she is here. No more no less.

One of the recent photos of Miss Polonia. (Photo lifted from: Miss Polonia Facebook Page. Credit goes to the real owner of the photo.)

This girl proves us more than what we expected of her in the past few months. She maintained her spot. She’s giving it all. She definitely is improving, we don’t buy her sweet appeal yet, though. She’s in the competition…yes she’s STILL in. She topped the prediction lists in June, but went down to the 4th spot in July, then plunged to the 9th spot in September and October. We are just a bit worried with how low will she be when the competition commences. We fervently hope that she maintains the momentum, not as low as the 15th spot, or worse, none in the radar. But she can do it…definitely she can!

Recent photo of Miss USA Erin Brady during the Sherri Hill fashion show (Photo lifted from: Miss USA Facebook Page. Credit goes to the real owner of the photo.)

Oh Erin! You are such a pretty face just like Olivia (though we prefer Olivia of course). A total standout and a performer. Need we say more, this girl will definitely clinch a top spot. But we don’t believe for a back-to-back finish. Need we remind you how that Russian host attacked Olivia Culpo in an interview and sounded extremely pissed of Americans, like she asked Olivia pressing issues to make Olivia look like she got nothing to say, and the questions were like bullets aimed at Americans. But without that political conspiracy, this girl is way on top! She maintained a top 5 spot in June, July, and August in most hot picks, went a spot down to 6 in September and she’s in for the 10th spot this month. Now, might she end up as a clapper? —NEVER! She will never be a clapper. Her beauty cannot be ignored.

Miss France’s most recent candid photo posted in her FB account. She looks sooo stunning! Perfect and ready for the competition! (Credit goes to the owner of the photo.)

The Polynesian queen who has beguiled many pageant fans. She’s unstoppable. Just like what we mentioned before, beauty wise, we got nothing to worry about; her exotic Polynesian features will make her a real standout, PLUS she has the body that all deities on Earth would envy. We haven’t seen any improvements in her catwalk yet so we presume she still has the lame catwalk in the universe. She gotta work on it if she wants to bring off her game. We would be woebegone is she didn’t make it; wasted beauty to be exact if it happens.

One of the recent photos of Miss Israel. Photo credit goes to the stylist Shalev Lavan

She could have been a major hit in Miss World if she participated. Her cinderella-like story and her inspiring life are perfect for Miss World. She can also be a big hit in Miss Universe because her winning really has been a talk circulating around pageant fans. Her features are striking and we personally adore her. However, with all the models participating this year, we believe that she has to step up her game; her life story is a plus, but not enough to clinch a spot in the semi-finals and even getting the crown. Step up girl! Step up!

One of the recent candid photos of Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler. She’s improved a lot. (Photo lifted from: TheIdealBeauty Facebook Page. Credit goes to the real owner of the photo.)

She was bashed to death! We didn’t even like her. She was not in our first prediction list. We’ve had enough—that’s what we thought…but Venezuela will always be Venezuela. Her transformation is amazing. She looked old, now she looks amazing! She’s not full blown yet, like the one we exactly imagined her to be, but she did improve miles further.

One of the photos from the recent photoshoot of Miss Croatia Melita Fabečić (Photo lifted from: OhMyGossip.com. Credit goes to the real owner of the photo.)

The femme fatale as we called her. A European standout of course. She’s queenly both in motion and in pictures. She’s beautifully arresting. For us, she’s carrying the European flag. However, there are a lot of other beautiful girls out there who are very competitive so she must do her homework. She needs to tone her body and more improvement in her styling especially her hair. We wouldn’t mind is she could penetrate a top 5 finish. She would deserve it, we believe.

A photo of Miss Puerto Rico Monic Perez from a recent photoshoot. (Photo lifted from: Miss Universe Puerto Rico Facebook Page. Credit goes to the real owner of the photo.)

The goddess. She topped our prediction list last June, and secured the 3rd spot in September in most prediction lists. She has the beauty of a lifetime. Her face goes on forever. MUO must never be wrong on this girl. She has it all; she must never be ignored unless she comes out lame and with poor performance in Russia (God forbids). But I believe she has a vibrant personality and she can carry her game off. This girl and Carolina Brid (Panama) are the only Latinas we’re extremely confident of. And We’re pretty sure about it.

Miss Panama Universe 2013 Carolina Brid (Photo lifted from: Miss Panama Universo. Credit goes to the real owner of the photo.)

Who forgets this lass? She’s the Irene Isser or Dayana Mendoza this year. She will definitely rock the MU stage. She may not be the prettiest, but she’s the one to look for. Indonesia might be a catwalk queen, but this girl is a stage artiste. She knows her elements and she carries them right through the competition. We’ve seen how she performs on stage and darn, she’ll eat’em alive! She’ll continue what Sheldry Saez has started in 2011. She is going to make the cut. She definitely is going to make it!

Picture taken during the send-ff party of Ariella Arida on October 17th. (Photo courtesy: OMPB Worldwide. Credit goes to Jory Rivera)

We’ve waited for the transformation we’ve expected from this country, and yes Philippine team made it again; however, we’re not sold yet. We were expecting of the transformation we saw in Janine Tugunon and Shamcey Supsup. She may have had the transformation, but they’re not enough yet. When we saw her send-off photos, we were kinda not contented with the result, but hey she has improved to say the least. What’s surprising us is that most pageant sites love her. She topped in July’s prediction list, and made it again this October. We had her in our top 5 last June. Pretty cool to see, but she has to make it right in Russia. There should be no room for mistakes. She has to shine; scene-stealer, attention-grabber, head-turner. Her exotic features are striking. We wish she were a little bit tanner.

One of the recent photos of Miss Indonesia Whulandary Herman. Photo lifted from: Whulandary Herman Facebook Page. Credit goes to Rio Photography.

She keeps shining and shining. The Asian with an exotic look along with Ariella. If there’s a place for Asians in Miss Universe this year, the spots will be for Indonesia and Philippines. Whulandary already has everything. All she needs to focus on right now is personality development. She has to be a head-turner. She’s vogue-ish and striking so she must use these features to have an edge.

One of the recent photos of Miss Paraguay Guadalupe Gonzalez Talavera (Photo lifted from: TheIdealBeauty Facebook Page. Credit goes to the real owner of the photo.)

One of the prettiest and loveliest faces in Miss Universe this year. She has this Ximena Navarette vibe. Her catwalk skills are average so she has to improve it. Her face looks so divine. I wouldn’t be surprised if she penetrated the semis. She deserves it.

Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2013 Yaritza Reyes. (Credit goes to the real owner of the photo. )

A stunning black barbie doll. All updates about her are remarkable. Along with Israel, this girl best represents all the black beauties in Miss Universe this year. She’s a major upgrade from last year’s. One downside that we observed on this girl is her lack of personality. She seems too sweet and girly. She must be fierce and arresting.

Miss Costa Rica Fabiana Granados in a recent photoshoot. (Photo lifted from: Fabiana Granados Facebook Page. Credit goes to the real owner of the photo.)

Year after year, Latinas emerge leading compared to others, and Costa Rica is joining the team as a lead. She penetrated the top 5 in the prediction lists in the month of September and came halfway down to the 8th spot this month of October. She automatically got a spot in the predictions after winning. She may not be a very strong contender for the crown, but she can definitely give a very good fight. She got those pretty eyes, alluring body and excellent catwalk.

Miss Vietnam Universe 2013. (Photo lifted from: Beauty Pageant Grandslam. Credit goes to the real owner of the photo.)

Oh gee! What a bomb from Vietnam! Her participation means war! She is a Vietnamese bomb! Do we think she can penetrate the semi-finals? YES! It’s really a big YES. She’s one of the best Asian contenders this year, along with Indonesia and Philippines. She’s vogue-ish, fierce, outstandingly beautiful, and exotic. The only thing that concerns us is that Vietnam is not a powerhouse; the country she is representing doesn’t have that sash factor. So, here’s what she must do….PROVE THEM THAT THEY ARE WRONG! This time around, Vietnam will be a name in the world of pageantry. We are so thrilled with this girl! She can really drop a bomb!

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