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French Polynesian Goddess Will Rock MU 2013


Miss France for 2013 Miss Universe Pageant

Birthyear: 1990
Birthplace: Papeete, Tahiti, France
Height: 1.79m (5 ft 10 1/2 in)
Work: French model and Executive Assistant (Travel Agency Online)
1st Runner-Up, Miss France 2013, and Winner, Miss Tahiti 2012

Here are some of the comments about Hinarani from pageant experts, and forumers around the globe:

“Very beautiful girl..lovely sexy eyes and great body. She will definitely place in top 16 at Miss Universe pageant joining beautiful MU Panama. At the very moment, Panama, France and Netherlands are the hot ones to watch out for @ MU 2013 until other hot beauties come along.” –Ad

“At first when I looked at her, I didn’t think too much of her. Now I can get why everyone likes her. I’m sure she’ll place in the Top 10.” -TheObviousTroll, United States

“The original winner was FAR more beautiful. This girl is very average. Don’t like her nose.” –Duration Indie

“She’ll obviously place! Her beauty is too hard to ignore. But I’m not sure if I can see her in the top 5 though. But she is one of the best beauty-wise that France has ever sent.” –MissUniverseFan1987, Colombia

“Cheeeeeeeehuuuuuuuuuuu! So excited! I have more reason to look forward to 2012 Miss Universe pageant. France (Tahiti) for the win. Proud of Polys.” –talofalucky

“Only thing that bugs me is that she should be going to Miss Universe as Miss Tahiti, like in the past. Why France does that is odd because the USA doesn’t make it’s territories compete for Miss USA, especially being in an international event? I would think you would want a girl that lives in your country to share it’s culture and customs with the other girls. She will be able to talk about Tahiti, not France! She was my favorite at Miss Tahiti and I’m happy that she’s going to Miss Universe.” -Aja

“She looks like BODINE Koehler (Miss Puerto Rico 2012) except her nose is slightly smaller, and in some angles she looks like Crystal Stewart (Miss USA 2009). I think she will be a clapper for now. Now don’ t attack me! Be civil Kafish!!” –redneckdude, United States

“Very beautiful! She looks like a Polynesian Princess.” –Paris

“Hinarani from Tahiti is far prettier than Marine (who won Miss France 2013). So good to her exotic and stunning beauty in 2012 Miss Universe pageant.” –Lebanese Pride

“She will be fine. She will definitely place for sure. She doesn’t need arrogant blind nationalistic bitches support, because worldwide fans will support her. I love Jade Kelsall type of lizard face girls so much. And I like the people who are fair enough without stereotypes btw.” –ManMeat, South Korea

“Very beautiful Miss France! Marine Lorphelin and Hinari are very very beautiful! I am sure of Hinarani for Miss Universe pageant, and Marine for Miss World!” –thierry

“I’ve been hoping to hear this news! Amazing! This girl is sooooo stunning! I love her!! Hopefully she’ll do well at Miss Universe pageant. I’m rooting for her!” –Valentina

“This is the best time for France I believe. I am not in favor of countries sending their runners up to Miss Universe since it was a fierce & very competitive pageant but Hinarani is the competition herself. She is my favorite to win Miss France and now Miss Universe! So far only Miss Poland is her competition. Hinarani – way to go girl, you deserved it. I couldn’t wait to see her shine in Miss Universe. A goddess of the ocean of Tahiti – raw and beautiful!!! Miss Universe 2013… Congratulations all the way here in my country-The Philippines!!!” –Ajani

“WOWWWW…!!!!!! She’s GOR-GEOUS with capital letters. I have a feeling that France will be called again among the semifinalists this year. Good luck to her.” –Bayou

“TONTA! Melinda Bam 2.0. MARK MY WORDS! MUO is now ignoring pageant patty beauties like her. Top 10 is enough for her.” –Paola Martinez Bracho, Mexico

“I think she will have the same fate of Melinda Bam: heavy favorite, people were almost sure about her top 5 placement but in the finals she was left in the top 10. But Hinarani  will definitely place for sure! She looks lile Jade Kelsall, and I love that!” –qwertyu, Philippines

“Hinarani de Longeaux looks like the type of contestant MUO is looking for. Let’s hope she’ll do well, and maybe advance to the top 5 this year. France has been robbed from top 5 in 2011 and 2012!” –David

“Excellente nouvelle! C’était ma favorite et en plus de 10 ans je n’avais vu une candidate aussi belle participer à Miss France. Je pense qu’elle a toutes ses chances!” –KMO

“I don’t like her… Bad smile, bad body, bad face. But I think she will be in top 5 as Venus Raj, Olesia Stefanko, Leila Lopes and Priscila Machado. Miss Universe pageant is weak, I prefer to see Victoria’s Secret.” –Bobiks

“Dayana Mendoza+Crystle Stwart+Vanessa Williams=Hinarani de Longeaux. This girl is EXQUISITE. However the Miss Universe Org. does not favor Europeans. MUO prefers Latin Americans since they make money from countries where the Miss Universe pageant myth still exists. Miss Universe won’t make much money in Europe (from a European winner), otherwise we would have seen a winner form Europe long time ago. After all (looks-wise) Europe sends the strongest group year after year.” –Paulpaul

“I maybe the only one in this, and I know that it’s not a popular opinion but here it goes…Her sash and her exotic look does not match. When I think of France, I think of a European beauty. She needs to be spectacular come Miss Universe pageant. She needs to break boundaries.” –Google Bot, United States

“She obviously has the face and the sparkle, but I hope she’s been working since the Miss France pageant because she definitely doesn’t have neither the body nor the stage presence. She was my absolute favourite until the pageant when the actual winner absolutely shined and proved to have the face (unbelievable ! ), the body and presence. She then proved to be smart and showed her great sense of humour in TV shows. My N°1 favourite for Miss World. I really hope Hinarani de Longeaux will really prepare herself for the Miss Universe crown to continue this streak and maybe get the first top 5 position since 1953.” –Marty

“That flawless skin. Those piercing eyes. PERFECTION! She only needs to have a more toned body then she’s definitely be a WINNER. I like this kind of beauty: non-conventional but the undeniable presence is there. Just like when Naomi Campbell enters a club that everybody stops and stares. An effortless attention-grabber. Diva Extraordinaire! Go France!!!” –Astella, N’Djamena

“It will be great to have a Polynesian Queen as Miss Universe this time around. Hope she will wear an amazing gown and be more bubbly. Saw her at Miss France and I think the actual winner has more personality. All the best! Viva France!” –Jaypee









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