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Julia Furdea, Miss Austria: “It Was Not Easy”

Julia Furdea, Miss Austria – “It Was Not Easy”

Julia Furdea – Miss Austria 2014 in her evening gown during the preliminary competition. (Photo courtesy of Missosology)

After competing in the Miss Universe 2014 Pageant, Julia Furdea – Miss Austria 2014 felt finally rested being back home and said, “At home, it’s simply the best.” In a message she posted in Miss Austria website, she expressed her gratitude and shared her experiences in the pageant.

“The Miss Universe Pageant 2014 was an amazing, unique and unforgettable experience that has changed me. I have learned to be open to new cultures, to be 20-hour fit and much more, to spare the other 4 hours of sleep, and to be flexible at all times.”
She uttered that competing in the pageant wasn’t as easy as expected. “It was not easy sleeping for only 4-5 hours a day, putting on make-up every day, doing my hair and being on time on schedules, getting up for breakfast at 6:30 all glammed-up, and wearing heels non-stop (much way easier to wear comfy shoes). It was not easy putting a smile of my face and posing before the press, even though they only showed interest for the Latin American countries. And finally, it is not easy to implement all these things professionally, and to always keep the optimism in me every single day.”

Miss Austria’s official glamshot by Fadil Berisha. (Photo courtesy of Miss Universe)

But despite all of the difficult things she said she went through, Julia kept her focus on her goal—-which was to win and represent her country to the best of her abilities and she felt very much proud of herself for what she has done. “It was not really easy! When I was there, I promised myself not to whine about these things because if I did, then I shouldn’t have deserved to be there after all. Many girls actually have complained that the nights were short and their feet were killing them. They have given up. Some of them gave up on some events because they were too tired. That’s why I am damn proud of myself! For I have always done what was required, was always styled beautifully, and I have NEVER complained…NEVER!”

“Although I did not win, but in myself I could say I HAVE WON! I was there every day in the best version of myself. I’ve made up my mind and I’ve also pulled it through”, she added.

She expressed gratitude to her MUO Supervisor for always being there supporting her, her final dress designer La Hong, her wardrobe designer Callisti, and Emmanuel Burger for her national costume.

Julia Furdea – Miss Austria 2014 took a pose in her Yamamay swimsuit during the preliminary competition. (Photo courtesy of Missosology)

“I returned home with a small notebook full of words of my dear “Miss Sisters”, with a bunch of gifts from the Miss Universe Organization and more importantly, the knowledge that I have given to everyone.”

Info Source: Miss Austria

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