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Miss Universe 2017 Philippines

22 years ago, Philippines staged one of the most extravagant Miss Universe coronation nights in the history held at the Plenary Hall of the PICC (Philippine International Convention Center) in Manila on May 20, 1994. Let’s try to look back at what transpired during the last hosting of the Philippines. Here are some of the collected fun facts, rumors and scoops we collected:


Former Philippine Vice-President Joseph Estrada (Photo credit: CelebrityWC)

Joseph Estrada, the Vice-President that year jested a remark of wanting Miss Colombia, Carolina Gomez, to be her mistress, which skyrocketed a number of eyebrows among legislators.

A few of Miss Universe 1994 candidates during their swimsuit competition at Manila Hotel (Photo credit: Miss Universe)

Candidates started to flock in Manila mid-May when the organizers confirmed that they were short of money and were unsure whether a profit would be made from the event.

Seven past titleholders attended the event: Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1973 Margie Moran, Miss Universe 1981 Irene Saez, Miss Universe 1989 Angela Visser, Miss Universe 1990 Mona Grudt, Miss Universe 1992 Michelle McLean and Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres. It was indeed an evening of goddesses.

Almost half of the candidates were students (38 out of 77).

200 personnel, 55 local hair and make-up artists, 89 fashion designers and 100,000 pounds of production equipment were sent to Manila for the pageant. 100 private establishments and government agencies supported the pageant. It was a national event.

The Nationalist Movement of New Women, a branch of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines attacked the government and claimed that the pageant promoted sex tourism.

Same as what has been reported recently, the Miss Universe 1994 was also funded by Philippine private sectors; among the major sponsors were Nestlé, Hertz and Kodak. It was expected that the pageant would have gained 10 million pesos, but ended up falling short. The rest was covered by the Philippine government, which was criticized by the Philippine Congress, despite it being endorsed by President Fidel Ramos.

A small homemade bomb exploded outside the pageant venue where the contestants had earlier been rehearsing. It was a day before the coronation night. Although it caused little damage and zero injuries, it brought candidates’ families to question the safety of the venue. Nonetheless, more than 3000 policemen were involved in protecting the delegates, as well as dozens of policewomen assigned as bodyguards.


Accessories (earrings, bracelets) made of Capiz shells (something indigenous in the Philippines) were worn by the candidates during the selection of semi-finalists, along with their tailor-made identical outfits.

Miss India Sushmita Sen crowned by Miss Colombia Dayanara Torres (Photo credit: Wikimedia)

Miss India Sushmita Sen had not been in the spotlight at the onset of the pageant events until she slipped on one of the activities as she was already late. It was when media started to have their attention on her.

Miss Mauritius Viveka Babajee (Photo credit:Youtube)

Miss Mauritius Viveka Babajee, was a very controversial figure due to her involvement in the 1994 Metro Manila Film Fest Scandal. She was a presenter for the Best Actress award together with actress Gretchen Barretto, an award which was very much disputed.

Miss Russia Inna Zobova (Photo credit: Miss Universe)

Miss Russia Inna Zobova, was detained for 15 hours in a windowless room at Bangkok airport en route to Manila because she failed to present a transit visa.

Miss Malaysia Liza Koh during the parade of countries. (Photo credit: Youtube)

Miss Malaysia Liza Koh, made a public apology on behalf of her country about the arrest of 1200 Filipina princess in Kuala Lumpur. This led to a warning from the Malaysian Foreign Minister not to make political remarks.

Miss Indonesia 1994 Venna Melinda (Photo credit: Missosology)

Miss Indonesia Venna Melinda was not allowed to compete in the pageant because of her country’s vehement towards the swimsuit competition. She ended up traveling to Manila as an observer.

Miss Belgium Kristelle Rolandt (Photo credit: Miss Universe)

Miss Belgium Kristelle Rolandt, was that year’s heavy favorite. Filipinos loved her to death; nonetheless, she failed to secure a spot in the top 10. It was rumored that she left the country after the pageant like a late-night bullet with a repugnant remark of “Eeeeee! I don’t want Asians around!”

Miss Puerto Rico Brenda Robles (Photo credit: Miss Universe)

Miss Australia Michelle Van Eimeren (Photo credit: Miss Universe)

Filipino men were all over around the ladies. At least seven of them were wooed by dashing Filipino bachelors including Miss Philippines’ brother, Richard Bonnin, courting Miss Puerto Rico Brenda Robles. The candidates’ official tour guide, award-winning Philippine singer-composer Ogie Alcasid became Miss Australia Michelle Van Eimeren’s husband.

Miss Sweden Dominique Forsberg (Photo credit: Miss Universe)

When Bob Goen (host) introduced Miss Sweden (Dominique Forsberg) as someone who could speak five languages during the interview competition, the Swedish beauty smilingly said “no” while Goen remained oblivious to it.

Miss Singapore Paulyn Sun (Photo credit: Miss Universe)

Miss Netherlands Irene van de Laar (Photo credit: Miss Universe)

Catfight 101 went to Miss Singapore Paulyn Sun and Miss Netherlands Irene van de Laar. A night before the finals, the two had a serious fight in their room as they were roommates. Miss Singapore was noisily talking to someone over the phone that Miss Netherlands obviously couldn’t stand as she wanted to sleep. It ended up having two of them throwing things at each other.

Miss Philippines Charlene Gonzales in her national costume. (Photo credit: Missosology)

When Miss Philippines Charlene Gonzales won the Best National Costume award, the judges were criticized of their choice. Miss British Virgin Islands Delia Jon Baptiste remarked that Gonzales won the award only because her country was the host and that other candidates disagreed with the judges’ choice. Miss Egypt Ghada El-Salem said ‘They should have given others a chance. She just won because it’s her country.’ Eventually the rumor was found to be true.

Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres of Puerto Rico during the Miss Universe 1994 coronation night. (Photo credit: Miss Universe)

Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres of Puerto Rico loved her stay in the Philippines which made her decide to stay longer in the country after the Miss Universe 1994 pageant. She became an actress and a dance diva in the Philippines and eventually had a romantic relationship to Aga Muhlach, Philippines’ best-looking matinee idol.

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