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Miss Universe 2013 Review


Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo crowns Gabriela Isler, 2013 Miss Universe. Photo credit goes to Miss Universe.

Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler of Venezuela in her first walk. (Photo courtesy: E! Online UK)


Screenshot of results credit goes to Wikipedia.


ASIA (4)
(Philippines, India, China, Indonesia)

(Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador)

(USA, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica)

(Ukraine, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland)

No Placement

No Placement

The top 5 finalists in their long gowns. (Photo courtesy of Beauty Pageant Grand Slam)

The top 16 candidates in their swimsuit. (Photo courtesy: E! Online UK)


Too bad, another African blackout happened in Miss Universe. The last African blackout happened in 1997. We rooted for Betty Omara from Tanzania, but she really didn’t make it. We’re a bit glad though that one black queen made it to the top 16, but still she did not represent an African country. Our African girls were not that competitive, including Marilyn Ramos of South Africa and the Ethiopian goddess Titi Ayenew who represented Israel. Australia is the only participant from the continent of Australia/Oceania, and she didn’t place, which makes it a blackout out too. But this case (Australia/Oceania blackout) isn’t new to Miss Universe.


There were seven Latinas (from Latin American countries) who made it to top 16. That’s almost half of the semifinalists. The rumored European domination didn’t happen at all; there were only four of them who made it. Europe is one placement behind (its average placement is five in a ten-year basis). Gladly, four Asians made it this year, which is quite an achievement because the average of placement from Asia (based on a 10-year analysis) is only 2.. The last Asian achievement was in 2007 with also four placements.


2 Asians, 4 North Americans, 3 South Americans, 1 African, 1 Australian, and 5 Europeans. These figures are SOLELY BASED on the average of placements per continent in a 10-year basis. This has nothing to do with performance and politics.


Venezuela got its 7th MU crown placing second in the leader board after USA with 8 crowns.

Great Britain finally placed since the country’s inception in Miss Universe. This is the first and highest placement of a Great Britain sash.

Indonesia landed in top 16 for the 2nd time since its participation in Miss Universe. Indonesia’s first placement was in 2005 (Artika Sari Devi).

China made it to top 16! This is the 3rd placement of China in MU history (Zhuo Ling in 2002, and Lou Zilin in 2011).

Ecuador also made a great achievement in MU history with its 3rd placement. Ecuador’s first placement was in 1981 (Luca Vinueza), and the second was in 2004 (Susana Rivadeneira).

Another 3rd placement achievement from Nicaragua! The country’s first placement was in year 1977 (Beatriz Obregon Locayo), and the second was in 2007 (Xiomara Blandino).

Costa Rica now has four placements in MU history. Its last placement was in 2011 (Johanna Solano).

5th placement for Ukraine! Last placement was in 2011 (Olesya Stefanko).

Philippines maintained its top 5 finish for four years in a row. Its present streak is equivalent to its 4-year streak in 1972-1975 making the country one of the powerhouses in Asia.

Australia recorded its longest placement streak of five years (2008-2012). It could have been its sixth placement in a row but Olivia Wells failed to penetrate the semi-finals this year.

France lost its placement momentum. The country just recorded its longest placement streak of four years (2009-2012). This year could have been its fifth.

Brazil has been a mainstay in top 5 for 3 years now (2011-2013). The country had the same achievement in 1957, 1958, and 1959.






The winner, Miss Venezuela, was the biggest surprise of the night. No one saw it coming. No one ever predicted that she’s gonna be the winner.

Miss Poland didn’t make it to top 16. She was one of the most visible candidates this year. She was invited in almost all of the sponsorial events. She topped most of the pageant sites’ predictions. We even had her in our top 15.

Miss France, another major favorite, didn’t place. Her Polynesia beauty is a great waste to the pageant world.

Miss Russia, the host country, didn’t place. This just proves that the Miss Universe does not have politics involved because even the ‘host girl’ didn’t place. Miss Azerbaijan, who was also rumored ‘locked in top 16’ didn’t place. The owner of the Crocus City Hall is from Azerbaijan.

Miss Israel, Titi Ayenew, who was also a major favorite (predicted by Missosology as the winner), didn’t even place in top 16. Many believed that she missed her chances when she mentioned the US President as her greatest inspiration (Pres. Barack Obama is no. 1 enemy of Donaly Trump).

Miss China was never expected to place. She was out of nowhere. But there was really something in her that we even put her in our playoff prediction. However, we took her off thinking that she really couldn’t make it, but she really did!

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