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Diana Harkusha, Miss Ukraine 2015 Shares Her Miss Universe Experience

Diana Harkusha, Miss Ukraine 2015 Shares Her Miss Universe Experience

Diana Harkusha, Miss Universe 2014 2nd Runner-Up in her Zuhair Murad dress during the evening gown competition. Photo courtesy of Missosology

In her recent interview with the AIF Ukraine, Miss Universe 2014 2nd Runner-Up shared her impressions and experiences about the pageant. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

What were your expectations about the Miss Universe pageant?
I think it’s more than what I expected. I knew that I’d be meeting talented and famous people. I met lots of girls from all over the world. When I was there, I felt more than meeting them. It’s a different feeling than watching the pageant in videos.

Did you go there to win?
I set myself the goal – to get the crown. I was a winner by nature. I wanted the crown and fought for it up to the end. Yes, we took the third place. And for us (the Miss Ukraine Universe Org and I) it is a victory because we only had a month to prepare. Other girls had been training themselves for the competition for six months or even a year.

Is it true that the candidates do dirty tricks at each other in the competition?
Absolutely not. We didn’t have time for that. This year was fun. All the girls were so close at each other. We even met the national directors and we really had much fun. We didn’t have time for such things because we were so tired and overworked. We slept for just two hours a day. We had rehearsals almost every day, interviews, TV appearances, photo and video shoots. We had schedules every day.

Miss Ukraine, Diana Harkusha in her swimsuit during the preliminary competition. Photo courtesy of Missosology

What impressed you the most in the competition?
The atmosphere: the people around me and the organizers’ treatment to the candidates. And most of all, I built friendship with some other girls who supported me and even told me that I was their winner.

Did they ask you about the current situation in Ukraine?
Yes, they did! The candidates and the organizers asked me about it. I told them everything. We even recorded some videos of the other girls showing their support to the Ukranian military.

How much was the total cost? Who was the sponsor?
All financial costs were shouldered by the Miss Ukraine Universe Org and also Alexander Nikolaenko. They paid for the flights, trainings, and even photo shoots.

What were the first things you did when you came back home?
Well, I spent much time with my family and my friends. My friends visited me and congratulated me. They said they were waiting for my victory speech.

Then what will you do?
Go home and sleep. Three weeks of strenuous activities in Miami was mentally and physically difficult; we had to have full of energy every day in the morning with our make up and hair done. But we were allowed not to wear heels every day. They said it was it was for our own sake.

Diana Harkusha is looking gorgeous during her interview at AIF Ukraine. (Photo courtesy of MU Ukraine)

Here’s the video of the interview:

Video Courtesy: AIF Ukraine Youtube Channel

Review Miss Ukraine’s web interview to know her better:

Video Courtesy: Miss Universe Youtube Channel

Info Source: AIF Ukraine

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