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Miss Universe 2013 Prediction 01

MISS UNIVERSE 2013 PREDICTION – Miss Universe 2013 is unstoppable! Pageant fora are already filled with different reviews, critiques, features, and predictions about who among of the candidates to date deserve a spot for this year’s Miss Universe edition. Millions of pageant enthusiasts (from professionals to newbies) have already shared their ideas and comments about every country’s representative to the most prestigious pageant on earth, and there have been a few girls who passed the tastes of the critiques. Candid and prof pics, videos, stats, interviews and local pageant performances are the bases for selecting the goddesses who might be able to make the cut this December. After wee hours of comparing hot picks, reviews, and comments, we came up with our top 15 list of girls who might shine in Las Vegas.So here it goes!

Yukimi Matsuo

MU Crowns JAPAN Earned:
2 crowns
Japan’s Number of Placements in MU History:
18 Placements
Japan’s Last Placement:
2008 (Hiroko Mima, Top 15)
Japan’s Longest Streak:
6 years (1969-1973)
When choosing the right girl to represent Japan, I am always worried, coz’ most of them look exactly alike, but this year has more than what she looks like physically. Yes she looks so Asian, yet her beauty is distinctively striking. She’s like an anime queen that can transform oneself from a maiden into a powerful phoenix. She definitely has much more to give. Beauty wise, she has it. With our without much make up, she can surely pull off a surprise to everyone. HOWEVER, her catwalk is the worst that I have ever seen in my entire pageant life. She walks like a joke! I am fervently praying that MUJ will hone her potentials and give her the training that she deserves. I’ve heard about this MUJ-business thing going on, so I do hope that they’ll use her as an asset. Provide her the best wardrobe that Japan was once famous of, and make the most of this girl’s power to make the cut this year. Japan is a powerhouse country in Asia and I want it back. It’s been four years since the last time Japan placed and I believe it’s about time to be back on track.


Paulina Krupińska

MU Crowns POLAND Earned:
0 crown
Poland’s Number of Placements in MU History:
5 Placements
Poland’s Last Placement:
2012 (Marcelina Zawadzka, Top 16)
Poland’s Longest Streak:
2 years (1958-1959)
Sweet-looking girl with so much potential. Everytime I look at Miss Polonia, she reminds me of a movie flick actress, in a rom-com movie, in a sweet-cuddly romantic film. She looks sooo young for the pageant I guess…She is like a 14-year old girl who is ridiculously pretty. I am rooting for her since MU is a bit favoring sweet girls these days. Her catwalk is average so she needs to work a lil bit better on it. Her body is not yet toned, but I am seeing the aura that can make her penetrate the semi finals. She’s adorable and cute, with much good vibe going on. Europeans will knock hard this year I guess. I hope this girl will not disappoint me.

Whulandary Herman

MU Crowns INDONESIA Earned:
0 crowns
Indonesia’s Number of Placements in MU History:
1 Placement
Indonesia’s Last Placement:
2005 (Artika Sari Devi, Top 15)
Indonesia’s Longest Streak:
1 year (2005)
Whatta major upgrade from last year’s chubby candidate. Sorry Indonesians but last year’s candidate looked heavy and dull on stage. Whulandary is vogue-ish; she’s at par compared to Selena. Aside from being a ramp model (a successful one indeed), she is strikingly beautiful. She’s not the pretty-sweet-teenie hooper most Asians are expected of, but she’s really the kinda girl who is ready to devour the candidates on stage. She knows how to carry herself on stage. Her catwalk is the benchmark for all others who want to be known as catwalk divas. However, what I find as a flaw in her is her hair. She has to have the kind of styling that will knock the judges off. Buns and curls are not for her. She would look tacky and dull like the one in her coronation night; she looked too plain with that hair. Proper styling, more hours in the gym, intensive training and tons of glowing personality, then Indonesia will never be called as a clapper. I believe in this girl. She can raise the flag of her country. Congratulations Puteri Indonesia for sending the girl that will make you proud.

Cynthia Duque Garza

Cynthia Duque Garza

MU Crowns MEXICO Earned:
2 crowns
Mexico’s Number of Placements in MU History:
17 Placements
Mexico’s Last Placement:
2012 (Karina Gonzalez, Top 10)
Mexico’s Longest Streak:
5 years (2004-2008)

A clone of Ximena. Her packaging is completely synonymous to Ximena’s. But I am liking everything that she is trying to be at right now. I can see the determination in her. Her body cannot be ignored too. She may not be that pretty, but I believe that she can do well comes MU finals. Her eyes are startling and speaks hunger for the crown. I know Lupita Jones will do everything to have Mexico’s third crown. I want to see more transformation, though. Her improvements right now prove me that she deserves a spot in the semi-finals. I am just afraid that she remains in the shadow of Ximena. I want her to be recognized as to who she is, and what she can do in the competition. If she does the same copy-cat thing, then she’s gonna be in trouble. No one wants a version 2, right?

Miss Colombia Universe 2013

Lucia Aldana

MU Crowns COLOMBIA Earned:
1 crown
Colombia’s Number of Placements in MU History:
29 Placements
Colombia’s Last Placement:
2011 (Catalina Robayo, Top 16)
Colombia’s Longest Streak:
6 years (1973-1978)

One of the most adorable Latinas I have known the least. She has the most queenly attitude IMO; from her very humble beginning to the pedestal where she is at right now, she remains the girl in the country with high hopes and good heart. I don’t know if it’s only me but she kinda reminds me of Carolina Gomez and I wouldn’t mind having her in top 5 like what Carolina did. She had an impressive performance during the Miss Colombia pageant; her catwalk is near to perfection, she’s uber pretty and has a great stage presence, and her figure is just right enough to top it all, just needs more cardio though. If there’s one thing that I would like her to keep, it will be her natural beauty. It would be a major disappointment if she follows the likes of Miss Venezuela and other Latinas who have had surgeries.

Miss South Africa Universe 2013

Marilyn Ramos

MU Crowns SOUTH AFRICA Earned:
1 crown
South Africa’s Number of Placements in MU History:
20 Placements
South Africa’s Last Placement:
2012 (Melinda Bam, Top 10)
South Africa’s Longest Streak:
3 years (the latest was 2008-2010)

For the past five years, South Africa is always the one to beat. I even had this crazy following at Melinda Bam last year, unfortunately top 10 was what she could go as far. This year, Marilyn Ramos will surely have a spot in the semifinals. Communication wise, she has the edge since she does speak English fluently. She is bubbly and very admirable. She’s giving me the sexier version of Alicia Keys. Her skin tone is something to die for. I am just a bit concerned of her catwalk; when she walks, she appears sickly and she seems in need of a lot of energy. The attitude that I saw from Tatum Kishwar is what I want to see in her; this intelligent and promising vibe on stage. And I am tired of seeing South Africa in top 10; I want this girl to be in top 5.

Miss Netherlands Universe 2013

Stephanie Tency

1 crown
The Netherlands’ Number of Placements in MU History:
12 Placements (Holland/Netherlands)
The Netherlands’ Last Placement:
2011 (Kelly Weekers, Top 16)
The Netherlands’ Longest Streak:
3 years (1965-1967)

A bombshell European blonde! I like her striking facial structures. Her jawlines are impressive; look perfectly crafted. Her professional photos are astounding. Her works as an ambassador of goodwill make her such an adorable queen; very workaholic and such a sweet Dutch lass. She has the vibe that will make her a part of the top 16. She’s not that very competitive as a whole though, but she has the appeal and/or charisma that can penetrate the semifinals. She’s like the twin of Kim Kotter (MU Nederland 2002), the sexier version of Billie Piper (actress/singer), and a bit of VS top model Doutzen Kroes. I am not a fan of her body, which means she has to work harder on it. I have a strong faith in this girl that she will follow Kelly Weelers’ footsteps, or even further all the way to top 5. I am just worried about the norm of having European candidates not well-favored in Miss Universe. But she can surely pull it off. Way to go Stephany!

Gabriela Kratochvilová

0 crown
Czech Republic’s Number of Placements in MU History:
6 Placements
Czech Republic’s’ Last Placement:
2010 (Jitka Valkova, Top 16)
Czech Republic’s Longest Streak:
4 years (2007-2010)

There is really something special about this girl; her beauty is so addictive. I admit, I keep looking at her photos. She has this mysterious thing going on in her. IMO, her hair is really her edge; it’s not a risk at all. She seems like she has a lot of surprises to give. She can be someone who you would wanna turn your head first. However, her physical features as a whole seem plain for a European candidate. She’s pretty and addictive, but she has to have more of what she can give. Aside from her hair, she has to look for an asset that she can use to standout. And it’s probably her personality. She seems so cool and very likable; that, I think, what makes me look at her most of the time. She’s giving me the IT-girl-in-Manhattan personality that guys would wanna chat all day long. I never get tired of her beauty. She is so fresh and looks youthful. She also needs to work on her body like Eliška Bučková’s.

Melita Fabečić

MU Crowns CROATIA Earned:
0 crown
Croatia’s Number of Placements in MU History:
2 Placements
Croatia’s’ Last Placement:
2012 (Elizabeth Burg, Top 16)
Croatia’s Longest Streak:
1 year (the latest was 2012)

Another enchanting beauty from Croatia. I was worried about this country when they sent a major Goddess last year that they probably couldn’t live with the expectation of the fans for this year. But it seems to me that Croatia never failed in choosing the right girl. Femme Fatale as I call her, Melita is a firecracker! Her facial features are modeleque; I love her jawlines. She’s not the typical European candidate you see in MU stage; her beauty is bewildering, inviting, and seductive. Funny how I see her slutty sometimes, but she’s the kinda girl who you wanna stare all day long—and that’s her advantage. Her beauty screams diva attitude. There are just some of her candids that I find her not admirable, but most are perfect. She walks like a classic Hollywood star. She’s elegantly astounding!

Miss Canada Universe 2013

Riza Santos

MU Crowns CANADA Earned:
2 crowns
Canada’s Number of Placements in MU History:
16 Placements
Canada’s’ Last Placement:
2012 (Alice Panikian, Top 10)
Canada’s Longest Streak:
3 years (1980-1982)

Oh geez! A supernova in the making! The MU-Canada fiasco (categorically) percolated around pageant netizens like a blast, and had Riza Santos in the spotlight right then and there. MUO surely loves this sort of ‘cameo’ like Venus Raj’s dethronement (though I believe that she deserved the crown). Nevertheless, Riza is undeniably a smart choice over Denise. She’s a pageant veteran with a piquant Oriental look. Her communication skills are impeccable. She has a few of noble causes (laudable for a beauty queen) and she has gone far than the rest of the Miss Universe 2013 candidates. What’s likable about this girl is her determination to bring honor to her country, and her glimmering bubbly personality. I hope she’ll make it this time. I was totally derailed when she failed to make the cut in Miss World 2011, and even not winning in Miss Earth 2008. IMO, her major downgrade is her body. She looks like a toddler with the body that she has right now (which I admit, a lot better than during her Miss Earth days). She needs intensive gym training…I mean seriously. Her body might have improved over the years, but it still not good enough. Even her face isn’t striking at some angles. She looks chubby. Work it out girl! You gotta be at your best or else you’ll be dubbed as the clapper of the history.

Philippines - Ariella Hernandez Arida

Ariella Arida

2 crowns
Philippines’ Number of Placements in MU History:
17 Placements
Philippines’ Last Placement:
2012 (Janine Tugonon, 1st Runner Up)
Philippines’ Longest Streak:
4 years (1972-1975)

Philippines is now better known as the natural transformer. BPCI crowns the not-so-beautiiful girl yet smart and has a strong personality, then they transform her into an amazona who is more than determined than anyone else to get the placement her country deserves. This year’s Filipina representative is giving me the Kim-Kardashian-cum-Nicole Scherzinger vibe; she looks old at most of her photos though. Her catwalk is average, styling is so-so (Philippines, please don’t mess on this one please), and her personality needs polishing. She needs the transformation that Janine had, and I am sure BPCI can pull it off. She exudes the personality I have seen from the past 3 years, but I wanna see more of that side. Filipina girls are so known as scene-stealers, head-turners, and extremely determined. Another thing that concerns me, unfortunately, is her communication skills. When she talks, she lacks conviction and her answers are so pageant patty. Now, what I want to see more of Ariella is the transformation that her country is known for. And who forgets the catwalk from the Philippine reps? Let’s see what this girl will show off.

Alexia Viruez

MU Crowns BOLIVIA Earned:
0 crown
Bolivia’s Number of Placements in MU History:
3 Placements
Bolivia’s Last Placement:
2006 (Desiree Duran, Top 10)
Bolivia’s Longest Streak:
1 year (the latest was 2006)

Holy smoke! This shawty’s ferocious! She’s far from the girls Bolivia has sent in the past decades; far better than Desiree Duran (2006). This can be a good year for Bolivia. This girl can go as far as top 5 IF and ONLY IF she does well in the competition. Her country doesn’t have the good track record in MU history, thus she doesn’t have the sash factor. She already has an edge over the other candidates so she has to push it to the limits. She has to use her assets to whichever way possible. She must never ever give slacking a chance. She has sweltering aesthetics, and great attitude. She is modelisque, provocative, and ‘brawly’. So watch out girls! This lass can be a major threat to the powerhouses. She can give a good fight; a knockout beauty! I’ll have her gloves on my list for sure.

Hinarani de Longeaux

MU Crowns FRANCE Earned:
1 crown
France’s Number of Placements in MU History:
16 Placements
France’s Last Placement:
2012 (Marie Payet, Top 10)
France’s Longest Streak:
4 years (2009-2012)

Beauty wise, I got nothing to worry about. Her face is so Miss Universe! She is more than what I expected from a French girl. Her exotic Polynesian features will make her a real standout, PLUS she has the body that all deities on Earth would envy. Major downgrade is her catwalk; Miss Indonesia and Panama will eat her alive for sure. She also doesn’t have the personality that I have seen from previous winners of Miss Universe. With regards to her country’s performance, France has placed in the last 4 years, and it’s a pretty much impressive streak, so not making in the top 16 is way impossible for this French Polynesian stunner! With proper training, impeccable styling, personality enhancement workshops, and intensive preparation, France will have its second crown after 60 years of waiting.

Carolina Brid

MU Crowns PANAMA Earned:
1 crown
Panama’s Number of Placements in MU History:
8 Placements
Panama’s Last Placement:
2011 (Sheldry Saez, Top 10)
France’s Longest Streak:
2 years (the latest was 2002-2003)

If there’s a word that fits her well, it will be TOPNOTCHER. She looks perfect in all her photos. She’s the best Latina so far. Teeny-Nicki-Minaj-isque make up would do best in her. She has these professional photos wearing flamy red lipstick and powerful shadows which are arresting to look at, but I think it’s way over the top; strong colors would make her bitchy and aged. Her look during the finals has to be maintained. She might not be the prettiest, but she can devour all the other candidates alive. She has the attitude–ATTITUDE! And damn, her figure is pneumatic!! It’s the best body so far. Plus, her catwalk’s the best so far along with Whulandary. She’s miles better than last year’s Stephanie Vander Werf. She has what it takes to be the next Miss Universe, but she still has to step her game up. This girl will surely stay in my prediction list. I’m excited for Panama. Justine Pasek is so thrilled for this bombshell!

Monic Pérez

MU Crowns PUERTO RICO Earned:
5 crowns
Puerto Rico’s Number of Placements in MU History:
19 Placements
Puerto Rico’s Last Placement:
2011 (Viviana Ortiz, Top 16)
France’s Longest Streak:
3 years (the latest was 2009-2001)

Ugh! Every time I see her face and watch her videos again and again, I always see the crown in her. There’s really something in her that makes me crazily glued. Maybe because I am a huge fan of Angelina Jolie…or maybe because she really has it for the crown. Her beauty is kinda mysterious that when you look at her eyes, you see some sort of bitchy attitude yet divine affinity of a Goddess. Her beauty seems so surreal. She is a mind-buggler. She really makes me a lesbian. I wouldn’t really mind if she could get the crown for now. What I want for her is to develop her catwalk and tone tone tone her body. There must be no room for flaws when it comes to her. Please Puerto Rico, accentuate her assets and make her incomparable to all!

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