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Miss Colombia Tells All


Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez has finally spoken her side and this is an excerpt from an interview by TVyNovelas posted on January 12, 2016 and this is how it goes: 

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez pose for TVyNovelas’ latest magazine cover. (Photo Courtesy: TVyNovelas)

How do you feel about the wave of news you have stirred up following the Miss Universe pageant?
The night of December 20th, when I left the Miss Universe pageant, everything seemed so cloudy and dark. I didn’t understand why this happened to me. It’s a feeling I don’t wish on anybody. It’s very ugly. It’s a feeling I don’t wish on anybody.

What went through your head when they were about to take your crown?
I thought it was a joke because in the rehearsals Steve Harvey was always joking about that. He would tease us all the time with the questions. He’s a jokester. If you watch the video closely, when he says “I have to apologize,” I was laughing. Despite the euphoria of having achieved the biggest dream of my life…I don’t know, God guided me. When I won, it was joy. I cried thanking the judges. People were taking photos, thanking my family. Then when Harvey came back, I thought, “But what is this guy coming back for?” I thought it was a joke. When he said, “I have to apologize,” I thought “Something is happening.” Then he says “The first runner up is Colombia.” I was frozen and said, “This is it.”

What did Paulina Vega (the ex Miss Universe) say in that moment?
She said, “What should I do?” I answered, “Paulina take off my crown and give it to her.” Paulina was shaking. You can see in the video I bowed my head and she takes my crown.

Miss Colombia gave a resounding smile despite having her crown yanked off from her head after a wrong announcement. (Photo Courtesy: http://www.missuniverse.com)

Is it true that you and Paulina are cousins?
I am cousins with Paulina’s mom. That’s what she told me (laughs). We have to do a DNA test, but there is definitely a family connection.You bowed your head. That showed a lot of humility. Well, yes.

Did Steve Harvey apologize?
No Steve Harvey did not apologize. Some say Steve Harvey was drunk during the ceremony.

Do you think that’s true?
I honestly don’t know about that right now. I can’t confirm he had one too many. I always saw him in the same mood. That night I had very little interaction with him.

Do you think it was a sincere mistake?
That day I felt a lot of resistance from the public over what happened. I think if you have a teleprompter, it’s very easy to rectify it immediately. The vibe that prevailed is that no-one thought was a mistake.

“No one thought it was a mistake.”

Were you upset?
I thought, “I’m such an idiot, I should not have left. I should have stayed there.” But before anything, having dignity is the most important thing. I am Miss Universe to Colombia. I put on the crown before anyone else and mine and Colombia’s name will be in videos for centuries and centuries to come. It’s something that had never happened. I went to the pageant for a crown and made history.

Do you regret going to the pageant hoping for something bigger and finding humiliation?
If they gave me the opportunity, and I say it openly, I don’t think it’s right the way they handled the situation. Four minutes of humiliation on air is a lot.

Do you feel they were too harsh and inconsiderate in their handling of the situation?
I felt very humiliated and that the organization did not care about my feelings. It was very ugly. They took my dreams in the blink of an eye. They took my dreams in the blink of an eye.

Have you let them known you were upset or confronted them?
Yes, I believe they walked all over people and did not care about anyone’s feelings, or what someone may suffer. I am completely not ok with that. I had a conversation and let then know my feelings of sadness and that bad taste in your mouth knowing you made so many sacrifices and it was all for nothing, the way they handled it.

What did they say?
What’s done is done. That feeling is impossible to remedy or compensate for.

Do you have any resentment toward Miss Philippines?
Not at all. We get along very well and we are searching for peace because it has generated a sort of conflict between the latin community and them. She is Miss Universe. I was it for four minutes, and for many I still am.

You were offered a porn video and you said you wouldn’t do it for millions of dollars. Would you do it for more money?
Laughs. No I said it as a joke. I would never do it. It doesn’t go with who I am.

Would you do nude photos?
Well, the truth is this is the first time the idea has been presented to me. I have seen nudes that are beautiful, including many former Miss Universe winners, and they have come out really well.

So, you would do it?
Yes, I would. I would never do a porno, but I would do nude photos. As long as it’s not vulgar. I went to the pageant for a crown and made history.


You are the youngest?
That’s right, I am the youngest. But that does not mean I’m a brat, just very coddled (laughs).
Having grown up around people who are older and more mature is what made me what I am today. I think all those family values are what made me make the decisions I have made in these difficult days.

You speak wonders about your parents, but they are actually your aunt and uncle. What happened with your biological parents?
I have three moms. My biological mom, the one who raised me, because mother is the one who raises you and stays up all night with you, not the one who births you—and my other aunt who is with me in all interviews and is practically like another mother. I have three moms.

What happened with your mother? Why couldn’t she raise you?
My mom gave birth to me and six months later went to live in Barranquilla. I was born in Sincelejo (small town in Colombia) and because of work issues, she could not take care of me. I didn’t have a father and my mom couldn’t take care of me or my sister. She left my sister with my grandmother. But we always grew up with the truth.

Were you bullied in school?
Yes. I was always the tallest one in the group and they called me “The Giraffe.” They would call me mainly because I was always playing sports and did not socialize much with my classmates.

Many people doubt and affirm that you have had plastic surgery and had some physical alterations.

No. If I wanted to do it during the Colombia pageant, they wouldn’t have let me because there would have been no time. If I did it, I wouldn’t see anything wrong with that.
“If I did it (plastic surgery), I wouldn’t see anything wrong with that.”

Did you have many obstacles on your journey to being Miss Colombia?
Many. The indecent proposals poured in. Everything you can imagine. They would also say I didn’t look like a queen and that I was going to fail. But I’m stubborn. The more they said no, the more I wanted to do it. In 2013, when Paulina Vega won, I was supposed to participate with her in Colombia, but I couldn’t because I had a contract with a swimsuit company that wouldn’t expire until later that month. To participate you had to be free of any contracts. I was going to run with her (for the title of Miss Colombia), but I couldn’t. It was a lost year and I cried a lot. It was a lost year and I cried a lot.

How was it, the year you could not participate?
Very frustrating. I lost all my savings. I spent the whole year in my house preparing. In runway shows, people always wanted me to go topless, or with see-through clothes, bathing suits, lingerie, and I would say no because I wanted to be queen. I was 19 and I held out on many things.

Have you ever gone hungry?
When I was starting out in Bogota. I landed in a group home. Thank God it has a roof, because it was super cheap. I shared it with 20 women. The bathroom and the kitchen were horrible. There were rats. I would eat yogurt with cereal everyday because I couldn’t afford anything.

Find the rest of our interview with Miss Colombia in the February issue of TVyNovelas, available online and on newsstands January 12th.

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