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Miss Universe 2013 Candidates Glamshots Revealed



Finally! After a long wait, her come the official glamshots of our queens! ICE QUEEN is this year’s theme. All these shots are works of the Miss Universe official photographer Fadil Berisha. We’ve already seen the sneak peek of these shots a week ago, but it feels irrepressible to see all our queens stance in their Yamamay swimsuits. This really is a celebration of beauties all around the world and we can say that the caliber of beauties this year is remarkable. We terribly love the candidates. All of them looked gorgeous in these glamshots.However, the MUPH team chose the ten best glamshots; they are the ones who exude not only facial beauty, but also personality and attitude as well, that are for us, visible in these photographs. Aside from our top 15 predictions, this is one of the most painstaking; too hard to judge. But yeah, here we go:

(choices made by a photographer and a team of pageant enthusiasts)


Roxana Andrei

MISS ROMANIA – Roxana Andrei (Photo credit goes to Miss Universe. Photographer: Fadil Berisha)

Those eyes are killing our bones! They’re very powerful and arresting. Her hair complimented perfectly with her skin tone and the shape of her face. She’s mysteriously beautiful, like the kind of woman you can’t take your eyes off because you wanna know more of her especially how she got those killer looks. This girl has been stepping up a notch…like inch by inch, she’s making a name in this year’s competition.


Ariella Arida

MISS PHILIPPINES – Ariella Arida (Photo credit goes to Miss Universe. Photographer: Fadil Berisha)

Ariella here is like she’s from the beau monde; the frizy mane, the pout, the posture, the attitude, the skin tone. We did not expect her to look like this because she always has this exotic sultry look. Here, she transformed into a high class fashion model in a magazine. If the photo was a bit dramatic, it could have looked intense..but yeah we got the icy theme so it has to be light. What’s phenomenal with this Filipina is that she’s like the famous X-Men mutant Mystique that can transform into different forms as long as she wishes. Ariella has grown from a major disappointment when she set foot in Moscow to a major favourite for the crown. If she makes it all the way to the top 5 (4-peat finish for the Philippines), and aces the interview, no doubt, she’ll get the Nexus crown.


Erin Brady

MISS USA – Erin Brady (Photo credit goes to Miss Universe. Photographer: Fadil Berisha)

Whatever angle and posture, she’s too damn pretty! She’s an array of sophistication and glamour. Her cheekbones are well-donned; they compliment perfectly to her jawline. She can even be a part of Victoria’s Angels in this photo. The big curls swaying upside lurching down to her shoulder look faultless. One thing though, Erin doesn’t show much of this attitude in her candid shots. Here, she looked very edgy, in her candid shots, she’s sweet and pretty. How tricky this girl can be!


Olivia Wells

MISS AUSTRALIA – Olivia Wells (Photo credit goes to Miss Universe. Photographer: Fadil Berisha)

Oh my sweet Aussie baby! We didn’t even recognize this bombshell! One word–ENCHANTING! Her charm in this shot is too hard to handle. We’ve noticed that the icy eyeshadow fit perfectly on her than in other candidates. It accentuated her eyes and her brow bones. The shutter speed perfectly caught her stare which made it look like she’s talking and telling us that she is the ONE.


Jin Ye

CHINA – Jin Ye (Photo credit goes to Miss Universe. Photographer: Fadil Berisha)

Rules of thirds? Yeah right! This photo of Miss China got it all right. We assume that since Jin Ye is a professional fashion model, she knows which and where strikes best. That mirror-like image of her was just crafted perfectly. We just wish her hair could have been a little bit messy so it would compliment and blend on her fur. But to top it all, this is one of the best obviously. Her unconventional look just made it all striking. Jin Ye may not be as popular as the other candidates, but she’s our sentimental fave, and we reckon she’s one of the girls that will surprise the MU stage.


Anne Julia Hagen

GERMANY – Anne Julia Hagen (Photo credit goes to Miss Universe. Photographer: Fadil Berisha)

Dramatic and theatrical. It’s one of those clichés that a picture paints a thousand words. We love how this photo speaks. The haphazard look of her hair and the way she put on a grip on it is a complete standout. Her lips are just perfect to consider her a goddess. She’s ready to get the crown and she’ll rock the MU stage comes finals.


Stephanie Tency

NETHERLANDS – Stephanie Tency (Photo credit goes to Miss Universe. Photographer: Fadil Berisha)

The way it’s done, it looked sophisticated and sultry at the same time. This style is the same with Miss Germany’s, but what makes her different is the way she takes the shutter and gives a little bite of sexiness and appeal. The lights are just right for the shot, her blonde hair really added drama to her look; she looks she just got out from the bathroom. We love European blondes!


Nastassja Bolivar

NICARAGUA – Nastassja Bolivar (Photo credit goes to Miss Universe. Photographer: Fadil Berisha)

Darn! We always love this girl. She never fails to impress. This is like a piece of cake for her in this shot. Her carefree stance makes this glamshot so fun and light to look at. We just wish her facial structure was a little bit emphasized so other can see how better she looks. One of the best performing girls this year, and we bet she’s gonna make it to the top 15, or even higher than that.


Paulina Krupinska

POLAND – Paulina Krupińska (Photo credit goes to Miss Universe. Photographer: Fadil Berisha)

We like the effect of having her almost fully-clothed with fur. Her sweet and cute appeal just got it right through there. Amongst the girls wearing the hat, she got it all right. Pretty face, perfect angle, nice photo treatment–everything is well done. It could have been better if she showed a little bit more skin and and more of her facial structure. But to top it all, this is remarkable!


Carey Ng

MALAYSIA – Carey Ng (Photo credit goes to Miss Universe. Photographer: Fadil Berisha)

What drew our attention with this glamshot is that it’s laid-back and carefree. Her stance, along with her hair perfectly swayin’ up while some strands trickling right down on her back was just phenomenal. But to top it all, her beauty reminds us of Honey Lee; an Asian caliber and a dead-ringer. We always kinda consider Carey to be one of the girls who can pull out a surprise. She, along with Miss Indonesia are the other Asians we’re really eyeing for.


We have the complete glamshots. We have them posted in our official list of candidates. Just click here. Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed our review and feel free to share to our fellow pageant fans! Ciao!

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