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Miss Colombia Wins Vin Diesel For A Flick

Miss Colombia Wins Vin Diesel For A Flick

Look who got the first gig and had Vin Diesel’s nod for a leading lady role? It’s none other than Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez (1st Runner Up, Miss Universe 2015)! That crowning pandemonium really got the deals working, huh? Can we now say ‘Thanks Steve Harvey for the mistake’? We’d like to give that thought a job if you were to ask us, though. Anyway, carry on. 

So indeed, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez is set to star in Vin Diesel’s movie “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage,” which will be released early next year. In a report by our paparazzi from TMZ, it’s been mentioned that Ariadna is set to appear in six scenes and is given a three-page dialogue for the movie with Vin. According to the reports, she will play the role of Vin Diesel’s love interest, and her part is not insignificant. Hmmm…sizzling scenes is it? We’re thrilled!

While other fans think it is but a hoax and just some sort of extensive fanaticism, Ariadna somehow confirmed it in Instagram through her recent posts:

We had fun today! Nos divertimos hoy! #XXXtheMovie ?? @vindiesel

A photo posted by Ariadna Gutierrez (@gutierrezary) on

We love you VIN ! Te queremos VIN! ?? #xander #XXXtheMovie ???? @vindiesel

A video posted by Ariadna Gutierrez (@gutierrezary) on

Ariadna’s IG

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