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Carmen Roldan is Valle’s 10th Queen To Represent COLOMBIA


Señorita Colombia for Miss Universe 2013 Pageant
Carmen RoldanAge: 21 years old
Birthdate: March 9, 1992
Birthplace: Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Height: 1.71 m (5 ft 71/2 in)
Education: Social Communication and Journalism student (University of Autonoma de Occidente)
Job: Colombian model and a journalist in a private sector
Trivia: She’s the 10th Miss Valle who won the Miss Colombia pageant

“There is no particular time to take on a challenge, every day is a challenge that everyone should know assume, every day is an opportunity to demonstrate once what is being done. The difference is how each person’s take and take on a challenge for me is to be aware of giving the best of me when I know that there is another moment in the present to give everything.” –Carmen Aldana

Carmen Roldan

Let’s have some comments from our pageant forumers, experts and enthusiasts:

“La de Valle la mejor de todo el grupo, una chica con fuerza para miss universo 2013, tienen en Colombia una fuerte candidata pa el proximo MU, muchos hablan de San Andres, la verdad la chica es linda, pero no pasa mas de ahi, para ganar en miss colombia no estaba ella, si hubiese sido bueno que entrara en el top 5, al menos el 5 lugar, me gusta la de colombia, buena eleccion..
saludos de Venezuela.” –Diana

“Lucia is gorgeous! My favorite for Miss Universe 2013!” –Kokin, Portugal

“I’m not feeling her by now! She’s just ok/plain for me! Waiting for her transformation!” -Fantasio

“Congratulations Colombia! Finally, a deserving winner AGAIN! She is the best Latina in the bunch so far for my taste. Stunning face! I am so happy with the new winner! She looks (in my eyes) like Carolina Gomez (MU 1994-1st Runner Up)! Time for a sweet revenge!” –Santi MENdBER, Mexico


“Her face is like a modernized version of Paula Andrea Betancour who represented Colombia in the 1993 Miss Universe (1st Runner-Up).” –JP Anonuevo

“She is now my fave for MU along with Puerto Rico.” – kool_ind, India

Carmen Roldan“Although I preferred the beautifully sweet TOLIMA for Universo & META for Internacional, VALLE was in my top 3. Her facial features are strong.” –Pete of PDB

“I love that she’s a QUEEN. She really wants this. Look at her when she competed in Miss Valle earlier this year; she has improved a lot!” -ColombianDiva, Colombia

“Definitely the right girl who won this year (haven’t liked Miss Colombia since Valerie Tarud in ’06, although I learned to like Catalina Robayo last year). Valle was one of the most beautiful of the 25, albeit the 4th weakest in her on-stage interview. She has stunning smile, and no obvious facial surgeries like last year’s winner. She has a near-perfect pageant cat-walk, great stage-presence, and her body was one of the top 3 best. Her red gown was an exact replica of Ximena Navarrete from the waist down, including a huge train which she twirled like Ximena. To be different and more “original”, it would have been stunning in another color. Otherwise, this girl rocked the night.” -BrettMan

“When she paraded herself on that red gown like Ximena Navarrete’s…Damn! She was oozing with sex appeal. She owned the whole night! Good job Colombia!” –blue_black_2010, Sydney Australia

Carmen Roldan“Siempre la tube a valle como ganadora y segunda a huila, estopy feliz acerte con las dos primeras, en mi opinion valle era la mas sobresaliente para internacional, un poco baja de estatura pero esta bien. me sorprendio antioquia entre las 5 y san andres fuera de el, igual siempre a San Andres la tube entre las princesas, no crei que ganaria, para malas preguntas hay malas respuestas, todas respondieron muy mal, la peor la de antioquia como siempre y valle me sorprendio con su mala respuesta, pense que por esto perderia. en cuanto a vestidos el de huila horrible y el de valle el mismo de Mexico en el 2010.” –Angela

“This is a story about the beginning of Lucía’s victory, our lovely new queen, with accounts from a direct witness, my dear and talented Amanda, one of the top hairdressers of the country:

When elected about 6 months ago, Lucía succeeded against all odds, representing her home town Candelaria only by insistence of an experienced trainer, given that never in her whole life she considered to get involved in beauty pageants, and because of the modest condition of her family. That surprise factor was highlighted by the fact that she had to use a loaned dress for press conference after being crowned Señorita Valle ’cause she was so sure she would not win she had not packed enough clothes (and had no more dresses of her own). Even more, during that province pageant she had to wait for her makeup until more favorite, taller contestants were ready, and with humble attitude asked Amanda to help her with eyelashes she brought by herself and to please not be paid for it ’cause she had no money to pay her; She was the only one who always used to talk to pageant’s staff about her life, her thoughts, and in a very relaxed way. Now she has won. Her town (20 km from where I’m right now) is in full jubilee, and I could not be happier to see her rested, naive and humble beauty being rewarded in BIG fashion! HURRA!!!!!!!” –The Fifth Columnist, Colombia

“I like 4/5 of the Latinas at the moment. If I had to place them it would go like this…1. Puerto Rico, 2. Colombia, 3. Mexico,4. Bolivia, and 5. Venezuela.” –MarkIB, United States

Carmen Roldan“I like her. I think the new Miss Colombia is fresh-looking. She is the least patty looking from the final 5. I hope her transformation will be fantastic!” -JayPee

“Felicidades a todos los colombianos del foro por su nueva reina. Admito que no fue mi favorita de la noche pero su belleza es inegable. Ademas que segun dicen es una chica humilde y eso pude persibir cuando vi el video de sus familiares. Me parece que es una chica que sin mucho apoyo personal y economico logro mucho. Felicidades.” –Nina Cleopatra, Egypt

“I like her! She has the potential to become one of the frontrunners inMiss Universe pageant 2013! UPGRADE! I love her aura and her smile is that of a winner and a true queen. Bravo!!!” –valleriam, Puerto Rico

“Congratulations to Colombia on your new queen. She is stunning and reminds me a lot of Cheryl Cole. I’m so glad that Colombia finally chose the best and most consistent delegate throughout the whole competition!” –Werner, Pretoria

Carmen Roldan“I’m really happy she still won despite the top 5 fiasco! I’ll support this girl! In fairness, as early as now, 2013 is getting more exciting. I have Bolivia, Korea, Puerto Rico, and Colombia for now!” –kenhan, Bangkok

“A las que son del Valle y ganan la corona siempre les va bien en Miss Universo, esperemos que sea el caso de Carmen Lucia Aldana.” –giozeppe460, Colombia

“I must admit I wasn’t a real fan of her. I preferred Meta. But now I see why she won. She has natural beauty without plastic surgery, nice, fresh and with charisma.” -Pavlina

“Como era de esperarse. Dejan a la srta. San Anders fuera del top 5. Hasta cuando Colombia, hasta cuando!!!!! La srta. San Andres es la verdadera Miss Colombia. Que lastima. Que desperdicio. Hace mucho tiempo no he visto una candidata tan bella como San Andres. Ella era top 5 seguro en el Miss Universo 2013. Aun estoy en shock.” -Missologa2

Carmen Roldan“I like her. The first thing that catches my eye are her eyes which I think are very beautiful. I can’t wait to see her transformation a couple of months from now.” -McFrito

“I’m so in love with this girl. Finally, I can say that I love a Colombian beauty queen since my Natucana.” -ChecoAlzate, Colombia

“One thing that concerns me is that Lucía almost never stands out in group pictures with the Top 5 girls, which is really bad for her because she is so much prettier than the other girls. Sometimes I feel like she lacks power and spark. And when it goes to her body, I don’t think she has gained any weight, but she is way too saggy! U betta work, gurl!” –Icru, Cocos Islands

“She looks far way better than other chosen contestants like Philippines, Mexico, El Salvador, Ecuador and Venezuela. She needs to be a little bit fierce, though. Echarse tres baldes de arrechura! XD” –ColombianDiva, Colombia

Carmen Roldan“Right now is the BODYYY!! Can someone please tell her that she needs to check her training. She needs to talk with her trainer quickly. This exercise is the problem. Like what I said before, she needs to do more cardio and less weights.” –monsterholic, Colombia

“Esto le quiero hacer a esa entrenadora ignorante…Does she even know anything about pageantry and how body should look? Ugh!” -InstintoEuropeo1994, Colombia


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