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Miss Polonia is Charlize Theron 2.0

Poland - Paulina Krupinska

Miss Polonia (Poland) for 2013 Miss Universe Pageant

Age: 25 years old
Birthdate: June 1987
Birthplace: Warsaw, Poland
Height: 1.78 m (5 ft. 10 in.)

Here are the comments from pageant experts and forumers around the globe:

“It’s hard to tell who is more gorgeous, 2012′s Marcelina or 2013′s Paulina…I see a strong contender in this year’s winner.” -Gaby

“She definitely is the best choice for Poland. But I don’t like her bangs! She indeed has big a forehead but bangs is never a good choice for a beauty pageant queen.” -Karinouninette, Paris

“Congratulations Poland! The girl is stunning and gorgeous-no doubt. Now I need to see more of Paulina in her MISS role to decide if I like her or not. I mean I like her but you understand.” -ColombianDiva, Colombia

“Quite mature looking to me.” -Eddie

“She’s uber gorgeous and classy. So we have three girls from Europe that are striking… we need more, though.” -Suave, Albania

“Beautiful winner! I think I will place her as 1st runner up…..expect another placement from Poland.” -Dr. Manuel, Philippines

“She looks much prettier than Miss Poland World 2013…Go Miss Polonia!” -Alicia

“She’ll turn 26 y.o. in June, but she still looks so young and fresh like a teenager. And what’s the most important – she’s 100% natural” -nika88, Poland

“Maybe the best Polish Miss Universe candidate ever! I think she’s more beautiful than the semi-finalist in Miss Universe 2012 Marcelina Zawadzka.” -Emilia, UK

“She is better than the last year’s Polish winner,because she knows how to look beautiful.Her type reminds me of Miss Venezuela at MU’02.” -OlegNN

“Very beautiful miss poland! She’s in my top 5 with Miss France!” -thierry

“Charlize Theron’s brunette version…OMG! Another gorgeous lady has been crowned. Too many beautiful girls this year and waiting for more.” -monsterholic, Colombia

“OMG! Goddess new Miss Poland! She got a perfect face like Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012).” -elio, Lebanon

“Look-alike of Mariah Carey” -Nimfa

“I had no doubt that my bitch was going to win. She will be definitely be one of the strongest contestants from the European team this year come Miss Universe pageant night. Gosh, just look at that $1000000 face.” -Gossip Girl, Venezuela

“In my eyes she is this year’s Elizabeta Burg… Very memorable beauty… Early threat!” –SANTI MENdBER, Mexico

“Hope she rocks the stage as good as she rock photoshoots!” –Elif87, Turkey

“I love it when a country crowns a successor who’s totally different from the previous queen…She is gorgeous like Marcelina but she has her own beauty that will mesmerize you. I will be keeping an eye on her! She’s an early threat.” –da gorgeous moi, Manila

“Paulina was my favorite from the start. I hope you will be successful at Miss Universe pageant. She is beautiful, smiling, optimistic, intelligent. In some of the photos in my opinion she is similar to the Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete.” –Kryspin, Szczecin

“Gorgeous! Definitely an early favorite!! She will rock the predictions lists!!”

AndreaAboitiz, Philippines

“I am just soo happy to see this girl win! Look at her, she’s stunning! I see a very hopeful Miss Universe 2013 in her!” –BeautyForever

“I like her face—soft beauty! She needs to hit the gym, though.” -RVRV

“Another stunning girl! Korea, Indonesia, France, PR, Bolivia and now Poland! Poland is on the right path. Hopefully she can continue the placement of Marcelina Zawadska!”

-Pacifico, Perth

“She’s beautiful but I hope she won’t go the Iliana Papageorgiou route.” -Soledad, Philippines

“I love her type of beauty. I don’t know how to explain. She’s gorgeous, but she’s more than that. She looks like a very cute and lovely girl. After seeing the pics of her body, that’s obviously her weakness. She needs to hit the gym ASAP.” -ColombianDiva, Colombia

“I’m a huge fan of Marcelina. She is one of a kind, a total goddess, yet let’s admit one thing – Paulina has a way better smile than Marcelina, that’s for sure!” -Mr_electriccat, Poland


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