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Meet Miss Universe 2013 Favorites


 Miss Universe 2013 Favorites. Find time to meet  your favorite candidates .

It’s only a matter of weeks before the Miss Universe 2013 pageant commences, but Miss Universe 2013 Favorites are really on! This competition is quite tight as 2013 contestants aspire to get the Diamond Nexus Crown. A lot of pageant sites have already had their own bets for the crown. A lot of stunners, catwalk divas, and pretty faces have been named as Miss Universe 2013 favorites.

From weekly to monthly hot picks, elaborative features and predictions from these pageant sites, we can mention a few names that are so far considered as Miss Universe 2013 favorites.

Monic Peréz (Miss Puerto Rico) ↓↓

Miss Universe 2013 Favorites

and Hinarani Longeaux (Miss France) ↓↓

Hinarani Longeaux

dominated prediction lists in the month of October

with Carolina Brid (Miss Panama) ↓↓

Carolina Brid

and Alexia Viruez (Miss Bolivia) ↓↓

Alexia Viruez

and Elmira Abdrazakova (Miss Russia)↓↓ , as runners-up.

Elmira Abdrazakova

Who is your Miss Universe 2013 Favorite?

Last September, Erin Brady (Miss USA), and Olivia Wells (Miss Australia) joined the list of favorites. Other Miss Universe 2013 favorites as the year kicked off were Ariella Arida (Miss Philippines), Riza Santos (Miss Canada), Melita Fabečić (Miss Croatia), Gabriela Kratochvilová (Miss Czech Republic), Amy Willerton (Miss Great Britain), and Marilyn Ramos (Miss South Africa).

Miss Venezuela (María Gabriela Isler), surprisingly, is not on charts this year. A lot of pageant fans are disappointed of this year’s representative, which is unlikely since Venezuela is a powerhouse.

Latinas always lead the poll, but Europeans are also strong this year. Some Asian delegates are Miss Universe 2013 favorites, but as always, most can’t make the cut, except Philippines, which impressively made a top-5 finish in the last 3 consecutive years.

Aside from Marilyn Ramos (Miss South Africa), some African ladies are also heavy favorites, like Miss Israel, Yityish Aynaw, who is naturally-born Ethiopian.

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