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Miss Universe 2014 Prediction: Pre-Final Favorites

Miss Universe 2014 Prediction: Pre-Final Favorites

This has to be the most reliable prediction we’ve done ever. The MUPH team worked our butts off to finally come up with this list as fast and as realistic as we could. From our Doral correspondents, insiders, from some candidates, and beauty pageant aficionados, here’s our first play-off prediction. This is based on our candidates’ performances, stance, and personality strengths. We had early favorites being replaced by some surprise placers here. We’re positive that if these ladies in our list keep ablaze, then they’re destined to make the cut. Remember that almost half of the total criteria in choosing the semifinalists is based on how our girls have been performing since arrival. The judges are just around the corner watching. The MUO staff get to choose almost half of the semifinalists. So the ranking is cumulative and this is what we’ve come up so far since the first day.

Migbellis Castellanos

Who doesn’t claim her to be on top? She is unbelievable. She got a presence that moves people in a room. Her late arrival was part of the plan, and she pulled it right off. Everyone waited for her to set foot in Doral. We just can’t forget how some staff got starstruck when she appeared in the room. Three stylists, one candidate, many rubbed elbows–what else can she do? She was like the queen in the making right on the spot! Plus, she has this very bubbly personality and such a very approachable lass. The crowd loves her of course considering that majority of the people in Doral are Venezuelans.

Mary Jean Lastimosa

At first we thought that it was all because of her gazillion supporters that made her a sensation, but she really is defining the word “hype” and she’s worth every single letter of it. She’s very queenly and sweet at the same time: CLASSY. No wonder why her supporters have been going gaga over her and even have been having all her photos flooding all over the net. She was MIA upon arrival, but came out strong later on and proved herself to be the one to beat. If she doesn’t place, we don’t know who will.

Desiree Cordero Ferrer

You’ll never give this very promising lass a snob. She has what it takes to be the next Miss Universe. Her elegance is astounding and she possesses great charisma. Her moves are just as smooth as Miss France. She doesn’t give you the scene you look for a frontrunner. Her presence just makes you left tongue-tied. We believe MUO is also looking for someone who does not give herself much effort to be noticed. That’s Miss Spain.

Silvia Prochádzková

Out of nowhere she went straight to the top and made a name for herself. Every single appearance that she has had for the past days is remarkable. She registered well in all her photos and even outshone the other frontrunners. She didn’t miss every single chance to be noticed. We last heard of her country’s name in 1994 so we want to give her a monumental thumbs up for the job well done…for putting a mark right back up. If she keeps the momentum, it will be impossible for her not to place. Bring it on Silvia!

Camille Cerf

Performance-wise, Camille brushed the spotlight aside. She stayed unnoticed. Political-wise, the unfortunate happenings (we really feel bad about it) in France right now can be her ticket. But what’s with Camille that we are gaga of? Her presence. You will not see her being in the same league as those who crave for attention, but when she steps in, her presence is felt. She got the charisma and class. She does not overdo things. She has this graceful and artful subtlety of carrying herself. That’s what we can’t find among others. Though we want her to step up a little bit, we want that characteristic of her to stay..well yes it is going to since it’s already in her. Maybe a little bit of effort from Camille, perhaps?

Niketa Barker

It’s extremely daunting to realize that a not-so-frontrunner candidate makes big in the competition. She went nuclear and she keeps making waves. There’s more to expect for in her. She never backs down. We love the subtleness of her presence and the great aura she brings. For us, she resembles that of Leila Lopes and she might end up with the same fate. Our gut says she’ll make it big in the finals…and we’re keeping an eye at her. We really have this strong feeling towards her. Good luck Niketa!

Paulina Vega

Some of you guys might not agree but she has the most angelic face in person! Her beauty is so pristine and spotless…with or without makeup. If we have to bow down out of facial beauty, then it has to be right down at Paulina’s feet. She shines in the middle of a crowd without her noticing it. She looks like a 12 years old. Many might not have liked her because of her attitude (as rumors say), but we think that doesn’t totally hurt her chances. It may, but not entirely. She gotta lots of guns so no worries.

Karina Ramos

How far can this girl go?–Right here on top! And there’s no way in h*ll she’s going down. We’re not hyping. We’re just setting your expectations. Even when she stood next to Miss Venezuela, she was the one whom we noticed. She can definitely give a bullfight…and it’s gonna be a bloodbath. We admire the transformation that this girl has had over the years. She has worked hard and we’re applauding her for that…such a willed and determined lady.

Josselyn Garciglia

One of the girls we believe in. She works her way well to the top. You can never label her as a frontrunner because she’s not a scene stealer. But she keeps shining and she’s never backing down. On how smooth her strategy is, that’s how we love her as any pageant sites do. Keep going Josselyn Garciglia Bañuelos! You will make the cut…that’s for sure!

Kaci Fennell

To be honest, it’s her hair that makes her a standout. Imagine if she has those curls, she’ll go nuclear. True enough hair is the crowning glory. But to Miss Jamaica, it’s not true after all. She ain’t no need curls and volumes up in her head. Her beauty, her presence and her personality are more than enough to take a spot in the semifinals. Mind you, she will place.

Elvira Devinamira

Elvira is perhaps one of the most interesting candidates this year. She is such a sweet, bubbly and “genuine” person. She takes photos of her with or without make-up and still looks good.That’s something difficult for some candidates to pull off. Elvira is a sweetheart and she’s having much fun. Her presence is not at par with the others. She and Miss Turkey can be both winners of the Miss Congeniality award. There’s something in her that’s extremely likable.

Alejandra Argudo

Latinas are very strong this year and Miss Ecuador has earned the place she has been working on to be a part of the strongest Latinas in the competition. But there’s one thing we find a little bit off with this girl–she’s a shilly-shally performer. She lacks a factor that could win us over, and that’s dragging her down. She even lack the identity as a contender because she allows herself to be the shadow of Miss Venezuela. She needs to make it to the point that with or without her bestie, she can shut the room down. But overall, we dig her styling, her presence and her determination to place. Go girl! Give your country the placement it deserves.

Andjelka Tomašević

We know that MUO will dig in this kind of beauty. We’re seeing the Elizabetha Burg in her but she’s the more alive version. Her facial beauty is one of a kind. With all the Europeans this year, we thought she is the prettiest. Her name suits her very well; angelic. Looking back at how she has been since day one, we thought she’s one of the silent threat.

Kimberly Castillo

She was initially on top of our list, but after series of events and pageant activities, she came down here. She could have been a potential threat to Colombia and Costa Rica but she failed big time. If she continues showing such cameo appearances, we’re afraid we’re not gonna see her in the finals. She has to change her styling, and the way she carries herself. She’s not doing well just an opinion.

Diana Harkusha

We first noticed her during the first day of the pageant kick-off. We thought she’d be a hit..and we were a little bit disappointed the days after. But damn she claimed her spot back these past events! She rose like a Phoenix! She and Miss Philippines have been blowing our minds! This European girl right here is terribly unstoppable. And we want her to continue doing so, and hopefully can give her country another top 5 finish.

Nia Sanchez

Well, we expected a lot from Nia and we guess it shouldn’t have been like that because as of this time being, we’re a bit disappointed of how she looks. However, her very very bubbly personality and and extremely likable presence are definitely helping to maintain her place in the top 16. Aside from that, she’s Miss USA. Her sash will always be a factor…and she’s not that much of a lackluster. Perhaps we just expected much from her. But, that hiatus mode she keeps pulling off might actually hurt her chances. We want Nia to place, so it’s definitely her choice.


Pimbongkod Chankaew

Gabriela Berrios

Noyonita Lodh

Melissa Gurgel

Marline Barberena

Valentina Ferrer

Patricia Murillo

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