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Elmira Abdrazakova Dissapoints Russian Fans


Miss Russia for Miss Universe 2013 Pageant

Birthdate: October 7, 1994
Birthplace: Zhelezinka, Pavlodar Province, Kazakhstan
Education: Student, BS Economics (Siberian Railway University)
Trivia: She will represent Russia to both Miss Universe 2013 and Miss World 2013

Let’s take a look at what pageant experts and enthusiasts have to say about her:

ELMIRA ABDRAZAKOVA“Miss Russia is really ugly this year. Shame on jury!” -tomek

“I always consider her to be beautiful, but sometimes her teeth look distracting. Some dental work would make that less obvious.” –Kristof, Jamaica

“The same thing has been repeated over and over and I must agree. But maybe by the pageant, she may blossom with some training. She seems homely and not elegant and that is what has all the pageant followers disappointed. Give her a chance and then comment after you see her again. Russia always sends someone who makes the top 15 because the organizers lobby intensely. Her looks are not going to keep her from advancing if it advances the pageant.” –Carl

“This girl has been growing on me. She may not be as perfectly beautiful as other Russian beauties, but I really find her charming.” –AngHaraya, Philippines

“Worst Miss Russia ever. Anastasia — the blonde, 1st runner up — looks pissed in the top photo. I can’t blame her!” –Natalian

ELMIRA ABDRAZAKOVA“Interesting beauty… Russia is becoming a master of transformations so I see potential in this lady—young and with sweet features…” –Santi MENdBER, Mexico

“I’m really sorry to say that Elmira is the worst Miss Russia that I see. The crown looks like a plastic toy on her head. What happened? Even the runners up are horrible. Please send last year’s runners up to Miss Universe and MW instead.” -JayPee

“She looks like Allison Harvard with her big eyes and big lips. Now the only things is if Miss Russia goes to this kind of transformation like they did on Allison Harvard, she can go very far.” –JackNYC, New York

“Congratulations to the new Miss Russia. The judges obviously saw something special in her to crown her the winner. Did last year’s Miss Russia compete at both Miss World and Universe as well? I will love Miss Russia at Miss Universe in December. What a stunning beautiful face!” –G


Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo (USA), Miss Russia 2013 Elmira Abdrazakova, and Miss World 2012 When Xia Yu (China) posed after the coronation night.

“She is very photogenic. I may say that she has different faces on video and on pictures . She got nice look on her photos in Miss Snow Universe contest.I hope she will work with her dentist. It will be interesting to watch her transformation, and besides, it’s early to make any conclusions about her perspectives on MU and MW.” –MunecaBravas, Ukraine

“Worst show. Ugliest Miss Russia ever. Runner-ups are hot. The 1st Runner-up is a hot blonde bombshell. She can surely win MU if Russia decides to give her a chance of participating at the grand event. The 2nd runner-up is an angelic beauty of Russia. I thought she was going to win Miss Russia 2013 but bad luck she lost to an ugly winner. I hope something happens and Russia dethrones the ugly winner and instead send the hot runner-ups for the grand pageants bcoz both those girls have high hopes & chances of winning. MU 2012 is ugly compared to beautiful MW from China.” –AD

ELMIRA ABDRAZAKOVA“What is happening with Miss Russia? They are going worse every year. This lady is average at best, the blonde runner up was way better.” -BonnieB

“Weakest Miss Russia I have ever seen. The land of the pretty women has gone weak.” –Leo Guimas

“I wonder if she can make the age cut-off in Miss Universe that stopped Urvashi from competing last year.” –BosoxFan, Rhode Island

“Who cares if she’s short? After all, she now owns the most expensive pageant crown and biggest monetary prize at any pageant. Even if you combine MU and MW prizes, it won’t reach half of Miss Russia’s prizes. She’s cute,bubbly and sweet. Very beautiful; miles better than Olivia Culpo.” –rufaidababudin, Philippines

ELMIRA ABDRAZAKOVA“She is pretty enough but too short. And her face is a bit childish. Her 1st RU is absolutely plane and average. I prefer her 2nd RU, Irina from Kalmykia (Buddhist region in Southern Russia) – really beautiful, exotic, elegant, and sexy at the same time! I hope she will participate internationally.” –DIM

“I don’t like her at all as of now, but Im not underestimating Russia anymore. I will wait for her transformation!” –MariaAndreina, Ecuador

“She reminds me of a prettier version of Heather Matarazzo, the “not-so-pretty” girl from Princess Diaries and Hostel 2…” –dox

“She’s really beautiful, but she needs a dental job ASAP!” -patsypa, Boston

“She’s way too short and toothy even with an interesting face! The 2nd runner up in blue is the best for Miss Universe! Hopefully Russia will send any of the runners-up to MU and the winner to MW!” –sactoman

“Gone are the stereotype beauty queen…”fierce & uber tall”…they’re no longer in. It’s all about sweet, natural & not so tall girls for beauty queens…which is good i think..” –donnie68, Singapore



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