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Miss Universe 2014 Early Favorites – Top 10 Prediction

(First Prediction-Top 10)

Too early to tell, but we are literally seeing something special about these girls. We narrowed it down to ten (10) because honestly, there’s nothing worthy of mentioning at this point of time except these girls that are on the list. Of course, since this is our first list of favorites, this will change while we wait for other countries to go find best girl there is in their lands. By the way, this list is based on our MUO radar, thorough research, and personal bets amongst the group. So, here you go pageant fans:


Photo Courtesy: Miss Venezuela

When it comes to putting the idea of having another back-to-back win from Venezuela, we are unanimously in profound disagreement. We sure do believe that this year’s Miss Venezuela will make the cut, but winning the title is like a major throw up. That’s, thus far, our opinion as of this time. Deserving girls win and that’s something we don’t get ourselves on the fence upon discussion. So, if Migbellis performs and shines comes MU finals, then we’ll say what we guess is perfect for her. We thought she is far better than Gabriela Isler when it comes to facial beauty and catwalk skills, but Gabriela is far miles away compared to her as long as personality and aura is concerned. So Migbellis has an edge over those mentioned skills that are for us, could be her winning formulae. Keep going girl, keep going. You surely are in the radar…believe us!


Photo Courtesy: Miss South Africa

Now, Rolene Strauss is not an average South African queen that the country sends year after year. She is special. We do not like the way she walks, but we definitely are in love of her queenly look. She is devastating and a wrecking ball. She exudes perfection. Her facial angles are impressive and she is a head turner even by just looking at her stills. Just like what we mentioned, she gotta work on her catwalk skills and also styling. She may be pretty and outstanding, but without proper styling and preparation, she might be adding shame to what Ramos had already given last year. We want her in the top 16 list; we badly want her to be there! So fail us Rolene and we’ll curse you to death. Prepare! Prepare! Work it out girl!


Photo Courtesy: Miss Earth Website

Whoever doesn’t want to bow down to this goddess is a fool. Her facial beauty is sensational. We thought she could be the next Miss Earth last year, but she failed big time in delivering her answer during the interview, and she lacked the substance of becoming the queen. She is a wasted beauty in Miss Earth just mainly because of her ineffectual performance. She could be one of the prettiest Miss Earth, but she really didn’t have it all. In this year’s Miss Universe, as early as now, she’s one of the candidates who has the prepossessing facial beauty. However, she needs to work on her catwalk, and stage presence. Her facial beauty isn’t enough for her to make it all the way to the top. We would be devastated if she will have the same performance in Miss Universe. She needs scrupulous training in personality enhancement and catwalk.


Photo Courtesy: Binibining Pilipinas

She was one of our favorites in Binibining Pilipinas 2011 and 2012. And she failed us. Now, she’s back, which jumped us out of our feet. With all her failings, she stood up and persistently fought for what she had wanted. Body wise, she has it. Personality wise, she has it too. What she doesn’t have is the universal beauty-queen glow. She’s not that uber pretty honestly, and she lacks the presence that shuts people in a room. That’s where she has to work on, and it’s a total package. The glow must come from within, and we believe that it’s gonna be a piece of cake for her considering her relentless persistence and the battle she had gone through before she got the crown. We call it an intrinsic motivation. She can have all the transformations that she needs, but if she’s not determined to make it through it all, she definitely won’t win. Another thing is her communication skills, which we thought is also a part of having the beauty-queen glow. She needs to stand out, but as early as now, we are CERTAIN that she will place…no doubt about it.


She’s a Latina demigod! What a very striking features for a queen! We were so relieved not seeing any inch of Cynthia Duque in her. She’s like a breed of Ximena Navarette and Alyssa Campanella rolled into one. Her brow bones are edgy. Her facial contour is just perfect. Her body just needs a little bit of toning, though; it looks too girly and that doesn’t seem to look right for an MU caliber.She needs to get the catwalk skills of Estefania Rivera (her co-candidate in NBM 2013), which means she needs to improve in that area. Lupita Jones did pick the right person for her country. If she gives a little bit of push in her performance, well, it’s a payback time for Mexico!


Photo Courtesy: Inspiritoo

Very charming and appealing. She did well in her national pageant. We find her personality enchanting, too. And oh, how can we forget her figure? Pretty damn hot! She will definitely raise the Colombian flag. What we want her to make improvements in is her styling. She’s a little bit off in that part. Her team needs to find her the best-looking styling that fits well on her. She’s really IN! She’s in the top! Even as early as now, we can say that MUO will like her.


Photo Courtesy: Miss Nicaragua

What we like about this girl is she’s not that queenly, but she has this aura that makes you look at her for hours without getting bored. She’s a bombshell. Her professional photos are extremely delightful. Her soft facial features and bubbly personality make her a standout. She is so sweet-looking. But it can also be her frenemy. We know that in Miss Universe, the fiercer you are, the more chances of winning. She can’t just be too sweet-looking and teeny in Miss Universe, she has to step it up. She needs to hit the gym and undergo training. Her catwalk is awful. In short, she needs to be trained. Calling Nastassja Bolivar! Train your girl, please!


Photo Courtesy: Miss Russia

Her beauty is vindictive. She’s destined to place in this year’s Miss Universe pageant. And we can never be wrong with this one. She’s perfect for a semi-finals spot. She’s a European queen and we just love everything about her. She also looks like Latina; like a Naya-Rivera-cum-Sofia-Vergara vibe. She is way way better than last year’s. Though she needs to improve, we think she’s ready for the Miss Universe stage. Like what a famous line of Randy J goes, “She’s in it to win it!”


Photo Courtesy: Beauty Pageant News

There is so much about this girl that we can’t get over with. She’s oozing with universal appeal and she looks striking and very sexy. Look at those eyes–she’s like gonna kill you with just a stare! She’s facially perfect! However, there are also lost of things that we want this girl to improve. She lacks the rigid training to prepare for the competition. She has what it takes but without proper training and thorough preparation, she might not make it. But we really are rooting for this girl. She lacks catwalk skills, stage presence and styling! If she has all these, then she’s in MU semi-final train!


Gabriela isn’t a newbie in beauty pageantry anymore…she obviously is a veteran, which basically means she has an edge over other candidates from other countries. She speaks CONFIDENCE. She’s a dead-ringer, hot brunette! Those eyes of hers are to die for. She’s this year’s femme fatale thus far. Her body is toned and damn right leggy-sexy! We just hope she doesn’t sport a crimped hairdo that bitchy Monic Peréz did last year. She’s not gonna make it if she does. We mean she got the pretty, give-tit-for-tat, arresting look but if she doesn’t pull a bewitching styling and stuff, she’ll definitely lose her chances.

OriginalMiss Universe 2014 – Top 10 Favorites (April Edition)

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