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Josselyn Garciglia, Miss Mexico Gave Her Heartwarming Message

Josselyn Garciglia, Miss Mexico Gave Her Heartwarming Message

Josselyn Garciglia, Miss Mexico 2014 during the Telemundo press junket. Photo courtesy of Telemundo.

One of the great strengths that Josselyn Garciglia has boasted over the past Miss Universe pageant was his maturity. The 23-year-old beauty from La Paz, Baja California Sur, was acknowledged before the cameras and the judges as a lady with confidence and poise, and now, after days of the competition in which she did her best and hope, acknowledges the experience and those who accompanied and supported throughout the experience.

Through Facebook, she shared an emotional message that not only recognizes the efforts of his team and the organization of Miss Universe, but also opened her heart and shared the bittersweet feelings she experienced having failed to conquer pageant crown for Mexico.

“Back in Mexico with my thoughts in order, my calm head and my heart on fire, I want to thank you for all the messages of support and love I received from you. I can not deny that no classification left me with a bad taste, with a feeling of exhaustion, pain, sadness, with many questions and few answers; not because the crown was my only objective but because I had the opportunity to show all learning, work and concerted effort, not only mine but of all my teachers, organization and the people who have worked with me for so long.”

Josselyn Garciglia, Miss Mexico failed to make the cut even after her impressive performance in the preliminary competition. She was predicted to place but she didn’t make it. She gave her all, and that is something Mexico should be proud of. (Photo courtesy of Missosology.)

Josselyn Garciclia emphasizes that she worked every aspect to get well-prepared for each of the areas of the competition and that after the result, came to feel that it was all in vain until someone showed her that her real reward is the love that she reaped.

“January closes a chapter of my life but I do not stop. I will continue to pursue other goals and always promise to work with the same commitment and love to do,” she said in a text full of reflection and eloquence.

Josselyn Garciglia in her swimsuit during the preliminary competition. Photo courtesy of Missosology.

“I’m going to head high because I know I could not have done anything differently before and during the contest, and every day I struggled a bit to reach my goal. I did everything that I had in my hands and I now understand that this is the art of living: feel full and happy with the progress regardless of the outcome, because it no longer depends on you.”

She also anticipated that people would want her to tell about what happened in the competition, but she stated that it is not for her to do so. However, she thanks for all the learning with much humility, and announced that she will continue to work.

“It has been an honor to represent my beautiful and beloved Mexico, I will always carry that in my heart and will participate in my next steps … to keep smiling there longer than life.”

Get to know more about Josselyn through her web interview:

Information is as seen from the source: HOLA

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